There are two sides to every news story


Despicable acts are never single sourced unless you are President Trump. The biased national news media and the liberals hold him solely responsible for the Capitol breach. He alone incited the masses because they are mind-dumb robots.

Do you think Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tearing up the State of the Union address ticked anyone off? How about a $30 million impeachment that had no chance? Or maybe the news media cherry picking stories at election time bothered a few people.

You would think the number of abortions taking place would upset devout Catholics like our congressman or the president-elect, but they don’t.

I find it troubling. The treatment at the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings smelled of hypocrisy. Skunks are offensive to most.

Tax increases, the Biden family scandals, political incompetence concerning the virus over the past 50 years — this list could be endless.

The point here is that all of these things are insightful to me and lots of others. Funny, for some reason I have yet to riot, loot or shoot someone. Nobody seems to report this side.


Newton Falls


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