Time to pause and remember to be thankful

Recently, local Realtor leadership attended the 2019 Nation Association of Realtors convention and sat in on classes and presentations to hear about trends across America and many parts of the world, and walk the floor of the convention trade show listening to hundreds of vendors.

It was almost overwhelming to hear of the nearly boundless opportunities to take advantage of technology and techniques to help our clients.

It really beckons us to reflect on how lucky we have been. From their humble beginnings, a rag tag group of men and women planted the seeds of freedom 250 years ago. Those seeds have grown into a tree of liberty, democracy and capitalism that allows Americans the greatest opportunities in the history of the world. Our founders made land ownership a privilege for every American that became the foundation called the “American dream.”

We are very thankful to play our part as Realtors in helping people get their part of the American dream.

We enjoy a standard of living and privileges unlike any time in history. But as John F. Kennedy said, “and with privilege goes responsibility.”

So as we celebrate Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays, please think about this country, our wonderful opportunities and privileges, and offer thanks by giving to others.

There are many Americans who need our help. As we sit in our warm homes, look forward to this holiday season and give thanks for all that we have. What we have is the result of our forefathers “paying it forward.” It is doubtful that even in their wildest dreams, the founders of this country could ever imagine the blessings that we enjoy. It is imperative that we also pay it forward, for we never know just who it benefits and how far it will go.

The homeless suffer from more than a lack of a home, many suffer from addiction or mental illness. Being without a home is just a symptom, the causes run much deeper. In a time of what is unparalleled prosperity, part of the American dream is the obligation to help those left behind. Making sure that homeless can have access to shelter, food and opportunity is simply part of us giving thanks.

We all have reasons to be thankful. As we move toward this upcoming holiday season, preparing to come together with our families to give thanks, we ask you to give thanks by giving.

This article was provided by the Warren Area Board of Realtors.


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