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Trade wars launched by Trump would avenge mythical casualtiesSFlb

Opinion: WASHINGTON America’s government declares “war” promiscuously – on poverty, on drugs, on cancer,

Taking the fun out of vacation

Opinion: By Peter Funt Cagle Cartoons I’ve just returned from my summer vacation, which I now take in

Austintown school board throws caution to the wind

Editorial: The inexplicable decision by the Austintown Board of Education to appoint Tim Kelty head principal

US is itching for another war in the Middle East imbroglio

Opinion: By Georgie Anne Geyer Andrews McMeel Syndication WASHINGTON As I observe the results of

Seventy-five years of pride for Diocese of Youngstown

Editorial: For 75 years now, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Youngstown has served as a source of comfort and

GOP panic is brewing in Pa.

Opinion: By John L. Micek Cagle Cartoons Sometimes, even when you win, you lose. Just ask U.S. Rep. Lou

Free stuff at games turns foul

Opinion: By Peter Funt Cagle Cartoons The 1966 baseball season was particularly memorable in St. Louis,

Profiteer-in-chief loves China

Opinion: By Dick Polman Cagle Cartoons The U.S. Constitution has been reduced to a scrap of parchment,

Trump won’t punish aide for insulting Sen. McCain

Editorial: If there was any doubt about the administration of Republican President Donald J. Trump lacking a

Activists for the truth

Opinion: By Bruce Raynor OtherWords President Donald Trump has prompted a new era of attacks on

Actually, Mueller’s ‘witch hunt’ is bagging flesh-and-blood villains

Opinion: WASHINGTON Congratulations, America, indeed. President Donald Trump was being sarcastic when he

Another day, another mass shooting amid shameful inaction in DC and Columbus

Editorial: Another. That one word screaming out in supersized and super bold type atop Page 1 of The New York

Don’t blame Trump for layoffs at GM Lordstown

Opinion: Don’t blame Trump for layoffs at GM Lordstown When pigs fly. That’s when I will believe that

Ohio’s public universities deliver high-impact, high-value education

Opinion: A recent statewide poll of likely voters affirmed that a large majority of Ohioans recognize and

Police dogs and reefer madness

Opinion: By Rick Jensen Cagle Cartoons Years ago, a propaganda film titled “Reefer Madness” depicted