We cannot change history to please few


For more than 100 years, Aunt Jemima has graced the breakfast tables of millions of American households, but now there is a plan to change the iconic name we have all come to love because some people feel it is not politically correct.

It is evident that a small percentage of the population wants to rewrite the history of this great nation because they feel history has portrayed them as slaves working in the cotton fields for big plantations in the South.

Those were bad times, I will agree, but nevertheless, those times represent an era in this country.

Our past cannot be changed. It is the history of this nation, and to remove the statues and landmarks of this era, to change the names of cities to appease a small group of the population is unacceptable.

We, as a society, cannot move forward into the future without knowing where we have been and the price we have paid. We, as a society, have made a great many mistakes and will make many more good and bad, but we must never forget we are all Americans, and the history of this country cannot be changed to accommodate the wishes of the few.


Beaver Township


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