Conflict ramps up in Trumbull GOP

There is no love lost between Trumbull County Republican Party Chairman Kevin Wyndham and Niki Frenchko, a GOP candidate for county commissioner challenging incumbent Democrat Dan Polivka.

While the friction between the two has been going on since before the primary, it’s hit a boiling point in the past few months.

Frenchko raised numerous objections to the inclusion of Dennis Malloy – an independent challenging other incumbent Democratic commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa – on the Republican slate card.

“The party is doing something unlawful, not right and not compliant with process or bylaws,” Frenchko wrote in a Sept. 16 email to Jackie Loges, the party’s first vice chairwoman. “That represents EVERYTHING I am running against that is wrong in our county — right in our party!”

Malloy isn’t a registered Republican.

But Wyndham responded by email “the party hasn’t done anything ‘unlawful.’ We voted UNANIMOUSLY as an executive committee to let him appear on the slate cards. I personally have done nothing ‘dishonestly,’ and not made ANY decision without the officers and / or executive committee input and support. To say I’ve acted dishonestly is to say essentially the county party as a whole has acted dishonestly.”

There is no Republican on the ballot against Cantalamessa, so the Ohio Republican Party had no issues putting Malloy on slate card literature sent to voters to back the party’s candidates, Wyndham said.

The ORP literature states the candidates are endorsed, which isn’t correct, but Wyndham said that was the state party’s decision and not his or anyone on the local level.

Frenchko told me some in party leadership, particularly Wyndham, “manipulated the process, and I have a personal duty to stand up against them. I’m not against the Republican Party, but if people are doing something inappropriately, it should be expected people should stand up and say it’s wrong. When you try to do something right, you get a target on your back.”

Malloy got on the ballot after a lengthy fight at the Trumbull County Board of Elections over the validity of his petitions. Secretary of State Frank LaRose broke a tie July 17, certifying Malloy to the ballot.

The main sticking point was a nominating petition circulated by Wyndham that had a woman sign for her husband even though her spouse was there. The elections board has referred the matter for criminal investigation.

Wyndham told me Frenchko is arguing for no legitimate reason.

“She picks fights with everybody I know, literally everybody,” he said. “I stay clear of her. She’s her own worst enemy. I have nine local candidates and 90 percent of the time has been devoted to her. It’s crazy stuff. If you don’t agree with her, you make a mortal enemy of her. Everything not in her favor is a conspiracy against her.”

Frenchko said she’s “not a difficult personality. I’m just trying to do the right thing.”

Wyndham certainly disagrees.

This can’t be good for a party desperately trying to win races in a county controlled by Democrats.


l I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize work being done by Mahoning County Republican Party Chairman Thomas McCabe. During a pandemic, McCabe has organized two high-profile fundraisers for his party, bringing in U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan and ex-Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in the past couple of months. He’s also had numerous other events with Republicans to keep them energized and focused on the election.

The party actually spent $20,000 to get Huckabee to its Canfield event on the same night as the presidential debate. The party didn’t make as much money on that event as the one with Jordan, but it’s providing needed momentum and enthusiasm for Mahoning Republicans.

The Republicans may not pick up any additional seats in the county in this election, but it won’t be for a lack of trying.

l I’ll be a panelist at Monday’s debate among U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Howland, and his Republican challenger, Christina Hagan of Marlboro Township and Libertarian Mike Fricke of Kent.

It will be the only debate among candidates seeking the 13th Congressional District seat and should be informative and potentially heated.

It will be livestreamed on this newspaper’s website, www.vindy.com, starting at 7 p.m. Monday.

Skolnick covers politics for the Tribune Chronicle and The Vindicator.



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