Canfield man prefers the middle ground

Canfield man prefers the middle ground


Cal Thomas’ column searched for an explanation of what Joe Biden means when he claims a centrist approach to government. I offer that the notion of centrist is anywhere to the left of Cal’s left-most hair.

In the center, he will find wisdom as expressed in any of the seven improvements suggested by Robert Reich. All of them are good, though my favorites include the notion that if we can give billions in tax breaks to corporations, we can afford to bail out citizens losing their homes and jobs, and that health care must be a right guaranteed to all.

With Trump’s loss and some GOP legislators’ recovering political courage, we have a great opportunity to meet in that middle that Cal Thomas can’t find, and move the country forward.

We can be, as a sermon on Christian charity, and even Ronald Reagan declared America to be, “a shinning city on a hill.” Or we can continue wailing like a tantrum-throwing child, blaming everyone and everything not exactly as he wants, for all the rancor he has himself engendered. I prefer the middle ground for quiet reflection.




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