Celebrate wonders of travel in the Valley and the region

As National Travel and Tourism Week unfolds, it’s the perfect time to highlight the unique aspects of the travel industry within Trumbull and Mahoning counties. Our region is not just a destination, but a treasure trove of cultural gems and natural sanctuaries that are unlike any other, regularly attracting a diverse range of visitors.

Reflect upon the collections housed within the walls of the Medici Museum of Art, the nostalgia preserved at the National Packard Museum, the warmth of the End of the Commons General Store, the historic grandeur of the McKinley Memorial, and not to forget, the hospitality exemplified by Ohio’s No. 1 resort, the Grand Resort. These institutions and so many others are alive with visitors and travelers who frequent them daily.

But tourism is more dynamic than that. Think about the thrill of business travelers extending their trips to shop in downtown boutiques, explore the shops at the Eastwood Mall and add rounds of golf or fishing on Mosquito Lake. There’s also joy when we welcome friends and family who come to share moments and create memories here in our corner of Ohio.

Echoing the insightful phrase. “It All Starts with a Visit,” from Maura Gast of Visit Irving, Texas, we’ve witnessed the impact of our travel industry unfold repeatedly. Trumbull and Mahoning counties are not just stops; they’re starting points.

We recognize the symbiosis between tourism and economic development. First-time visitors often return as entrepreneurs interested in our local business environment, which can lead to new and flourishing business ventures in our counties. This potential for growth underscores the need to integrate visitor and business resources, which are now reflected in our newly launched website, www.TrulyTrumbull.com/Live. These resources resonate with the intertwined nature of their interests, the significant impact they can have on our community’s economic prosperity and our marketing efforts.

Steve Stivers, CEO of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, echoes the wide-ranging benefits of the travel industry and emphasizes the need to support Ohio’s tourism industry. It’s not just about attracting newcomers; it’s also about strengthening our identity and enriching the quality of life for us in our region, both now and in the future.

As we celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week, let’s share the excitement of our region’s various experiences. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery, explore new business opportunities and find a sense of belonging. In Trumbull and Mahoning counties, each visit is a seed, and from that seed grows an appreciation for our resilient community spirit and the limitless possibilities that define us. Let’s continue to foster a community that includes the travel industry as part of economic development discussions.

After all, it all starts with a visit.

Beth Kotwis Carmichael is the executive director at the Trumbull County tourism bureau.


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