Tool teaches about driving distracted

Parents and educators looking for another tool to use in the fight to keep teens from driving distracted can now turn to an Ohio Traffic Safety Office video designed for just that purpose.

“This new educational video uses a light touch to engage young drivers on this incredibly serious topic,” said Gov. Mike DeWine. “By using young drivers to deliver this message, we hope the important safety lessons stay with Ohio’s teenagers every time they get behind the wheel.”

If the video doesn’t work, perhaps the latest numbers will. Ohio State Highway Patrol statistics show there have been nearly 70,000 distracted driving crashes in the state since 2017 — 2,060 of which were fatal or serious injury crashes. Drivers were between the ages of 15 and 24 in 40 percent of those incidents.

“With more distractions now than ever before, it’s important to teach our young drivers that the road demands your attention when you’re behind the wheel. This video demonstrates that point in a creative and engaging way,” said OTSO Director Felice Moretti.

Teens have heard it all before. And while this video appears to be more engaging than the scare-tactic videos of the past, most of us can remember being that age and rolling our eyes at such educational attempts. Still, it is worth a try. If it reaches even one young person, the cost to produce such a video is well worth it.

Parents and educators can find the video on the Ohio Department of Safety’s YouTube page.

Give it a shot. It can’t hurt. And there’s a good chance that for some, it could make the difference between life and death.


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