SOBE must be denied permission to operate


The proposed SOBE pyrolysis facility in Youngstown is a major concern. I am opposed to the process of melting tires, plastic and electronic waste to create dirty fuel. The fuel would then be burned off at the expense of immense energy and negative impact to the health of people.

Pyrolysis is not a smart move, due to risk of fire, explosion and poor success rates. This is not a form of recycling and only contributes to more hazardous environmental waste.

According to the Ohio state EPA draft permit, this plant would be allowed the release of nearly 200,000 pounds of air pollution in an important urban neighborhood. The proposed location is in the middle of a city of 60,000 people, near churches, businesses, college housing and a jail.

Youngstown residents are largely people of color, and the majority of people here have incomes well below poverty guidelines. This is an environmental justice issue, and we cannot allow a pyrolysis plant to set up shop in this community.

I urge the Youngstown City Council to vote to deny the operation of SOBE and make sure this facility is never built in Youngstown. To learn more, please visit stop-sobe.com.


Beyond Plastics

Appalachia Director

East Palestine


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