Jones finds her inspiration for music in life

During the writing process, songwriters take inspiration from many sources and events in their lives.

Country artist A.C. Jones says she’s inspired by the people she meets and the stories she hears, along with her own personal struggles and thoughts. Human stories are the kindred spirits of Jones’ repertoire of songs.

“For example, one of the songs on my upcoming studio EP was inspired by my niece and her daily battle with Type 1 diabetes, and my desire for her to always stay as fierce and strong as she is now,” Jones said.

“One of the tunes on the my new live EP came from a conversation I was having with my band members about the struggles of being a musician navigating and surviving in the music industry. One of my favorite works on the live EP is an incredibly introspective piece about my own personal vulnerabilities when it comes to my faith and how I cope with my shortcomings.”

The Canfield native is working those EPs. The live one was recorded at a KOA Campground in Iowa and the studio EP is being done at The Record Shop in Nashville, Tenn. Jones said that her new material showcases how she has matured and grown as a songwriter since her 2015 debut album.

“Some of the songs I wrote to be playful and have earworm melodies that get stuck in your head, and other songs were written, rewritten and then written again to ensure that the lyrics were just right,” she said. “I’ve worked with a lot of co-writers in these past few years and have learned so much from them, and I think it will really show in these new works.”

The groundbreaking moment for her was her latest single, “Mr. Moon.”

“This song was such a special song for me because it was my first single to not only make it as a Top 40 on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart, but also make it onto the Billboard Country Indicator Chart.

“What made it even more special was the fact that I had a hand in writing it. I think as an artist, it’s such an incredible feeling to know that your words are being played on the radio,” she said.

Jones, who plays guitar, keyboards and harmonica in addition to singing, will perform Saturday at Mosquito Lake Marina for the annual Clam Bake. She will be backed by her touring band — Brittany Fenstermaker, keyboards and vocals; Nathan Fenstermaker, bass; Frankie Wayne, drums; and Michael Myhal, guitar.

Jones said that the first time she sang was in church for a Christmas service. From there, she sang on the church’s worship team and performed in musicals throughout her middle school and high school years. She started writing songs as a teenager.

“When I was a kid, my uncle gave my family an EP of his original songs, and I used to play it over and over again on my CD player,” Jones said. “I think that’s one of the things that inspired me to write.

“After high school, I went to college and got my degree in biochemistry. I’d be doing lab reports during the week and playing shows on the weekend. I was planning on pursuing my Ph.D., but there was just a passion I had for music and writing that made me want to take a chance on pursuing a full-time music career.”

Jones said that she listens to music from every era and genre. She believes that a lot of her music is sort of an amalgamation of multiple artists.

“(It’s) not always necessarily ones I can point out specifically. I’d say that the live EP consists of a couple of songs that have a little more of a throwback feel, one specifically that’s straight-up, honest-to-goodness, old-school country and others that have a more modern feel.”

When Jones is not playing or recording music, she is busy in the kitchen as cooking is her other passion. Jones has a YouTube cooking series called “A.C. In The Kitchen,” which she said is a way of letting her followers step into her kitchen and enjoy some delicious eats with her.

“Nothing brings people together like music and food,” she said. “I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and I think the science behind developing new recipes satisfies the chemist in me. I tend to cook and bake in my free time as a way to relieve stress.

“There’s something so satisfying about getting to enjoy all of your hard work in the form of something sweet and getting to share it with someone else. I think food is a great way to connect with people.”


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