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Can’t wait for 2035

Opinion: By Tom Purcell Cagle Cartoons My golden years are shaping up to be way better than I expected.

Effort to ban fracking in Y’town returns to Ohio Supreme Court

Opinion: For the third time, the Ohio Supreme Court will decide whether an initiative to ban fracking in

Keen professionalism ends 3 weeks of terror in TexasSFlb

Editorial: Before the explosive events of this month, many Americans best knew the city of Austin, Texas, as

Democrats dream of capturing congressional districts in Calif.

Opinion: LOS ANGELES On a recent Sunday evening, Katie Hill, 30, whose father is an LA police lieutenant in

With Trump, joke’s over

Opinion: By Peter Funt Cagle Cartoons All kidding aside: Donald Trump is no longer funny. Entertainers,

Trump congratulates Putin after win in a fake election

Editorial: Why is President Donald J. Trump so enamored of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin? Is it possible

Obama, Clinton have roles to play

Opinion: By Peter Funt Cagle Cartoons What the nation needs desperately as the 2018 midterm elections

Climate-change hoax is exposed

Opinion: Since the beginning of recorded history there have been end of the world predictions. In recent

Work to make dip in opiate deaths start of a long trend

Editorial: On the surface at least, preliminary numbers from Trumbull County health officials offer a glimmer

March Madness in White House

Opinion: By Will Durst Cagle Cartoons And once again the crowd goes wild with a bad case of March

Let’s discuss free trade

Opinion: By Jill Richardson OtherWords America, can we talk? We need to talk about “free trade.” We’ve

March Madness inspires gusts of Woody Guthrie-style patriotism

Opinion: By Gene Lyons Andrews McMeel Syndication It would be an exaggeration to say I’ve been an NCAA

Trump must not permit elephant trophy imports

Editorial: President Donald J. Trump reportedly spends several hours a day watching television, which isn’t

Dems could mess up election

Opinion: By Will Durst Cagle Cartoons Okay, Democrats, settle down. Drop the confetti and back away from

Trump does not have the luxury of buying himself out of trouble

Opinion: WASHINGTON Over the years, Donald Trump honed what seemed like a foolproof method for bad