Trump’s legacy will be death, selfishness


We are at a time in this country that will have a major effect on not just this country’s history, but human history. The U.S. was the one country that set the standards for decency even though we are a flawed nation. The “me first” childish and selfish Trump years have changed all that, and we are now on the cusp of civil war.

The denial of truth by Trump and Trump supporters has literally been killing our fellow Americans. Trump and his supporters are now trying to kill the republic. They want the election “overturned” because it didn’t go their way. This is the height of selfishness and me-first attitude.

The recent ridiculous lawsuit by the Texas attorney general against other states election results is an attack on our republic. It is also so inept that all the other attorneys general that have signed on to it as well should be disbarred for their incompetence and stupidity for signing on to this suit. Members of Congress who signed need censured. There is no evidence of any kind of crazy widespread voter fraud. Only the usual small cases mostly by Republicans like the man in Pennsylvania who tried to vote twice for Trump, once posing as his son and his son is a Democrat.

We live in an illusion of a democracy because of gerrymandering and voter suppression. The illusion seems as real as the illusion of the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. What matters now is will there be enough sane people to stand up to all the insane people in this country? Trump supporters have already committed violence against peaceful protesters and plots to kidnap and kill governors.

The power structure that has kept this democracy illusion going is being exposed for what it is. People are choosing sides and make no mistake, there is no neutral here. There is simply right and wrong in the plainest examples. You are either for the rule of law and the Constitution or you are for Trump being a dictator. Trump no longer wants to win; he just wants his way.

Trump is what he is, evil. Evil has its followers; the poison in humanity creates humanity’s problems. Ego and selfishness are the poison everyone has to deal with in their own self. You can’t deal with that reality when you deny reality because you don’t like the truth. Racism must end for humanity to survive. We are our brothers’ keeper. Repent is all Trump and his supporters have to become decent people. The Trump legacy is one of evil and disdain for others.




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