Biden administration tramples Constitution


This is for all the bleeding heart Democrats who helped put this mess in the White House. The man has no original thoughts, but simply is a puppet for Democrat Socialists.

President Trump had to deal with a negative, untruthful national media. His only means to communicate was social media. I would take his mean attitude and attempt to show truth over what we have with the current administration. Two million illegal immigrants, plus an estimated 600,000 of the unaccounted have crossed the border, not properly vetted, unvaccinated.

During Trump’s term, he kept us safe from socialism and foreign geovernments. The big three — Russia, China and Iran — respected and feared crossing him. The “big three” now have nothing to fear from the new “Socialist United States of America.” Is this what our forefathers, grandparents and parents fought for?

The three do as they please — threaten to invade Ukraine; fly over Taiwan; develop mass destructive weapons. They know this puppet will do nothing. He left our citizens and allies stranded in Afghanistan.

He ran his political campaign from the basement, avoiding any press and pledging to end the virus. Over 400,000 people have died since his “reign,” but he said during his primary election campaign, anyone in office having over 200,000 deaths should not be president. Why doesn’t he take his own advice? The press coddles him, afraid to ask questions that we, as Americans, need answered.

Democrats formed a commission on the riot at the Capitol, omitting any true Republicans. My question is where is the commission to investigate the 574 attacks in America during the summer of 2020, when 1,200 police were injured, people were killed and businesses, federal buildings and police headquarters were torched. The media declared these peaceful protests.

Regarding the latest Harris statement about Jan. 6, it’s inconceivable to compare the Capitol riot to the Pearl Harbor attack or the 9/11 terrorist attack that killed some 3,000 Americans. This shows how unfit she is as vice president and a lesson not to elect people who know nothing.

Look up Socialist countries of the world to see how residents there are doing. That’s where we are heading.

Also, our country is not racist. This CRT is dividing, not uniting, us.

The Biden Administration and Congress have broken laws, not kept us safe, and they have trampled our beloved Constituition. Read the Constitution to see how many laws you can find that this administration has broken.




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