Trump’s plan tries to restrict voting


Many people think the Trump administration is trying to stop mail-in voting and that’s the extent of it, but that’s just part of Trump’s unconstitutional plan to keep average Americans from voting.

They also have closed polling locations and they target minorities and students with restrictive ID laws designed to make voting harder. I hope everyone can see why they want to take away the average citizens’ right to vote. They know if all the registered voters cast their ballots either by mail or at the polls, Trump wouldn’t stand a chance at a second term. The only people Trump wants to see vote are billionaires, multi-millionaires, big corporations, white supremacists and his loyal supporters whom he has buffaloed for four years.

Veterans shouldn’t vote for Trump. The disabled shouldn’t vote for Trump. And blacks, women and college students should definitely not vote for Trump. So exercise your right to vote, either by mail or at the polls, and vote Democratic.


Hermitage, Pa.


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