Tue. 9:16 a.m.: Hard-line newspaper: Violent Iran protesters face execution

This photo released by the Iranian Students' News Agency, ISNA, shows a gas station that was burned during protests that followed authorities' decision to raise gasoline prices, Sunday in Tehran, Iran. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader on Sunday backed the government's decision to raise gasoline prices and called angry protesters who have been setting fire to public property over the hike "thugs," signaling a potential crackdown on the demonstrations. (Abdolvahed Mirzazadeh/ISNA via AP)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A hard-line newspaper in Iran is suggesting that those who led violent protests will be executed by hanging as the unrest continues.

An article published today in the Keyhan newspaper made the claim, though Iranian authorities still have not offered a detailed accounting of the toll of the demonstrations that began Friday over government-set gasoline prices rising.

The newspaper said: “Some reports say that the judiciary considers execution by hanging for the riot leaders a definite punishment.”

It did not elaborate.

The protests appeared to be ongoing today in some areas of the country, though the streets of Tehran appeared largely calm.

It remains difficult to know the scale of the demonstrations. Iran shut down the internet Saturday, stopping protesters from sharing information and their videos online.


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