Summer jobs mean more than cash for teens

Summer job season is upon us, and while many employers may welcome the help that comes with an abundance of teenagers free of academic responsibility for a few months, there are plenty of benefits to teens and their families, too.

As the Ohio Department of Commerce notes, the skills and habits developed during summer jobs can last a lifetime.

“Not only can it boost their confidence, but it can teach them how to manage their time and develop organizational skills,” said Division of Financial Institutions Superintendent Kevin Allard. “It gives them the opportunity to be managed by others, interact with the public and the ability to socialize with a different network of peers.”

With new income comes new responsibility for teenagers, and ODC also points out it is a good time for parents to work with their kids on developing sound financial strategies. That includes parents setting a good example.

“Instead of lecturing teens on how to handle their money or how to make better decisions, let them see you handle your money responsibly,” ODC says. “This doesn’t mean you have to show them bank statements but being honest about your financial priorities and discussing your thought process when making financial decisions is helpful.”

Other ideas include talking about financial decisions and seeking input; and learning together if financial responsibility has not always come easy to parents, either.

Starting off a career path with summer work and increased financial literacy might be just the first step teenagers need to be prepared for success years later. (ODC does remind parents a teenager under the age of 16 needs a work permit).

Even if you believe your teenager does not need the money, if he or she asks for permission to seek a job this summer, consider it. Buckeye State employers could use the help, and your teen will gain much more than money.



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