Trustees should have been told of meeting

Trustees should have been told of meeting


The Vindicator recently published an article about Ohio rolling out new septic tank rules. It stated there was a meeting the health board held at New Springfield Church of God, which no one attended.

I got a bit irritated because I didn’t know about this meeting, so I called my duly-elected local public representatives, the Springfield Township trustees, ready to give them a verbal flogging for not getting word to their constituents about this issue that would be of interest to them. They tamped down my ire by telling me that trustees weren’t informed of the meeting. Are you kidding? Why?

The popular opinion is the health board officials felt all they had to do was post notice of the meeting in the paper’s public notice section. I’m baffled why the health board did not engage the assistance of various township trustees to help them inform citizens about such a meeting. After all, this involves 17,000 septic tank owners in the county.

Then, it hit me! I’m old. I’m living in a past era where most people lived and worked by three rules: Do a good day’s work for a good day’s pay; if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right; and, you go the extra mile. If it means living and working by these first two rules, I’d say some never had these values passed on to them. Well, it seems obvious here, in my opinion.

Hopefully, all 17,000 Mahoning County residents received a card informing them of the meeting that took place Jan. 5 at the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center building in Canfield.

Let me ask why such cards were not sent out in the first place? It seems such would have meant “doing the job right,” saving health personnel valuable time and expense to hold an unattended meeting.


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