Continue to be patient with us

Well, we are a week into this thing and all we can do is ask you to continue to be patient.

When the Tribune Chronicle took on the publishing of a Vindicator edition for Mahoning County residents, we took on a lot of challenges, some obvious, some not so apparent.

Obviously, the addition of thousands of new customers less than two weeks before getting started has created delivery problems. Our circulation department is doing what it can to get things straightened out.

With the sudden increase in customers, the time it takes to print all those newspapers has increased accordingly. That fact directly affects the work we do in the sports department.

Without boring everyone with a discussion of deadline times and press runs, suffice it to say that we have to have everything done for the Vindicator edition sports pages fairly early. Most nights, we will have baseball box scores from games that start at 7 p.m. delivered to us by The Associated Press in time for the early edition.

If the Indians or Pirates — or looking forward, the Browns or Steelers — start at 8 p.m. or later, we likely won’t receive the information in time for the next day’s Vindicator edition.

The same goes for high school sports. We must have game reports in to us by 10 p.m. (10:15 at the very latest) in order for those game box scores to appear the next day.

We have communicated with athletic directors, asking them to pass on the following information to their coaches: The best way to get a game report in the paper is to email it to sports@tribtoday.com. We also take phone reports at 330-841-1712 and faxes at 330-841-1717.

Coaches should report their game whether they are home or away. This ensures we will get the info from your game and that your players’ names will be spelled correctly and the numbers will be correct.

Of course, when the coach’s handwriting is impossible to read, there’s not much we can do.

Working on deadlines is something newspaper people are used to, in fact, that rush of adrenaline when you are pushing to make deadline is one of the things that is attractive about the job.

Another factor in the Tribune’s new venture is that we are producing two distinct newspapers. Readers who see both editions on a given day will easily see the differences, including in the number of pages.

With an earlier deadline and fewer pages, we try our best to get into the paper what stories, features and scores we can. I would ask for continued patience as we adjust to producing two sports sections each night.

Major League Baseball coverage is where the changes have been most dramatic. The Tribune Chronicle reader base has become used to a full page of MLB coverage each day. Things have changed and we are trying to figure out the best way to adjust.

So some days we may not be able to include all the sports news we want. That’s always been a part of the newspaper business, but now it is even more of a challenge.

And that’s not even addressing Cleveland and Pittsburgh fans. We understand there are Browns and Steelers — and Indians and Pirates — fans in both Trumbull and Mahoning counties. We try to include in our newspapers anything The Associated Press sends us on those teams.

We understand that neither side will be happy all of the time.


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