Value one another’s views, stand together


Make America Great Again is a campaign slogan that is being twisted into a slur against Republicans or any person who thinks that the USA is a great nation. The twist is associating and grouping all people who have pride in our country into one camp of extremists, nationalists and fascists.

President Biden, as incoherent as he may be, has, on numerous occasions, used the term MAGA Republicans as a way to insult and slander those who voted for Trump. I am not trying to defend Trump, but for Biden to target people for their political views, when he said he was going to unite this country, sure smacks of hypocrisy.

After reading and listening to the news, hearing commentary from different viewpoints, and even the personal written opinions of individuals, it’s apparent we are falling into ideological tribalism. The visceral hatred that jumps off the pages of our very own editorials from local people is astounding to me. On one hand, people talk about saving our democracy — and in the very next line, they’re encouraging and promoting the loathing of those who think differently than they do. How is that democracy? Is suppression of opposition supporting democracy? Isn’t that more of an authoritarian dictatorship? Should we all be subjugated to one ideology? Is that democracy or is democracy a free exchange of ideas?

This past week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testified before Congress, and the results were stunning. Our Treasury Department is labeling and flagging those who purchase Bibles, religious books, MAGA and Trump items as ‘extremist’ under the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. If this doesn’t scare you — that our own country is now weaponizing financial institutions against its citizens, because of their beliefs — then, congratulations, you have been successfully socially engineered. Suppression of free speech on social media platforms is now common. Censorship and large-scale propaganda are at play throughout media platforms.

Social engineering uses a hierarchical structure for planning society in an attempt to manage changes and regulate future development to include the behavior of society’s people. In case you’re wondering, dividing us into ideological camps ‘tribalism,’ promoting division, causing chaos and confusion is social engineering. The political class and elites are keeping citizens so busy just thinking about day-to-day survival that there is little time to think for themselves and to question what is being sold to them by the media outlets. Convincing people of untruths and absurdities in an attempt to alter their morality and place them in direct opposition to one another is the objective.

Divided we fall… Or, value one another’s viewpoint and stand united. It’s our choice. Always seek the truth and pray for our country.




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