Ohioans, keep up good work with tipping

A lot of grim economic news is out there lately, and Ohioans are struggling — often a little more than those in other parts of the country. But it is a mark of the kinds of people who live here in the Buckeye State that a new study shows we are the third best in the nation when it comes to tipping at restaurants.

According to an Axios report, Ohioans tip an average 20.7 percent. That’s important because we know the minimum wage for those who can receive tips on the job is $4.65 per hour; and Ohioans are increasingly returning to restaurants and bars — some perhaps taxing the patience of those servers.

Our neighbors seem to have similar respect for the work done by those in food and drink service, as the best tippers in the country are in Indiana, at an average 21 percent; and the second-best are in West Virginia, at 20.8 percent. Tippers are least generous in — wait for it — California, where the average is 17.5 percent.

Though it is no surprise, it is encouraging to know Ohioans are willing to dig a little deeper to reward a job well done than those in most of the rest of the country. We might not have a lot to spare, ourselves, but we recognize the need to support one another and be as generous as we can, while we are able.



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