Four more years may be national suicide


What has this country turned into under Joe Biden? Nothing is good, groceries are up 30%, and home ownership is impossible for average people. Crime is insane, none of the big cities are safe. When asked by CNN about the economy, Biden said “Nobody likes spending more money, but they have it to spend, It isn’t inflation, it is corporate greed.” He said he inherited 9% inflation. It was 1.4%. He deserted our only ally in the Middle East, Israel. Congress voted on money for Israel, but Biden stopped it and the US from sharing intelligence with Israel about Hamas locations. Trump threatened to stop aid to Ukraine and was impeached. Hamas perpetrated such atrocities on Israel like the world has never seen. Iran backs Hamas. Trump froze their assets and Biden released the assets. Iran has made $250 billion in oil sales, $88 billion to China. Biden says nothing. Organized pro-Palestine protests popped up all over the country. They chant “Death to Israel” or “Death to America.” Biden says nothing. Michigan has a very large Palestinian population. Biden is tied with Trump in Michigan.

Trump becomes the Republican presidential candidate. He is indicted in several Democrat locations, all orchestrated by the Bidens DOJ. Georgia’s case is falling apart. The Justice Department’s special prosecutor just admitted that the FBI planted evidence at Mar-a-lago, and he knew it. The case is on hold, by the judge.

The New York case is going on now. State and federal prosecutors declined the case. George Soros put Alvin Bragg in as Manhatten prosecutor. He also pays for the organized protests. Bragg brings in the No. 3 man in the DOJ. They get a judge who contributed to Biden’s campaign in 2020. The judge’s daughter works for Democrats, including Kamala Harris. The case has no basis in law. It is to keep Trump off the campaign trail and embarrass him. The porn star gave graphic details of their sexual encounter eight years ago. The case is about an NDA that she signed and was paid. The NDA is very common with rich men. Trump’s former lawyer who has been imprisoned, disbarred and sued, all for lying, is now testifying, but this time he is telling the truth. Hillary Clinton paid for the phony report that started Russiagate, but she was never prosecuted.

Biden and the Democrats will do anything to hold on to power. Our only chance to avoid national suicide is Trump.

Bill Barr, Trump’s former attorney general, was fired by Trump because they disagreed often. He is not a fan of Trump. But Barr said he was voting for Trump because 4 more years of Biden would be national suicide.

Steve Dunn



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