Why we should get COVID-19 vaccine


The answer about why we should get vaccinated is simple. It’s not that your immune system isn’t enough, or that maybe you can survive the illness. Rather, it is that even if you are the healthiest individual, no one can predict exactly how bacteria or viruses can affect your body and your health. Why wait to be infected and potentially very ill or hospitalized if you can build up immunity without being infected?

Allow me to key you in on exactly how vaccines work in the body and why you should receive yours today.

We have three different types of white blood cells (WBCs) that work together in response to infection: Macrophages, B-Lymphocytes and T-Lymphocytes. Macrophages swallow up the germs, B-Lymphocytes produces antibodies and T-lymphocytes remember it all. Each of these cells work together so when the body is reintroduced to that bacteria or virus, the immune system will recognize it and respond appropriately using the antibodies it formed previously. Our bodies still utilize WBCs with vaccines; however, vaccines imitate infections so that we gain antibodies without being infected.

I ask that you willingly choose to receive your vaccinations this fall for the wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones.




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