What comes with a Biden presidency?


After 47 years of handshaking, backslapping and hair sniffing, Joe Biden now knows how to save the country from all the challenges. To use his favorite phrase, “Come on, man! Who are you kidding?”

The Democrats are planning a “bait-and-switch” scam against the electorate, with Biden stepping down because of his mental deficiencies and will foist a far-left inexperienced socialist on this country as president.

Joe Biden has accomplished nothing in his time in the government. Now he wants to “Buy American” after he and Obama allowed U.S. prescription drug medications to move to China, along with thousands of manufacturing jobs. He also claims to know how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic, but during the swine flu epidemic in 2009, 60 million Americans were infected, despite a vaccine already being available — he and Obama botched the distribution of the vaccine and also erred in the dosage amount. Biden’s own chief of staff stated that it was fortunate that the virus was not as deadly as it might have been. Over 2 million people would have died if the mortality rate was the same as COVID-19.

With a Biden administration, you also will get the bartender from New York in charge of the country’s energy policy — to implement the Green New Deal. Imagine northeast Ohio relying on wind and solar power for electrical generation. We have no open space for thousands of windmills, little or no wind and a mostly cloudy environment, so be ready for frequent brownouts.

Kamala Harris with her Valley Girl 90210 persona, will take over as president after Biden steps down and will take the country further to socialism. It is not surprising that the leaders of the world’s dictatorships and European countries are pushing for a Biden presidency. They will be able to deal with a weak Obama-like president who will capitulate to their demands. Imagine Harris (or Biden, for that matter) standing up to Putin, Kim Jong-un and China’s Xi Jinping. They can hardly wait for this.

Wake up, voters! A vote for Biden / Harris is a vote against American ideals and values.

Donald Trump deserves four more years unencumbered by bogus impeachment charges, baseless investigations and unfounded anonymous allegations.

Don’t give up on the American experiment in this election!




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