Holidays are over, but financial pain lingers

Another Christmas season is in the history books. This one may deserve its own full chapter.

COVID-19 has been hard on most of us to lesser or greater extents. But even as area residents worried about the future, they came through once more for our less fortunate neighbors. Many children and families enjoyed merry Christmases because you made it so.

But the virus is still among us. Many people who lost jobs months ago still have not gotten them back. COVID-19 has enlarged the ranks of the less fortunate among us. Yes, in all likelihood, you already have dug into your own pocket to help. We ask you to dig a little deeper.

Men, women and children in our Mahoning Valley still need assistance, at a time when many charities’ budgets are strained. Please, help. Make 2021 a happy new year for all.



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