Don’t blame police for society problems


Based on the hurtful rhetoric from Youngstown Mayor Jamael Tito Brown concerning police, I wonder if he has the ability to lead.

The mayor said he didn’t know when someone like himself might be arrested, tried and executed at the curb at the hands of law enforcement. He later said he was speaking about police on a national level, presumably not officers under his leadership. Brown also said he worries about his children being harmed by police actions.

If Mayor Brown isn’t able to lead as a father in our community, I wonder how can he make decisions to improve the citizenry he governs. A little common sense goes a long way when dealing with police. Allow me to impart some wisdom for the mayor.

When dealing with police officers, listen to what they tell you. They’re present because you did something wrong or they believe you did. If you fight with them, shoot at them, attempt to run them over with your car, or in any way assault them, you’ll probably get hurt. If you react like a law-abiding citizen and treat them respectfully, the outcome for you or your children likely won’t be injury or death. Most officers don’t care about your skin color. They want to go home uninjured at the end of the day.

What’s lacking hugely in society is respect for authority. I can’t teach your children. That job was yours. Hopefully you did it well.

The police are basically the same as when you were a child. Hatred towards them has grown unnecessarily because some foolish people who believe their lives would be enhanced if police were abolished.

Since police always will be a necessary part of society, perhaps it is some citizenry that needs special training to eliminate problems.

In most of the recent confrontations resulting in death to individuals, an obvious common theme can be seen. The police came for a legitimate reason. The individual involved escalated the situation to the point where deadly force was used.

Let’s wake up and call the problem what it is — disrespect.

The Youngstown mayor’s officers put their lives on the line every day. They do it because it’s necessary and too many people cannot behave without them. He should thank them for making his city safer than it would be without them. At the very least, they deserve the mayor’s respect, because he surely won’t get theirs if he continues in his current dialogue.




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