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Age of Trump induces Reagan nostalgia for veteran journalist

Opinion: SIMI VALLEY, Calif. A Presidents Day weekend visit to the Ronald Reagan presidential library here

Voices of sorrow, of hope

Opinion: By Blair Bess Cagle Cartoons In the wake of last week’s mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., new

Rev. Billy Graham earned title of ‘America’s pastor’SFlb

Editorial: From paupers to presidents, those inspired, enriched and transformed by the preachings of the Rev.

Long live the tomato from Jersey

Opinion: By Jim Hightower OtherWords Food corporations and their academic cohorts keep trying to “make”

Racism creates chronic stress

Opinion: By Jessicah Pierre OtherWords At first glance, tennis star Serena Williams and the late activist

Russia wasn’t the only bad actor in the 2016 presidential election

Opinion: The indictment of 13 Russians and three companies for allegedly creating a “sophisticated network

Compassion of the Valley shines in success of UW

Editorial: Three cheers are in order FOR the slew of individuals, companies, foundations, unions and other

Trump won’t blame Putin for Russia’s criminal action

Editorial: No important decisions are made in Russia without the blessing of President Vladimir Putin and

Don’t hide mental illness

Opinion: By Jill Richardson OtherWords After every mass shooting, we repeat all of the same things.

Extend the life of your old photos

Opinion: By Danny Tyree Cagle Cartoons For most of my adult life, I kicked myself because I had carried a

Attacks on Trump resemble coup

Opinion: By Ann Coulter Andrews McMeel Syndication Every place you look in Robert Mueller’s

Politicize gun violence

Opinion: By Blair Bess Cagle Cartoons Now is the time to politicize gun violence. In the wake of the

Enlist in war on opiates; attend drug summit today

Editorial: The modest gains that have been made in battling the opiate epidemic strangling our community and

Republican Party of yesteryear defined by thrift, good manners

Opinion: By David M. SHRIBMAN Andrews McMeel Syndication Gather round, gentle reader, and I will tell you

A new face of hope

Opinion: By Kathryn Jean Lopez Andrews McMeel Syndication ROME I left the country the other day, and