Trump will destroy Social Security


Donald Trump and his wife tested positive for the coronavirus. “It can’t be,” because isn’t the virus a “hoax”? That’s what he told the American people. Well, that’s what you get when you don’t wear masks and don’t practice social distancing. Look at his rallies; nobody wears a mask, and they are crammed together like cattle.

The idiotic display by Trump at the first debate is the most ridiculous display of lunacy in the history of this country. Well, if these latest episodes don’t make “Trumpeters” think about their vote Nov. 3, then nothing will.

Just remember this: Trump and the Republicans want to destroy Social Security and Medicare; they’re against raising the minimum wage; and they have no plan for universal health care.

Vote either by mail or at your polling place; but vote, and vote Democrat.


Hermitage, Pa.


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