Value of sleep is overlooked often


The importance of a good night’s sleep appears to be increasingly overlooked.

The body is considered deprived of sleep when it can no longer function properly due to poor rest patterns. Consistent sleep deprivation can lead to serious long-term health defects such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, stress and a weakened immune system.

Speaking with your doctor is recommended if you’re experiencing memory problems, the inability to concentrate, irritability or trouble falling asleep / staying asleep.

Adequate sleep may be achieved through setting bedtime routines, avoiding napping, eliminating bright screens such as phones or television about two hours before bed, and daily exercise. Ample sleep results in many health benefits: boosted immune system, reduced stress, increased productivity, decreased risk of cancer and improved memory and mental health.

Continual healthy sleep habits may require lifestyle alterations — cutting back on or eliminating alcohol, caffeine and nicotine from the diet, managing anxiety, promoting a dark and quiet environment, and taking medications as prescribed can all help to decrease sleep deprivation. Adapting your lifestyle to obtain sufficient sleep may not be the easiest thing to do, but your body will thank you.




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