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GOP’s election strategy worked

Opinion: By Peter Certo OtherWords I can’t be the only one who spent the night of the midterms tossing

What will happen to Trumpism now that Dems control House?

Opinion: By Cokie Roberts and Steven V. ROBERTS Andrews McMeel Syndication Now that Democrats have won

Massacre in California is call to action in Ohio

Editorial: To state and federal law- makers who refuse to support even the most basic gun-control legislation;

Williams batted 1,000 for America

Opinion: By Joe Guzzardi Cagle Cartoons This summer on a swing through Boston, I took the Fenway Park

Whitaker is the wrong choice to replace Sessions as AG of US

Opinion: WASHINGTON Matthew Whitaker, President Donald Trump’s handpicked selection to replace Jeff

Embracing nationalism dishonors all US veterans

Editorial: As it did 100 years ago to the day, France took center stage Sunday in a worldwide salute to the

Support for US president among veterans puzzling

Opinion: Support for US president among veterans puzzling Why are President Donald Trump’s supporters so

Veterans deserve more than a day

Opinion: By Danny Tyree Cagle Cartoons “What have you done for us lately?” I don’t think the average

Gov.-elect DeWine’s focus on children is admirable

Editorial: We have no doubt that Mike DeWine will be up to the task of governing the state of Ohio starting in

We must cut into business of justice

Opinion: I wasn’t the smartest kid in grade school. Julius and Matthew were, and because of that, those

Trump lays claim to DeWine

Opinion: At 7:29 Tuesday night, just as the Election Day polls were closing, the Ohio Lottery’s three-digit

Getting past Gingrich

Opinion: By Jill Richardson OtherWords With the election over and a new Congress ready to be sworn in

Democrats huffed and puffed but didn’t blow Trump’s house down

Opinion: That’s all you got? Two years of nonstop campaigning, denouncing and doxing – and all the Resistance has to show for it is a House majority smaller than the one Republicans currently have and a net loss of three Senate seats? (Thank you, Justice Brett Kavanaugh!)

Rash of school-levy losses reveals voter skepticism

Editorial: Have Mahoning Valley voters suddently become less supportive of public school districts than the

There was a ‘Muslim wave’

Opinion: By Domenica Ghanem OtherWords With the Muslim Ban, the promotion of torturer Gina Haspel to CIA