Keep calm in orange barrel area

More than midway through the dog days of summer, one would think we’ve all grown numb to the orange barrels that frequently dot the landscape.

Still, we are certain that assorted moans, groans and gripes are echoing through a busy section of South Avenue in Boardman. That’s where undeniably irritated motorists are attempting to wind their way through new rows of barrels and cones necessary during a $1 million road resurfacing project that just got underway. The work to South Avenue from Western Reserve Road to Presidential Drive, near the former Sam’s Club location, started Monday. It is expected to go on until October.

Then, after that, the next phase of road work will begin on South Avenue between Presidential Drive and Mathews Road, which is set to wrap up by the end of the year.

The road won’t be closed during the resurfacing project, but traffic delays are expected.

To be sure, we all understand the inconvenience that comes with road work, particularly in such busy areas.

The nuisance, however, will add up to little more than a classic case of short-term pain, long-term gain. Indeed, the work will represent a concrete investment in the future of our region.

Of course, none of these improvements will come without much hard work by road crews. Please keep that and these workers’ safety in mind when traveling that way.

We urge motorists to prepare for commutes through this side of Boardman by selecting an alternate route. In fact, that’s the best advice that the Mahoning County Engineer’s Office also is offering for drivers.

However, we realize that isn’t always possible. If it’s not, then we simply urge patience.

It’ll be well worth it in the long run.



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