DeWine making good decisions


As an Ohioan, I am really proud of our governor’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. In such unknown times, and especially as a person who falls into the category of “high-risk,” it’s really comforting to see him and his team give consistent, clear information that is proactive.

It’s also a hopeful reminder of what good political / government leadership should look like: making the public’s best interest the top priority, allowing people with expertise and experience (like Dr. Amy Acton) deliver the information that they know best, and having the wisdom to admit that he doesn’t have all the answers and can’t predict they outcomes.

We often seek a strong leader who knows everything and has a solution for every problem, but this is a good reminder that it takes wisdom and courage to say, “I don’t know, but we’re going to do what we can to be most helpful, and we’re going to do it together.”

This is coming from someone who didn’t vote for DeWine, so it’s proof that we still live in a country where people can come together, despite idealogical differences, and help and care for each other as humans.

Here’s to our state leaders for seeing the big picture.

And here’s extra applause for Dr. Acton, who’s not only hitting it out of the park, but is also from Youngstown!




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