Legal marijuana brings big risks


An article in the Oct. 2 edition of The Vindicator caught my eye. It was from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette talking about legalization of pot!

Wow, how long will it take that movement to come to Ohio? Yes, there has been talk in the past, and it even made it to the ballot once. With a new year coming, will it appear again? Could the silver-tongue devils come out of the woodwork again with their smoke and mirror manifesto trying to convince the voters that marijuana is the greatest thing since flush toilets?

Their argument will be strong, saying that you have alcohol, but they fail to state that alcohol is not a mind-altering drug that affects decision-making over a prolonged period, and the best of all arguments against this movement, is that I can pass a drug test Monday morning if my employer requires it. There are also legal issues with this movement. Can I vote; can I carry a concealed weapon; can a potential employer refuse me employment if I test positive for pot?

These are just a few very important issues that need to be addressed. So before you cast your vote, should this come up on a ballot, ask yourself if this is the best thing for the people of Ohio or just another dog-and-pony show. Remember, the ramifications of your decision will be far reaching.


Beaver Township


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