Mahoning jobless rate unchanged in August

WARREN — Mahoning County’s unemployment rate in August remained at 6.1 percent, but the county slid three spots from No. 9 to a three-way tie for the sixth-worst jobless rate in Ohio, according to numbers released Tuesday by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

The rate in Trumbull County fell by 0.1 percent in August from July. Still, the county jumped two spots and is now tied for fourth worst in Ohio.

In August 2018, Mahoning County’s rate was 5.6 percent and Trumbull County, 6 percent.

In Mahoning County last month, the state estimates there were 103,200 in the labor force with 96,900 employed and 6,300 unemployed compared to 104,600 in the labor force, 98,100 working and 6,400 not working in July. The numbers for August 2018 were 102,300, 96,600 and 5,800 for labor force, employed and unemployed.

In Trumbull County in August the civilian labor force was 87,500 with 81,900 employed and 5,600 unemployed, compared to 88,000 in the labor force, 83,000 employed and 5,800 unemployed in July.

A year ago in August, the labor force was estimated at 86,800 with 81,600 working and 5,200 not working.

In Youngstown last month, the rate fell to 7.5 percent from 7.7 percent in July. It was 7.3 percent in August 2018.

The unemployment rate in August in Warren was 7.5 percent,where it was in August 2018, but down from 7.7 percent in July.

Across Ohio, Monroe County in the southeast corner of the state had the highest rate, 7.4 percent, while Mercer County in western Ohio had the lowest at 2.7 percent. The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in August was 4.1 percent, up from 4 percent in July, but down 0.5 percent from August 2018.

The national rate was 3.7 percent, where it was in July. It was 3.8 percent in August 2018.



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