It’s easier for Democrats to deny Trump success


It’s sad seeing many letters to the editor from dyed-in-the-wool Mahoning and Trumbull County Democrats who parrot the party mantra that President Trump is a liar, that he hasn’t accomplished anything and that he is bad for America. Sad that they won’t even read the list of the many things Trump has done to Make America Great Again (www.promiseskept.com/recent/). I don’t expect many will. Best to ignore the truth and facts and just vote “D.”

Sad that Democrats won’t accept the fact that their party is now the de facto representative of the Communist Party of the USA (www.cpusa.org/article/people-power-at-the-ballot-box-and-beyond/). I don’t expect many will; easier to deny. The CPUSA no longer runs a candidate for president because the Democrat Party has adopted every plank of the communists’ platform.

Sad that Democrats won’t accept the fact that they are considered “fellow travelers” on the road to full communism. Semantics aside, those who call themselves, “progressives,” “socialists” and “democratic socialists” and vote without understanding what these ideologies are leading to, are considered, “useful idiots” for voting, actually, for communism.

It took the USSR and its member satellite countries 50 years of suffering before they threw off the chains of communism. How long will it take the proletariat and serfs of the USSA?




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