Community colleges deserve more respect

We don’t get it. Really. Apparently, according to The Associated Press, there is some sort of stigma attached to those who attend two-year colleges.

As the AP reported, a Perrysburg, Ohio, college president decided to do something about the stigma. Steve Robinson, of Owens Community College, began his campaign, #EndCCStigma, last spring.

Since then, it has attracted national attention. Recently, the campaign released a video including students, faculty and staff from 18 community colleges throughout Ohio.

“There really is a stigma against community colleges,” Robinson told the AP. “It doesn’t have anything to do with our quality. This negative perception isn’t from people reacting to bad experiences. It’s just ignorance.”

Indeed it is. Not everyone is cut out for community or technical colleges, the same as not everyone is suited for four-year degree institutions.

But for many students, including both recent high school graduates and adults seeking new career paths, two-year colleges are just the thing.

Some students choose to stay at home and save money by getting their first two years of higher education out of the way at community colleges, then transferring to four-year degree institutions.

Others choose to learn trades ranging from welding to nursing, and go straight into the work force. A substantial number leave college for paychecks that are the envy of some holders of baccalaureate degrees.

Again, we truly don’t understand why anyone would look down his or her nose at community colleges. They are an alternative track to higher education that, for many people, is a godsend.


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