Marriage applications

Marriages applications granted Aug. 19-30:

Robert James Williams, 38, Struthers, and Sara Beth Jackson, 31, Struthers

Eric James Haughey, 28, Austintown, and Kelly Ann Sheldon, 30, Austintown

Ahmad Hussein Musallam Alhalaybeh, 21, Boardman, and Aseel Hani Mufadi Alhalaybeh, 18, Boardman

Victor James Agnone, 74, Struthers, and Angelica Tasa Villanueva, 37, Struthers

Gregory John Ferenchak, 26, Boardman, and Jessica Lynn Bodamer, 27, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Michael Stephen Brenneis, 30, Durham, N.C., and Kelly Anne Vrable, 30, Durham, N.C.

David McGuire, 36, Youngstown, and Noel Shereese Long, 36, Youngstown

Robert Edward Pugh, 46, Canfield, and Lori Michelle Edwards, 48, North Jackson

Jason Mark Wilson, 48, Canfield, and Stacey Leigh Reinhart, 47, Canfield

William Lott Turney Jr., 61, Youngstown, and Katherina Rose Turney, 56, Youngstown

Johnny Norman Robles, 52, Youngstown, and Carmen Isabel Cortez, 34, Youngstown

Georden Ray Wisnoski, 27, Beloit, and Ashleigh Elizabeth Ault, 25, Beloit

Tyler James Pruitt, 28, Sharon, Pa.,and Danielle Nicole Marangoni, 29, Sharon, Pa.

Timothy Andrew Chapel, 52, Canfield, and Karen Louise Kimbrough, 50, Austintown

Jeffrey Austin Miller, 61,Canfield, and Sandra Louise Titus, 61, Canfield

George John Schlosser III, 32, Lowellville, and Jennifer Renee Makosky, 33, Lowellville

Edward D. Favors, 56, Youngstown, and Montez D. Lockett, 51, Austintown

James Lloyd Brown, 43, Youngstown, and Dena Marie Byrd, 44, Youngstown

Joseph Zappia Jr., 41, Struthers, and Monica Lynn Shilling, 48, Struthers

Richard Noll Hartman, 41, Youngstown, and Kirsten Elizabeth Rody, 30, Youngstown

Vincent Walter Harper, 55, Youngstown, and Barbara Elaine Greenwalt, 48, Youngstown

Robert Michael Bowen, 32, Boardman, Ohio, and Alexandra Cardarelli, 32, Boardman

Jonathan Harold Spataro, 28, Gibsonia, Pa., and Emily Ann Yavorsky, 29, Gibsonia, Pa.

Timothy Rensi Bestic, 34, Youngstown, and Michelle Lynn Brown, 32, Youngstown

Christopher Michael Collins, 27, Austintown, and Victoria Rose Taylor, 25, Austintown

Kyle Scott Jones, 30, Boardman, and Alaina Anne Williams, 28, Boardman

William Thomas Ward Jr., 24, Youngstown, and Kareena Anoora Hall, 29, Youngstown

Robert Anthony Morris, 36, Austintown, and Lezlie Jo Thorndike, 35, Austintown

Robert William Danks, 30, Boardman, and Caitlin Marie Parrilla, 29, Boardman

Bryan Thomas Cowie, 35, Austintown, and Jessica Leigh Lamport, 34, Austintown

Justin Allen Cadle, 27, North Jackson, and Megan Suzanne Howard, 25, North Jackson

Frank Anthony Roman Jr., 28, Canfield, and Rhiannon Elizabeth Catheline, 27, Canfield

Nicholas Andrew Graf, 29, of North Jackson, and Ashley Claire Whan, 29, North Jackson

Dana VanNess Bryant, 44, Austintown, and Tia Lanora Underwood, 42, Austintown

Michael Joseph Soloski, 31, Youngstown, and Kristine Sola Tolosa, 25, Youngstown

Michael D. Branch, 38, Austintown, and Nichole Marie Biorino, 28, Austintown

Joshua Khaim Ben-Naim, 28, Youngstown, and Clarecsh Jaronda Richardson, 29, Youngstown

Anthony R. Russo, 31, Youngstown, and Katelyn E. Amendolara, 30, Youngstown

Deymonne Kristopher Winford, 46, Youngstown, and Cindy Hernandez, 52, Youngstown

Bryan Manuel Gonzalez, 24, Youngstown, and Anissa Lydia Mary Arena, 23, Youngstown

Patrick Brian Buhl, 32, Columbiana, andTiffany Patricia Boyle, 34, Columbiana

Timothy Aaron Petzak, 26, Austintown, and MaryAnn Kirk, 27, North Jackson

Jawaylin Jawan Hudson, 30, Youngstown, and Tea Chanel Thomas, 22, Youngstown

Patrick Scott Carlini, 47, Poland, and Lisa Marie Kaneski, 38, Poland

Ioannis Nikolaos Kalouris, 28, Campbell, and Zena Georgia Kouros, 29, Campbell

Evan James Fagerty, 26, Canfield, and Ashley Lynn Kover, 24, Canfield

Kevin R. Wallace, 40, Austintown, and Andre’a Shaquia Brooks, 40, Youngstown

Thomas John Christmas, Jr., 60, Boardman, and Sonya Maria Fitch, 42, Boardman

Khaled Jamal Abu-Ghannam, 27, Youngstown and Jennifer Magda, 23, Youngstown

Fred Maranga Nyangaresi, 30, Akron, and Sylvia Denise Arias, 26, Campbell

Gregory Martin Boccieri, 48, Canfield, and Desiree Lynn Maxon, 39, Salem

Dante Joseph Delisio, 36, Boardman, and Ashley Nicole Dawson, 28, Boardman

Richard Riley Nelson II, 27, Sebring, and Destiny Rose Kinsley, 23, Sebring

Zachary Lewis Thomas, 29, Venice, Calif., and Elizabeth Ann Yuricek, 29, Venice, Calif.

John Jason Hilgert, 40, Berlin Center, and Brandalynn Sue Wolf, 36, Berlin Center

Caleb Alan Hawk, 28, Campbell, and Marie Frida Rosalie Algekrans, 28, Campbell

Carl Francis Farina IV, 42, Boardman and Haley Ann Palm, 27, Boardman

Clay Anthony Cordner, 22, Austintown, and Mara Angelica McCauley, 23, Austintown


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