Many problems in our nation need corrected


How disgusting is the silhouette on the box of the baby-killing pill mifepristone? It shows a logo of a progressive woman on the move, with a wave in her hair. Why not show what it really is? That is, a baby being thrown into a garbage can.

Don’t ever have the misfortune of having to deal with the children services system. In my opinion, they never try to reunite children with biological parents who, along with the grandparents, have no rights. Look out for local liberal caseworkers who promote their liberal views of pro-abortion on the internet.

We need to focus on the many problems in this country instead of giving away billions of dollars to one of the most corrupt countries on earth. We can’t even secure our own border, even though Democrats lie, saying that it is closed.

Please vote out Joe Biden before he ruins this country with reckless spending. He is an old Socialist puppet with a free pass from national media.




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