About health care during the pandemic


This is about the girl who was in nursing school.

You will get through this pandemic. You are a junior in nursing school and you will do your clinicals online because the horrifying COVID-19 pandemic is taking over the hospitals. You will want to give up so many times, but you know you will keep pushing through. You work as an aide on the COVID-19 floor. You want to cry every single day because you dread going to work for fear of the unknown. You see death and you see bodies wheeled out in body bags. You don’t see your family or friends for fear of getting this horrific disease. You have sleepless nights due to fear, anxiety and fright.

You are angry at the world because you are supposed to be enjoying your college years, but instead you’re afraid to step outside for fear of getting sick. You go to work and leave your shift with markings indented in your skin from your N95 mask. You are sweaty from wearing your PPE and doing compressions on a COVID-19 patient to try to save his life. You have tear stains on your cheeks because he didn’t make it. You feel hopeless for the world but know there is light somewhere at the end of the tunnel. You don’t eat because your anxiety is eating you alive. You are depressed but force yourself to get up to go to work because you know if you don’t go, someone could die alone. You hold his hand while he takes his last breath. You bathe his body and wheel him out. You cry.

You will get through this.




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