Teachers deserve much appreciation


Teachers deserve gratitude for everything they are doing to educate our youth.

Their retired colleagues from the Trumbull Retired Teachers Association honor and thank them for all they have done during this pandemic. These are truly difficult times in so many ways, and they have carried out their duties without missing a beat.

Any parent, grandparent or adult struggling with home-schooling would agree that teachers are essential workers who deserve to be respected and cherished.

As their colleagues, we acknowledge that all of this has not been easy. In fact, it has been extremely difficult. Teachers are planners who like to be prepared. Educators of all levels have learned to pivot again and again. Their creativity and ingenuity are truly amazing. We can only imagine how difficult it has been for most teachers sitting alone in a classroom “Zooming” with students. We know they would prefer to be with the students in person! That personal connection cannot be substituted. The amount of preparation it has taken to learn so many new programs and pieces of technology to reach the needs of students is astonishing. We know many teachers spent all summer preparing for the uncertainty of the fall classes and that many extra hours beyond the school day have taken place to meet the needs of each of your students.

Please know their smallest gestures have made so much impact on every student, even through cyberspace! We know that teachers contact their students through phone calls and gift and package dropoffs at students’ homes. Many continue to devote extra time to help those who are struggling. They may be working in cyberspace, but they are individualizing their plans to reach all students. Many are teaching students they have never even met in person!

The members of the Trumbull Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) honor and congratulate them on their dedication and determination to educate the students of Trumbull County! They have our utmost admiration. When they retire, we hope these teachers consider joining us. We would love to meet them!


President, Trumbull Retired Teachers Association



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