Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County June 17 to 21:


Wes4Hio LLC to SEJ Rentals LLC, 292 N. Edgehill Ave., $105,000

London Road Group LLC to Anthony McClintock, 5643 London Drive, $205,000

Timothy McMullen et al. to Nathan Lindloff and Lucie Lindloff, 4434 Woodrige Drive, $180,000

Thomas M. Grischow to Kimberly Adele Stehura and James Stehura, 1438 Victory HIll Lane, $370,000

Michael R. Hahn Jr. et al. to Antonio M. Chito, 4251 Woodmere Drive, $145,000

Weshio LLC to James Marzo Jr. and Ashley Zembower, 464 S. Edgehill Ave., $91,750

Estate of Mary Ann Wanless to Richard M. Larson, 6586 S. Timberidge Drive, $197,900

Eugene Joseph Kalinowski and Starla Denise Kalinowski to Eric A. Davignon, 4219 Nottingham Ave., $251,500

Daniel R. McMahon and Rhonda McMahon to Jeffrey Greene and Theresa Greene, 80 Country Green Drive, $217,500

David A. Fodor and Kristen E. Fodor to Mark T. Holmes, 5613 Yorktown Lane, $215,000

George S. Rawson and Tarah A. Rawson to Ian M. Kitsch, 374 Beechcrest Ave., $187,500


Brett G. Julian and Marie L. Julian to Ronald L. Gengler, 655 W. Pine Lake Road, $130,000

Courtyards at Stonegate LLC to The Linda J DePillo Revocable Trust, 9264 Sharrott Road, Unit 1702, $366,910

Steven A. Blakeman and Kathy L. Blakeman to George Rohan III and Ashlee Russo, 600 Lipply Road, $540,000

MIGR Properties LLC to Joseph E. Hodges, 175 Western Reserve Road, $335,900

The Barbara L. Morey Family Trust to Heikkinan Investments LLC, 10161 New Buffalo Road, $253,000


Karlynn A. Nenadich to Suzan E. Hazenstab, 7024 Claybourne Ave., $146,500

Aureum Properties LLC to Ronald B. Goff, 74 Woodrow Ave., $136,000

John F. Donadee and Brenda A. Donadee to Richard M. Brent and Kimberly K. Brent, 8365 Stoney Creek, $190,000

Bailey S. Phares-Peachock to Alexandra Brant and Karen Nelson, 7404 Eisenhower Drive, Unit 5, $120,000


Wes4Hio LLC to Maria Lema, 404 Whipple Ave., $105,000

Mark L. Rosa and Milagros Rosa to Elsa E. Munoz, 517 Tenney Ave., $35,000

Mary Ann Slanina to Cynthia Agee, 227 Struthers Liberty Road, $151,118


Donald L. Vaughn and Barbara J. Vaughn to Janice S. Elias, 30 Lake Pointe Circle, Unit 30, $230,000

Jason A. Lude and Ross Barton III to Houses 4 You LLC, 78 Neff Drive, $163,317

Melissa A. McAllister and Daniel M. McAllister to Kimberly Parent,

260 Moreland Drive, $250,000

Canfield Township

James Klingensmith and Lisa Klingensmith to Brian F. Wydick and Lucille A. Ambrosia, 4090 That’s Life Lane, $580,000

Debra J. Allen and Jeffery B. Allen to Gregory Carney, 3125 Linen Place, $440,000

The Gregory Carney Trust Agreement to Maria C. Cocca, 4300 Westford Place, Unit 5B, $425,000

Michael P. Weaver and James A. Weaver, trustees to Michael P. Weaver and Andrea L. Weaver, trustees, 6012 Calico Lane, $100,000

Richard M. Larson to Rachel Bell and Adam Clark, 4252 Adeer Drive, $278,000

Robert Hites and Amanda Hites to Rebecca Rae Swift, 4211 Burgett Road, $424,900

Philip J. Nolletti and Marian E. Nolletti to Mark D’Apolito and Julie D’Apolito McLaughlin, 1420 Fox Den Trail, $575,000

Craig Beach

Ronald J. Kost and Lora L. Kost to Dean M. Hoover and Michele M. Hoover, 17572 Lundys Lane, $215,000


Lakefront Preserve LLC to John S. Premec and Jill L. Premec, 782 Radcliffe Pass, $57,500


Min Hoppy to Michael Cathey, 127 Wilson Ave., $95,000

Edward L. Carson to Linda M. Moss, 281 E. Howard St., $92,100

Devin L. Allen/ (aka) Devin Slaina to Lisa A. Bianco and Roberta L. Colombo, 105 Pittsburg Ave., $156,112

Merle E. Fell II to VT Larney LTD, 312 Kline St., $75,900


Jeffrey Randall Garrett and Carol Dawn Garrett to James R. McKnight Jr. and Daphne A. McKnight, 11206 Duck Creek Road, $315,000


David J. Marks and Monique E. Marks to John Alexander Pifer and Nicole Marie Pifer, 9452 Knauf Road, $575,000


Gregory A. Oakman and Brenda J. Devenport to Mario Diiullo and Mariah Diiullo, 8593 Black Oak Drive, $241,000

Dennis H. Nisbett and Mary Beth Brutz to Barbara Leary, 100 Turnberry Court, $220,000

M Walker Investments LLC to Amy A. Henning and Mark A. McCardle, 1212 Skyline Lane, $479,900

Ronald A. Marino and Virginia H. Marino to Sydney Lynn Ferguson and Robert Anthony Berarducci, 723 Old Wagon Lane, $250,000

Michaelene T. Stanich to Brian Wilson and Katie Wilson, 2043 Celestial Drive, $340,000


Kathleen A. Deitsch and James D. Deitsch to Brendan Trump and Lisa Lewis, 699 Saul Drive, $145,000

Maris V. Sarisky to Travis R. Walsh, 31 Roosevelt Drive, $220,131


Andrew M. Irwin to Shawn Crown and Kelly Crown, 3722 Oakwood Ave., $107,000

James N. Schultz to Entwined Properties LLC, 702 Churchill Road, $30,000

Brian S. Joseph and Tarra A. Joseph to Sunaina Bains and Sharanjit Singh Loban, 506 Murray Hill Drive, $160,000


Jerome A. Donatelli and Roberta Donatelli to Gage Donatelli, 5 E. Grant St., $55,000

Alfred Guerrieri Jr. to Dakota Lee Heaney, 403 E. Wood St., $71,480


David M. Kalman and Cailtin Biel to Daniel Charles Gossard and Angela Christine Gossard, 442 Pamila Court, $331,500

Jeffrey J. Rodik to Joseph Little and Kasey Little, 2763 Highland Ave., $196,500

John D. Fritz, trustee to Consandre Romain and Amanda Romain, 8601 Polo Court, $69,000

Lilia Caparso to Kingstone Properties LLC, 2898 Saginaw Drive, $185,000

Eileen L. Clemente trustee to Joseph Spotleson, 27 Greystone, $265,100

Nicholas B. Walko to Bradley and McKenzie Darlington, 2937 Palmarie Drive, $296,000

George Hoffman and Darlene Hoffman to James L. Hoffman, 6895 Luteran Lane, $100,000

Michael J. Copploe to Aaron Michael Haflich, 7580 North Lima Road, $202,000

John W. Petro Sr. and Joann M. Petro to Michael S. Senchak and Jean L. Senchak, 6695 Clingan Road, Bldg. 5, Unit 5, $213,000

Michael R. Snyder and Stacie A. Snyder to Tammy Lynn Ross, 47 Hamilton Ave., $135,000

Abraham Green to Shirley Miletta and Bruno Miletta, 5210 Kennedy Road, $83,961


Takron Holdings LLC to Seth G. Goshorn and Holly A. Goshorn, 345 E. Ohio Ave., $27,000

Kyle J. Billingsley and Rebecca J. Billingsley to Michele Carver and Raymond J. Carver, 480 Royal Oak Circle, $325,000

Bryce C. Thomas and Makkinzee Thomas to Michael Hurford, 316 E. Vermont Ave., $115,000


Kamryn Jo Briceland to Billie J. Sweat, 18373 Fifth St., $132,000

Chad E. Smith to Cynthia M. Morrison, 17771 Fifth St., $190,000

Cynthia M. Morrison to Earl A. Rhyno, 17771 Fifth St., $319,900

Jeffrey A. Elder Jr. to Kamryn Jo Briceland, 19185 West Middletown Road, $295,000


Joseph Varacalli Jr. and Kaylynn Varacalli to St. Johns Tranquility LLC, 12987 Springfield Road, $700,000


The Estate of Robert Jarrell to Danny J. Aldish II and Jerilyn Aldish, 312 Hopewell Drive, $43,000

Andrew J. Pompeii and Tami A. Pompeii to Justin Clay, 19 John St., $56,000

Funtulis Property Group LLC to Jacob Penk, 76 Iroquois St., $153,500


Tommy Don Riley and Terri Lynn Riley and Joshua Citrak and Susan Citrak, 234 E. Avondale Ave., $109,900

Keith D. Boyd to EWJ Properties LLC, 2817 Mary St., $30,000

Arielle Rose Thiessen, successor trustee to Ngoc Tien Huynh, 18 MIlton Ave., $38,000

Donald A. Miller and Laura L. Miller to Web International Consulting LLC, 558 W. Ravenwood Ave., $37,500

Lester C. Barnes Sr. and Claudia L. Barnes to Revibe Housing Solutions LTD, 2311 Coronado Ave., $25,000

Robert G. Allen Jr. to Portage Banc LLC, 245 Lora Ave., $44,000

Alicia D. Loffredo and Amy D. Webber to Arwan R. Clinkscale, 44 N. Dunlap Ave., $95,000

OSB Management LLC to Caroline R. Edralin, 403 Canton St., $37,000

Martin Howie by PSO to West End Real Estate Management LLC, 4021 Howard St., $60,000

Charles H. Kettering to Seth Warden and Amy Warden, 1122 Inverness Ave., $51,500

James H. Miller to Payton Bryndum, 273 Alameda Ave., $77,000

Administrative Properties LLC to The Esmail Companies 2 LLC, 483 Mistletoe Ave., $153,500

Lucas R. Stanovcak and Richard E. Stanovcak to Vito Bell, 1646 Chattanooga Ave., $135,000

Charlotte Forest to Guardian Home Buyers LLC, 753 W. La Clede Ave., $25,000

Guardian Home Buyers LLC to Saints Roofing LLC, 753 W. La Clede Ave., $35,000

Joshua A. Soto to P&T Youngstown LLC, 101, 103 and 105 E. Boston Ave., $163,000

Kaitlin C. Hawley to Aubrianna N. Mellott, 2676 Rosewae Drive, $192,500

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County June 10-14:


Three Cs Inc. to Steel City Wash LLC, 5243 Mahoning Ave., $705,000

Keep Property Management LLC to Dace Real Estate LLC, 1050 S. Canfield Niles Road, $260,000

Michael Vodhanel and Linda Vodhanel to The Yeany Trust, 267-269 Third St., $195,000

Dana C. Covel, successor trustee to Kevin and Marc Sikora, 293 N. Edgehill Ave., $119,000

Vickie Balog and Stephen Louis to Deluxe Properties Unlimited LLC, 1914 Burr Oaks Court, $128,500

Larkin Street Homes LLC to David Slaton and Jaime Slaton, 5679 Vassar Ave., $159,255

Alison M. Guerrieri and Robin D. Elgabri to Colleen Marie Griffin and Timothy Joseph Dennison, 1775 Brockton Drive, $250,000


Corey M. Marshall and Brianna Isabel Marshall to Dylan Knopp and Ashlee Knopp, 1609 W. Western Reserve Road, $325,000

Courtyards at Stonegate LLC to Robert J. Susor and Georgia A. Susor, 9264 Sharrott Road, Unit 1701, $351,801

Anthony P. D’Urso and Aubrey H. Jones to Noah E. Zimmer, 4119 Woodmere Drive, $160,000

James Logston to Haley Maldonado, 138 N. Main St., $124,000

Christine R. Thomas to Angela Melchionne and Rebecca Watson, 9802 Sharrott Road, $350,000


Three Cs Inc. to Steel City Wash LLC, 6410 South Ave., $2,902,000

Rudolph G. Kogelnik and Caroline Kogelnik to Amanda M. Armour and Rondel Armour-Jones, 7163 Amherst St., $146,000

Full Line Construction and Real Estate LLC to Keisha Brock, 37 Woodview Ave., $292,500

Leanna Sullivan to Patrick Shepard and Amy Shepard, 524 Berklee Drive, $439,900

Kristie Oles to Amanda Cox, 743 Forest Ridge Drive, $170,000

Shane A. Hosa and Bobbie J. Hosa to Alexander J. Viglio and Hannah L. Viglio, 6103 Glenwood Ave., $250,000

Jalela Dorus to Gina M. Stephenson, 214 Indianola Road, $165,000

James Anderson and Amy Anderson to Taylor Marie Higgins, 454 Garver Drive, $220,000

Derek A. Rubicky to Kirk L. Wertz Jr. and Madison RJ Wertz, 125 Homestead Drive, $70,000

Michelle R. Kukura to Russell T. Dunn II and Candace R. Dunn, 3931 Hopkins Road, $167,000

Nancy L. Woodruff to Shawn and Abby Fiffick, 5930 Stillson Place, $225,000


Regina M. Stemple to Nicholas J. Poullas, 501 Porter Ave., $95,000

Santa Rosa Center to Nomiki Lembillas, 374 Sanderson Ave., $60,000

Legend Property Rentals LLC to Emmanuel G. Kouros and Joanne Kouros, 311 Kendall Ave., $287,500

Brian Perkins to Michelle Hicks and Frederick L. Hicks Sr., 31 Walter St., $37,441


Patrick A. Lalama and Lorraine J. Lalama to Craig Shaw and Nicole Shaw, 546 Barcliff Drive, $357,000

Brian B. Pfau and Melanie J. Pfau to John G. Phillips and Katherine H. Phillips, 202 Timber Run Drive, $690,000

John R. Skok and Hillary S. Skok to Margaret Forelich and Justin Froelich, 40 Camelot Court, $320,000

Canfield Township

Simon Westbury LLC to Ryan V. Everett and Erica D. Everett, Orchard Park Drive, $70,000

The G. Russo Company to Kenneth Cooper, 4000 Fox Lane, $220,000

Joshua Greenawalt to Perry R. Kimmel Jr. and Pamela S. Kimmel, 6111 Deer Spring Run, $715,000

Thomas Gauchon and Podjanee Sawaikhonburi to Terri Hrina-Treharn and Robert Treharn, 4680 Bunny Trail, $585,700


Terry Ann Dirienzo et al. to Elvin B. Shields and Judith A. Shields, 106 Waterside Court, Unit 1, $22,500


Lorri S. Matey and Ethan Watson to Daniel J. Clark and Cheryl D. Clark, 444 Hazel St., $155,000

Dennis John Courtney to Norman Sibayan Paul III, Forsythe Ave., $170,000

Jerry T. McCord to Jeffrey T. McGlynn, 46 Emma St., $115,000

Glenda M. Jackson to David Shelley, 366 Iowa Ave., $50,000

William C. Barnes to Raymond A. Agnone III and Justine M. Palm, 1119 Beechwood Ave., $190,000

Mark Makis to Steven M. Cerny, Gordon Street, $74,500

Theresa M. Reinhardt and Melinda Cipriano to Austin Claussell, 969 Woodlawn Ave., $187,000


Vincent J. Pyne and Timothy B. Pyne to Chad E. Damron, 3479 Overlook Ave., $140,117

Faye Kouvas and Jerome F. Clement to Morgan Eichert, 175 Pineview Village, $169,900


Butech-Lehmann Real Estate LLC to ANBI Holdings LLC, 11000 Youngstown Salem Road, $515,000

Gary L. Houdyshell Sr. to Norman L. Rohfeld and Rachel N. Rohfeld, 4315 Redford Road, $33,000

Gregory M. Habeth by Chris Roman, PSO et al. to Tim Dickey and Denise Dickey, 9550 Lisbon Road, $141,511

Priscilla L. Kurtz to Britney N. Baird and Joshua D. Baird, 6420 Roller Road, $100,000


Ray C. Fallen Jr. to Robert C. Hoy and Stacey A. Hoy, 504 E. Liberty St., $150,000

Matthew Medford and Carol E. Medford to Jesse L. Riggleman Jr. and Paula A. Riggleman, 62 Grandview Ave., $200,000

Mary Walker and Tim Walker to Jessica Katelyn Winner Ross, 806 Moore St., $165,000


Timothy E. Sweesy to Tessa Brown, 9506 Kirk Road, $295,000


Engineered Endeavor LLC to Robert Padden Nelson, Logan Way, $318,500

James S. Smith to US Bank National Association, 700 Santa Monica Drive, $80,100

Mand D Lehr Enterprises LLP to Sandra Mannion, 470 Seacrist Lane, $78,000


Dorothy Vandyke to Alison M. Guerrieri, 313 Sixth St., $146,500


Kevin A. Ritenour and Robin Gay Ritenour to Nicholas Ritenour, 18344 Bayview St., $100,000

Bran M. Arthur and Jeanne M. Arthur to John D. Laeng and Johanna M. Laeng, 17579 Beach Lane, $294,000

Micheal Hughes and Jessie Hughes to Rising Valley Residential LLC, 17720 Wallace Drive, $60,000

New Middletown

The Restated Halstead Family Trust to Bruce L. Letson and Jennifer Crawford Letson, 10688 Main St., $45,000


Annette Hutchinson to Frank W. Dodd and Lisa Dodd, 8845 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $236,000

Robert G. Depp and Jonelle C. Depp to Bobbie J. Hosa and Shane A. Hosa, 5695 Annie St., $520,000

The Purser Living Trust to Zarr Properties of Florida LTD, 7119 Bishop Road, $397,500


Michael L. Harshman Jr. to Adrianna Lindee Tuel, 249 S. 15th St., $132,000


TLN Towing LLC to Donald L. Barnett, Part section 36, $45,000


Nicholas Fajack to Anthony M. Tyma Sr., 1175 E. Calla Road, Unit C214, $210,000

Garrett B. Hayes and Amanda K. Hayes to Alexander M. Knappenberger, 14350 High St., $75,000

Estate of Carol A. Ricketts to Nickolas A. George, V/L Columbiana Road, $175,000


Edward D. Marsh et al. to Donald L. Armentraut, 592 W. Omar St., $230,000

JCE Networks LLC to Jeremy Pusey, 78 Stewart St., $50,000

Shelley Stenglein to Thomas W. Hyde Jr. and Kaylee N. Hyde, 360 Brandon Ave., $141,900

Olmi Properties Inc. to Jennifer A. Carr, 604 Poland Ave., $181,000


Michael Marchionte Properties LLC to Jacqueline L. Herring, 2227 Glenwood Ave., $94,000


Wiklund Company LTD to Carlos Raul Lozano and Fabiola Lozano, 32 Fincastle Lane, $82,500

Karen Yu to Dale Wilson Wardle, 21 N. Hartford Ave., $71,900

Michelle Wells, trustee of the Mae Trust to Ascension Home Healthcare LLC, 423 E. LaClede Ave. and 483 W. Ravenwood Ave., $52,000

Better Life Foundation LLc to Victor Feliciano, 820 Cornell St., $111,000

RNEP LLC to Prudico LLC, 2011 South Heights, $43,000

Donald A. Miller and Laura L. Miller to Brown Eyes Group LLC, 440 W. Ravenwood Ave., $37,500

Francisca Mazariego to Sandra M. Ochoa, 181 W. Earle Ave., $32,000

Mayra Reyes Viruet to Prudico LLC, 638 E. Dewey Ave., $27,500

Donald A. Miller and Laura L. Miller to ELIO Enterprises LLC, 3016 Hudson Ave., $30,000

Multi Family Purchases LLC to Idlewood Residence LLC, 3401 Idlewood Ave., $76,000

Theodore F. Anzelmo and Pamela L. Tatarka to Timothy J. Giglio, 2407 Hubbard Road, $150,000

James G. Heinbaugh to Pamela Ann Lilak, 458 Glacierview Drive, $207,000

C&J Real Estate and Construction Inc. to Kevin Sikora and Marc Sikora, 1658 Thalia Ave., $109,000.

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded June 3-7 in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County:


James Jones and James Jones, trustee, to The Wise Family Revocable Living Trust, V/L Elvira Court, $289,900

Walter M. Duzzny Sr. to Lisa M. Price and Michael G. Price, 66 Parkgate Ave., $140,000

Nathanael J. Tayman to Tyler Arbogast, 5259 Saratoga Ave., $342,000

3LP Investments LLC to 4405 Aspen Investment LLC, 4405 Aspen Drive, $325,000

Albert Smith and Cynthia L. Smith to Erica L. Cain, 951 N. Turner Road, $280,000

Alie Z. Ruheim to Eric Condrey and Regina Maloney, 1874 Paisley St., $187,500

Savannah Dale to Emily Elizabeth Campbell, 1488 Bexley Drive, $139,000

Jonathan Mazei to Gilberto Hernandez and Britney L. Hernandez, 4100 Nottingham Ave., $256,000


MCD Construction LLC to Payton Scott Derry and Emma Renee Heater, 9180 Sharrott Road, $245,000

Maura E. Ashman and Bryan C. Ashman to Kristen Kindya and Christian Kindya, 4751 W. South Range Road, $372,500


Susan Hanas Morgan to Nickolas D. Marinesou, 13659 W. Akron Canfield Road, $124,300


Diane S. Stevens to Debra Ann Rittenour, 140 Caribou Drive, $320,000

Nicholas P. Opencar to Samuel Anthony Gugliotti, 6761 Tippecanoe Road, Unit 5, $173,500

John Elmo to Trevor Calhoun and Melissa Calhoun, 6907 Tippecanoe Road, $185,000

Rita M. Vicare to Sophia Lucille Mancini, 1458 Turnberry Drive, $174,130

Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC to Collin Razo, 738 Nelbert Lane, $165,000

The Estate of Katie M. Sovesky Living Trust to Matthew Richard Green and Sarah D. Green, 7819 Hitchcock Road, $460,000

Michael P. Hafner and Denise J. Hafner to Sahvanna Rose Morris, 317 Ewing Road, $150,000

The Estate of Anthony J. Liguore Jr. to Andrew Patterson and Brian Femia, 117 S. Cadillac Drive, $201,000

James D. Donatelli Jr. and Maggie E. Donatelli to Alie Ruheim, 5500 Loretta Drive, $330,000

Michelle M. Neal to Christy Linker, 1143 Redtail Hawk Court, Unit 5, $160,000

Estate of Mary C. Maillard to Joseph D. Johnson and Taylor K. Johnson, 5009 Forest Park Place, $103,000

Andrew J. Hospodar IV to Joel Jarrett and Riley Jarrett, 608 Angeline Drive, $310,000

Phillip Dobransky Jr. to Jeremy Hernan and Rochelle Arriola Hernan, 490 Mathews Road, $125,000

Abdurrahman Arslanyilmaz to Edward Salus and Anne Marie Salus, 6805 Colleen Drive, $274,949

Troy Mazur and Kathryn Mazur to Dwayne Edward Learn and Haylee Ann Learn, 6900 Colleen Drive, $230,000

Diana Berringer to Kevin Gura, 817 Pearson Circle No. 2, $143,000

Paul J. Stanko and Kathleen M. Stanko to Emmanuel G. Kouros and Joanna Kouros, 2057 Bishop Woods Court, $415,000


The Estate of Eleanor Kozusko to Jacob Tobias Lyons, 136 Oxford St., $73,500

Justin Conner to GCH Property Management, 666 Sanderson Ave., $35,000

Franca Carano Elliot and Maria J. Fagert to Vernon W. Boyer Jr. and Evelyn M. Boyer, 505 Porter Ave., $185,000


Gregory F. Paolini to Karen Leetch and David Leetch, 34 Hunters Woods Blvd., Unit B, $320,000

Quentin D. Phillips and Danielle L. Phillips to Joseph C. Clingan and Constance S. Clingan, 183 Brookpark Drive, $299,900

Joshua D. McHenry and Courtney T. McHenry, trustees, to Alex Edward Fanzo and Emily Peyton Fanzo, 511 N. Briarcliff Drive, $315,000

Canfield Township

Kenneth P. Zuzik and Jeanne Zuzik to Howard C. Hargate III, Lot 7, S. Raccoon Road, $82,000

The Lucille Ann Ambrosia Family Trust to Ida Felix, 6838 Twin Oaks Court, $500,000

William E. Burns to Susan L. Crowley, 4300 Westford Place No. 11A, $369,900

Nicole Kinsman and Heather Blazina to Calvin D. Stover and Magdalena D. Stover, 4300 Westford Place No. 3A, $340,000

Anwar Masih to Adrian Patrick Labra and Kelly Ann Labra, 3475 Winners Circle, $340,000


Victory Church of Coitsville Inc. to MSA Properties LLC, 16 Bedford Road, $250,000

Craig Beach

Daphne A. McKnight to Pennie J. Sears, 1613 Grandview Road, $185,000


Direct Industrial Property Investments LLC to Matthew Simmonds et al., 11283 N. Palmyra Road, $182,500


John N. Villecco to VT Larney LTD, 622 Lawrence Ave., $75,000

Kerrigan L. Humphreys and Thomas Humphreys to Kaleb Merrick Neff, 2612 Walnut St., $170,000

Mark A. Brink to Frederick A. Baumgartner and Hannah Jean Baumgartner, 67 Cheyenne Drive, $296,000


Thomas W. Jones to Adam I. Reynolds, 13635 Cleveland-East Liverpool Road, $49,000

Clinton Douglas to Jason M. Diver, W. Calla Road, $38,518


WHYP 1 LLC to Marshall Goss and Catherine Goss, 783 Taylor St., $130,000

Daniel Rock to Connexus Credit Union, 224 Jacobs Road, $40,000

Dominic M. Pagano and Leigh A. Logan to Sandra L. Dubon and Donald J. Dubon, 668 Dorchester Drive, $280,000

James Martin Gest and Joseph L. Gest III to Michael Anthony Davis, Beachwood Drive, $30,000

Wayne K. Shay and Kelley L. Kilar to Toni Marvin, 7489 Van Ness Ave., $165,000


Stephen J. Lee to James P. Long and Maureen Long, 136 S. Lipkey Road, $330,000


Kristin M. Batson to Harvey Hoai Nguyen and Tien Le, 554 Thomas Ave., $175,000

John A. Ruggiero to William Snowden, 1392 Shannon Road, $220,000

Michael Anthony Davis to Logan Olenik and Halie Byers, 914 Pinecrest Road, $190,000

Larry S. Mohn III to Landon Glinn, 5170 Sampson Drive, $72,100

Todd E. Williams and Juliana N. Ginocchi to Delshellatheresa Disikki Lynch, 506 E. Liberty St., $155,000

LOP and COR Investments LLC to Talishiya R. Mitchell, 3001 Biscayne Ave., $231,750


C and J Real Estate and Construction to Cassidy Luke Blotter and Dallan James Blotter, 918 Illinois Ave., $180,000


Arlene Bieda to Joshua D. McHenry and Courtney McHenry, 13650 N. Palmyra Road, $300,000


J&M Rentals of Boardman Inc. to Linda L. Dellavalle, 2420 Bel Aire Lane, $172,900

Joan S. Bradfield Family Trust to Mark D. Jenkins, 6058 Frontier Drive, $200,000

Susan Ann Clutter to Allan McElwee and Peggy D. McElwee, 3442 Harvest Run Trail, $295,000

Matthew J. Jones and Shelly R. Jones to Erinn Kristine Coe, 7818 Eastbrooke Trail, $505,000

Alex E. Fanzo to Andrew C. Hagerty and Aurora C. Skaja, 2644 Poland Village Blvd., $176,000

Chad Strong to Maura Elizabeth Ashman and Bryan C. Ashman, 3058 Chardonnay Lane, $415,000

Donna Garland to RSS Global Trading LLC, 2450 Venloe Drive, $90,000

Nicholas S. Mallison and Samantha G. Fryman to Daniel Sullivan Moore, 8793 Woodland Road, $237,000


Cecelia M. Knight to Cathryn Householder, 1316 S. 12th St., $225,100

William L. Blair and Gayle E. Blair, trustees, to Andy B. Kauffman and Rosanna J. Kauffman, trustees, 1280 S. 12th St., $135,000

Carnation Sky View Properties LTD to White Birch Properties LLC, 435-445 N. 16th St., $85,000

Takron Holdings LLC to Kenny Mayle, 580 W. Oregon Ave., $27,000


Gayle L. Steele to Heaven Kohn and Adam Kohn, 10940 N. 12th St., $350,000

Galway Rentals LLC to Macaila Quinn Safran and Alex Safran, 16333 Courtney Road, $53,875


Janica L. Powers to Robert B. Neale, 11372 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $137,500

Bud Maimone and Sonja Maimone to Kristopher Lipscomb, E. Calla Road, $84,000

Heritage Land Development LLC to Dibo Construction, 10135 Carrie Court, $65,000

Dibo Construction LLC to Jolene Rodenbaugh, 10135 Carrie Court, $460,000

Richard R. Juillerat Sr. and Paula J. Juillerat to Seth W. Golden, 12291 Beard Road, $230,000


Linda L. Dellavalle to Kelly Martinko, 220 Iroquois St., $175,000

Maria DePascale to James DeCapua, 192 Sexton St., $54,000

Luis Cali and Sandra DeRose to Christina M. Pelice, 496 Fourth St., $80,000

BTI 1179 LLC to Shelby Baney and Jennifer Lattanzio, 215 Omar St., $135,000

Bigley Real Estate Investments LLC to Paul Andrew Laskey and Morgan Lindsey Cortez Laskey, 17 Wilson St., $120,000

LivRite Enterprises LLC to Tyler Reble and Kara Salisbury, 528 Fourth St., $144,100

Kenneth B. Allen to Portage Banc LLC, 84 Sexton St., $75,600


James P. Murray and Bridgette K. Murray to Racquel B. Schertzer and Tyler Meredith, 980 Webb Road, $259,900

3 DPD 1 LLC to John S. Seaquist and Brittney A. Ecenrod, 2844 Youngstown Road, $225,000

James M. Coates Jr. to Steel City Wash LLC, 2178 Bianco Ave., $475,000


The Estate of Joan Marie Thorne to Joshua Charles Kale, 2250 Gladwae Drive, $130,000

Twin Oaks Enterprises Inc. to Casey Lynn Lopez Garcia and Kairo Lopez Garcia, 405 Pasadena Ave., $30,000

Sheila Baddeley to Delia Margarita Lema Carrion and Gabino Xal, 150 Hilton Ave., $28,500

Estate of Susan Smith to Nancy Huynh, 2623 Scheetz St., $92,000

Estate of Jane Christofis to Yesenia Torres and Jorge Torres, 88 Hilton Ave., $50,500

Phillip L. Salus and Danielle M. Salus to Edward J. Christian and Ellen C. Christian, 106 N. Osborn Ave., $40,000

Taasia K. Garner to Warren A. Fisher and Susan Fisher, 3087 Kiwatha Road, $165,000

Sandra Lee Groza Hrabowy and Harold Hrabowy to Donald James Lewis Jr., 2367 Old Furnace Road, $140,000

The Anna M. Clement Family Trust to James Field, 2716 Christine Lane, $150,000

Frank J. Bartholomew et al. to Samuel Congemi, 1609 Medford Ave., $38,000

David Pavlich and Lynne M. Pavlich to Diane P. Bender, 3537 Shirley Road, $104,329

Sirrah’ Sirrah’ LLC to James Scott Armstrong, 122 Hollywood Ave., $91,500

Estate of Patricia J. Jones to Bagheri Properties LLC, 2924 Roy St., $60,000

Mohammud Z. Alruheim to Gauri Shankar Sah, 3211 South Ave., $32,500

James A. Laing et al. to Adam Laing, 1950 Brownlee Ave., $100,000

Eric Martin and Sharine Martin to Yudelea Estevez, 49 N. Hazelwood Ave., $66,000

Freddie L. Jackson to Powerhouse Housing LLC, 1372 Dryden Ave., $60,000

At East Properties LLC to Nicolette E. French and Kyle W. Kozicky, 3629 Dover Road, $152,900

Jerome Rudzik to Christie R. Hayes and Matthew Hayes, 3541 Glenmere Drive, $185,000

Canfield Group LLC to Steven and Gregory Zukowski, 904 Detroit Ave., $52,000

OKS Homes LLC to Russell Hardenburgh and Alise Hardenburgh, 41 S. Osborn Ave., $48,000

At Ease Properties LLC to Megan E. Enderle, 3441 Stratmore Ave., $109,000

Richard and Pamela Moritz to Kenneth Kester, 2442 Vestal Road, $25,000

Michelda Orelien to Real Neighborhood Offer LLC, 475 Ferndale Ave., $22,775

Real Neighborhood Offer LLC to Jose R. Rivera, 475 Ferndale Ave., $34,000

Anchor Stone Fund 2 LLC to Daryl McDowell, 815 Old Furnace Road, $136,000

Camille Hall to Peyton Sabatino and Blaise Marie Sabatino, 113 Lilburne Drive, $110,000

Hood Maintenance Group LLC to Denise Fortune, 319 Greenwood St., $95,000

Nettas Property Investments LLC to Jacqulyn Lybrand, 2017 Clifton St., $35,000

Sunshine Buckeyes LLC to Jacqueline Nelson, 167 N. Hazelwood Ave., $75,000

John Brindiar to John Gearhart, 686 N. Hazelwood Ave., $35,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and parts of Trumbull County from May 28 to May 31:


See R Properties LLC to Frank Robert Ferry, 5697 Tulane Ave., $217,500

Edward A. Itayim Jr. to Sheree Moyer and Jerome Costin Jr., 2045 Raccoon Road, $145,000

Crispin Fernandez Jr. and Momoko S. Fernandez to Alexis N. Remiorz, 1259 Bexley Drive, $188,000

Lawrence E. Dunn Jr. et al. to Justin Daniel Stainfield, 86 Aldrich Road, $169,900

Christopher Roman, PSO to Nova Prospect LLC, 145 S. Main St., $70,600

David Fiehler to Jacob Robert Winters, 2937 Redgate Lane, $103,500

John Latone Jr. and Renee M. Latone to Jared Latone, 120 Ohltown Road, $135,000


Robert E. Maher et al. to Duff Real Estate LLC, West Middletown Road, $250,000

James J. Cantelupe to David O. Rider and Youjin Yang, 4275 W. Calla Road, $318,000


Susan Hanas Morgan to Justin D. Yoder and Amanda B. Yoder, West Akron Canfield Road; Duck Creek Road, $426,162

Donald C. Helsel to Eric J. Richardson, 16552 Heiser Road, $154,000


Robert Joshua and Harry M. Hofmeister to Edward Cole, 388 Meadowbrook Ave., $170,000

Nicholas F. Deniakis II to Aleshia Graham,

50 Charles Ave., $195,000

Claire Elizabet Hendrickson and Sierra Hendrickson to Brian Hoover, 675 Afton Ave., $154,000

Kenneth W. Matteson and Margaret Ann Matteson to Amy P. Witmer and Joshuah Witmer, 7994 Spartan Drive, $323,000

Jeffrey T. Sellers to L.E. Norris LLC,

4020 Stratmore Ave., $105,000

Susan M. Ellis and Cynthia M. Wilson to Michael Ellis, 1326 Quail Court, $160,000

Kim A. Hostetter to Angela Hammond, 5341 Linger Place, $143,000

Cindy Mentzer to Quang Si Truong, 82 Boardman Poland Road, $150,000

Bryce S. Wakefield to Alyssa N. Santoro and Mark A. Wittmann, 7355 West Blvd.,

Unit D, $169,000

Linda M. Budd to Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC, 449 Garver Drive, $120,000

Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC to TAAM Properties LLC, 449 Garver Drive, $140,000

Gary S. Bushee to Adam Kyle Gleussner, 5800 Rosewood Drive, $465,000

CFirst Properties LLC to Charlene Tessean, 900 Pearson Circle, Unit 1, $115,000


Ruth E. McIntyre to Brittany M. Shannon and Joseph A. Marriott Jr., 749 Whipple Ave., $100,000

Teresa McCormick to Eloise M. Shick,

336 Jackson St., $61,500


Robert B. Schoenfeld et al. to Steven Schoenfeld Jr. and Brittany Schoenfeld, 290 Southview Road, $300,000

David F. Dravecky et al. to James P. Stark and Marjorie M. Stark, 30C Hunters Woods Blvd., $300,000

Remo DiFelice et al. to Gregory D. Crider and Tracy L. Crider, 5050 Canfield Road, $312,000

Jennifer L. Corey et al. to Robert D. Jackson and Melissa B. Jackson, 7D Hunters Woods Blvd., $290,027

Canfield Twp.

Austin Edward Deen Schultz and Kaitlyn Ann Schultz to Jeffrey Michael Clark and Danielle Clark, 6719 S. Palmyra Road, $275,000

Ryan K. Snyder and Nikki A. Snyder to Thomas R. Beil, 3634 Mercedes Place, $200,000

Estate of David Patrick to Jaclin D’Apolito, 3876 Indian Run Drive, Unit 2, $175,000

Craig Beach

Nick Horvath to Belinda Meadows, 1241 Grandview Road, $100,000


Tim Edward Gardner to Brandon Putsay and Hannah Putsay, Gary Avenue, $235,000

Floyd T. Hoff to Liberty REI Properties LLC, 159 Main St., $55,000

Mark V. Wagner and Wendy A. Wagner to Michael H. Leskovee, 116 Wilson Ave., $117,000

Leigh A. Samuels and Morgan Leigh A. Samuels to Nicholas A. Barnard and LaNaesha D. Ballinger, 654 Hazel St., $116,000

Sury Cuevas to William Dale Drury III and Carlie Lynn Fisher, 106 Howard St., $138,000

Steven Cvetkovich to Marty Mazzella, 48 Hancock St., $27,500


180 Flipper LLC to Casey L. Wilcox and Dustin D. Kiefer, 10060 S. Salem Warren Road, $245,000

Jeffrey Webb to Zendal Carroll, 12411 S. Pricetown Road, $405,000


Cynthia McCon et al. to Angela Javorsky Inc., 9018 Shaffer Road, $35,000


On the Flip LLC RISI Investments LLC to Joseph Claycomb and Javonna Deboe,

747 Jones St., $165,000

Corey M. Ward and Tiffany B. Ward to Michael Carroll and Marah Valenly, 135 Clingan Ave., $165,000

Paul H. Shilling and Debra L. Shilling to U.S National Bank Association, 411 Elmwood Drive, $66,902

Holly Montgomery to Jessica D. McCarthy and Rene D. McCarthy, 41 Cyrus Ave., $160,000

Lillian Wetzl to Joshua Hamm and Elizabeth Hamm, 7057 White Oak Drive, $165,000

SISU Enterprises LLC to Amamelie Medina, 5984 Bell Ave., $160,000


Jennifer A. Kotouch to Joshua J. Gibala, 3646 Little North Road, $249,900

Alisha Johns to Jameson Mannon and Taylor Mannon, 5237 Logan Arms Drive, $370,000

Floyd W. Hopkinson Jr. to Barbetta Vaughn, 950 Keefer Drive, $134,900


Robinson Real Estate Investment LLC to Jacob James Gratter and Macie Shaulis, 435 McKinley Boulevard, $155,000

CJ and CJ Holdings LLC to Adelphia Holdings LLC, Annabelle Ave., $28,510


Evelyn M. Brant to Michael T. Ciletti, 1051 Park Place Drive, $295,000

Dennis L. Miller and Belinda K. Miller to Joseph D. Adams Jr., 323 Third St., $30,000

Joshua A. Fabijance to Robert Wolf and Sheena Steinkamp, Mason Street, $115,000

Macey B. Hawout to Jeremy Michael Tenney, 146 Helen Ave., $132,800

Jie Lin and Yan Na Li to Samuel Ferguson and Ashley Ferguson, 1206 Hartzell Ave., $160,000

John E. Keefer and Yvonne M. Porterfield to Jerome L. Lynch, 1026 Park Place Drive, $365,000


Estate of Anna Marie Pizzoferrato to Charlotte Palmer, 6695 Clingan Road #23, $236,000

Jerrod Calhoun and Sarah Calhoun to Joseph P. Wrenn and Debra A. Wrenn,

7885 Tuscany Drive, $575,000

William L. Brenner and Michael D. Brenner, co-trustees to Brandon D. King, trustee, 6584 Pacifica Drive, $370,000

Carl R. Peterson III and Jessica M. Simon to Gregory Sabol and Chelsey Sabol,

3 Windmere Place, $768,000


The Elmer and Roselette Sommers Trust to Travis L. Black and Elizabeth J. Blake, 285 W. Oregon Ave., $48,900

Donald Foster and Susan L. Foster to Michael R. Springer and Tracy A. Springer, 726 N. 14th St., $73,500

Paintless Dent Repair Master Inc. to Miquel Rosales and Iris Rosales, 175 W. Ohio Ave., $70,000

Bill E. and Grace E. Williams to Jose A. and Lisa Carrion, 955 12th St., $219,000


Cody Michael Blake to Shyanne M. Sceiff, 18081 Derr Ave., $125,000

Robin M. Handon to GlennE. Martin and Andrea Maynard, 22612 Norman Ave., $40,000

Marlene A. Admonius, successor trustee to Nathan Russell and Melissa Russell, 22841 Alliance-Sebring Road, $25,000


Joseph P. Wrenn and Debra A. Wrenn to James J. Kim, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 79, $455,000

Hamrock Holdings LLC to Vaughn W. Cook Jr. and Erica L. Cook, V/L Beard Road, $25,000

Kalie Gargano-Murphy and Patrick Murphy to Nancy Jo Testa, 9151 Springfield Road, Unit 402, $330,000


The Mary L. McClure Family Trust to Nicholas Fajack, 109 Forest Creek Drive, $289,000

Gary S. Angelo and Arica C. Hardgrove to Javier J. Troncoso, 10465 Carrie Drive, $295,300

CASTLO Community Improvement Corporation Inc. to Discovery Shares LLC, 100 S. Bridge St., $1,250,000


Kevin M. Reilly and Amy C. Reilly to Joshue C. Garland, 1056 Reservoir Run, $387,000


Mark Makis to Charles Smith, 1241 Wick Ave., $32,000

Michael C. Ragozine to Steven L. Jones and Elizabeth W. Jones, 2335 Fifth Ave., $255,000

Alexander T. Steeb and Meta Steeb to Theresa Snow, 2316 Coronado Ave., $233,000

Jason E. Gentry to Helen M. Jones, 490 Catalina Ave., $163,000

Firenze Housing LLC to Soralda Lebron Rosado, 543 Woodside Ave., $49,000

Dayna R. Terrell to Zakkiyah Terrell White, 355 Glenwood Ave., $25,000

William Sandy, trustee to Youngstown Poland Road LLC, 4304 Youngstown Poland Road, $650,000

Artis L. Gillam III to Darren Guzzi, 514 E. Philadelphia Ave., $77,000

The Randall Merdic Family Trust to David Edward Grich, 1110 Wilshire Drive, $315,000

American Dreams LLC to James L. Bellamy, 3610 Arden Blvd., $115,500

123 Flipable LLC to Antwoin M. Stuart Sr., 169 Upland Ave., $55,000

Jonathan Andrew Farris to Laurel M. Galway, 2004 Guadalupe Ave., $142,000

Brian Kennedy and Heather Kennedy to Deborah Lynn Bush, 932 Ottawa Drive, $243,900

Bank of New York Mellon to James Rounds, 3504 Stratmore Ave., $70,000

William G. Zayas-Ortiz to Larissa M. Diaz, 197 Lilburne Drive, $58,000

Michael Skibbe and Karen Skibbe to Kenneth H. Manges and Julia C. Moreno,

856 Cornell St., $62,000

Moonstone Realty LLC to Roberto Camacho, 3637 Loveland Road, $35,000

CLT and Associates LLC to McKelvey Conversion Group LLC, 178 Manchester Ave., $69,000

Joanne Shaffo to Richard Norris, 2109 Burbank Ave., $39,000

Maurice Pearce and Charlette Pearce to Quoc Bao Nguyen-Doung and Phan Thi Nguyen, 114 Whitney Ave., $58,050

Stacy L. Teets to Joshua A. Culler, 56 Ohlin Drive, $165,000

Mark S. Partika to Asan-Tay Holding Company LLC, 3443 Belden Ave., $30,000

Mark S. Zaba Jr. to Tammy R. Naranjo,

932 Parkview Ave., $60,500

Youngstown Jubilee Homes V LP to Brayan Davilla and Ada L. Rodriquez Morales, 1210 Kimmel St., $30,000

Woods Rental of Ohio Inc. to Youngstown State University Foundation, 337 and 359 Arlington St., $220,000

Richard J. Stiles Holdings LLC to David Rowbotham, 31 Parnell St., $21,000

Dominick Demarco to Veynovich Properties North LLC, 3454 Sheridan Road, $50,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County, May 20 to 24:


Field Acres Property Group LLC to Leah F. Skowron, 431 Southward Drive, $155,000

Robert L. Carney to Joshua Host, 277 Idlewood Road, $65,000

April L. DeSellem to Alyssa M. Seruga, 212 Westminster Ave., $90,000

James A. Stehura and Kimberly A. Stehura to Charles V. Corn, 4313 Wedgewood Drive, $274,000

Ralph J. DeMichael to Mary Novak, 3462 Starwick Drive, $255,000

Michael R. Vodhanel and Linda L. Vodhanel to Nicholas Mays, 56 N. Kimberly Ave., $190,000

Salvatore Lucente II and Gina Lucente to Gregory B. Durkin, 3792 S. Raccoon Road, $251,000

Economic Development Rail Corp. to Youngstown and Austintown Railroad Inc., rail line — no address, $150,000

The Estate of Irene M. Smart to Home Girl 275 LLC, 275 Parkgate Ave., $95,000

James Nixon and Kimberly N. Nixon to Melissa Patek, 162 N. Beverly Ave., $77,000

Robert Hamner to David L. Tichy and Teresa A. Tichy, 145 S. Roanoke Ave., $122,500

Zachary Good to Nathan Conner Evan, 5157 Willow Crest Ave., $229,500

Cromer Realty Inc. to James Ellcessor Jr. and Kaylynn Round, 1250 Woodledge Drive, $247,500

Christian A. Parks to Eric Varns to Tiffany Marchand, 3852 Ascot Court, $130,000

Vickie L. Watson to Domenic Nigro, 1620 Westhampton Drive, $110,000


Shadetree Holdings LLC to Ralph J.DeMichael Jr., 695 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 403, $259,900

Susan Hanas Morgan to Deborah F. Benyo, Duck Creek Road, $125,954


Cynthia L. McCon et al. to Coach House LLC, 6586 S. Pricetown Road, $62,150

Susan Hanas Morgan to Helen M. Miletta, Duck Creek Road, $160,529


Daniel R. Harvischak, executor to Michael Rivera and Kaleishka Rivera, 4048 Baymar Drive, $155,000

Thao T. Vo to Phuoc Tran and Phuoc N. Tieu, 610 Chestnut Lane, $300,000

John R. Socha III to Windsoft Rosien, 152 Afton Ave., $150,000

Brien N. Smith and Sherri L. Smith to Shane H. Duda and Stephanie L. Duda, 811 Park Harbour, $565,000

Deanna L. Beary to Dean G. Kissos and Jennifer L. Kissos, 888 Pearson Circle #3, $90,000

Judith A. Krichbaum to Christine Properties LLC, 3878 Timothy Lane, $134,000

Valerie A. Palumbo to Kimberly Kay Chirchiglia, 1877 Wingate Road, $147,000

Rodney Shade to Mahoning Valley Contractors LLC, 209 Stafford Ave., $80,600

APCO Construction Inc. to Chaudhary Muhammad Hussain Khadim and Nusrat Khadim, 7363 Eisenhower Drive, Unit 1, $105,000

Kaitlyn Marie Sheppard and Charles Edwin Renner III to Phillip Gray Toth, 7702 Spring Park Drive, $376,000

Candace Curea to Brandon Vanscoy and Lauryn Mullaney, 158 Carter Circle, $215,250

Timothy M. Russo and Christy L. Russo to Lance M. Amy and Patricia A. Amy, 1854 Woodlawn Ave., $145,000

IRIS Renovations LLC to Dannah J. Lewis, 4653 New England Blvd., $169,900


MLJ Group LLC to Ivan M. Diehl and Kelly M. Diehl, 306 Robinson Road, $124,000

Samantha Mastoris to Wilson A. Martinez and Elydia Martinez, 777 Porter Ave., $55,000

William J. Lavender to Maria Pagan, 591 Edward Lane, Campbell, $210,000

Sharon I. Matesevic, executor to Thomas G. D’Amico and Sheree L. Nemenz, 368 Maryknoll Drive, $32,000


Robert C. Deming by Daniel J. Deming, POA, to Kai Wang Yang and Yu Zhen Chen, 230 Deer Trail Ave., $172,000

David A. Olsavsky to Russell Allen Cappitte Jr. and Taneel T. Cappitte, 252 Fairview Ave., $357,500

Patricia M. Kyprianou to Carol L. Harris, 21 Newton Square, Unit 4, $225,000

Canfield Township

Mark C. McDuff and Elizabeth P. McDuff to Andrew J. Hospodar IV and Jenna L. Hospodar, 6716 Kyle Ridge Pointe, $985,000

Michael D. Williams and Dina M. Williams to Manish Manandhar and Sabita Pradhan, 3635 Indian Run Drive, #5, $172,500

Dee and Zee Property LLC to Craig J. Sansone, 4057 St. Andrews Court, $210,000

Edwin M. McWuiston et al. to Shawn Sidener and Kimberly Sidener, 7130 Youngstown-Salem Road, $285,000

Tippy Woods Management LLC to Tarq Ali Abdel Omran, Lots 83, 84 Tippecanoe Road, $46,200

Carolyn R. Barrett to Dervin Lorron Martin, 5175 Shields Road, $250,000


Travis J. Vancel to NEO group 1 LLC, Taylor Avenue, $30,000

NEO Group I LLC to Luis M. Aguayo Jr., Taylor Aveune, $48,000

Phillip J. Grafton and Joy M. Grafton to Emmanuel Padilla and Tawnya M. Padilla, 546 Prospect St., $44,212

Amanda M. Stone to Andrea M. Whitfield, 201 Wilson Ave., $103,000

Marne Cario and Roseann Cario to Nicholas Maderitz, 29 Mohawk Court, $289,900


Denny G. Butcher to Erica M. Sanchez, 12413 Duck Creek Road, $123,600


Hugh C. McBride Jr. and Brian T. McBride to Richard DiLullo and Donna DiLullo, 538 Rebecca Ave., $125,000

Zachary D. Schmidt and Courtney N. Schmidt to Glenn Bullock and Lori A. Bullock, 320 Elmwood Drive, $110,000

PMK Property Management LLC to Circle World Ventures LLC, 46 Fifth Ave., $120,000

Roxie Lou Dixon to Adelphia Holdings LLC, 3687 Franklin Ave., $47,000

Andrew D. Wagner to Nicole Suzanne Thompson, 1938 Hubbard Thomas Road, $185,000


Nickolas Marinescu to Landslide Range Produx Inc., V/L Council Drive, $70,000


Tabitha Fiorentino to LaQuesha Lewis, 3557 Breeze Knoll Drive, $197,500

Troy D. Kittrell to Nichole Kerchak, 6619 Sodom Hutchings Road, $198,000

Teague O’Brien to Richard J. Snavely and Carolyn J. Snavely, 1320 Montrose St., $195,000

Joshua Lacitignola to Morgan R. Jones, 3027 Goleta Ave., $140,000

DeProfio Holdings LLC to Matthew D. Myers and Chloe Myers, 2033 Burning Tree Lane, $300,000


Joseph T. Komlanc and Kelli M. Komlanc to Kenneth H. Robertson and Karen L. Robertson, 420 Garfield Ave., $77,000


Theresa R. Sheridan to VAV Enterprise LLC, 17819 Whisper Lane, $700,000

Gust Spilios and Jennifer Spilios to Amanda Price and Charles Price, 478 Niles Drive, $350,000

Estate of Wendy Dellaverson to Steven M. Mitchell, 1405 NE River Run Road, $367,500

Kenneth Jaram and Kerri Jaram to William C. Moore and Kristen R. Moore, 3515 Holliday Drive, $500,000

New Middletown

Brian Davis and Nancy Davis to David M. Dee and Amanda L. Dee, 208 Eastwood Drive, $290,000


Matthew D. Roscoe and Brittany N. Roscoe to Marinda Ball, 104 Woodglen Ave., $193,000

Aaron Mymo and Jacquelyn H. Bash to Joseph Eudell, 909 John St., $139,000

Dolores Eileen Luanuansuu and Judith Colleen Neff to Zachary B. Robey and Julia M. Robey, 1706 Old Forge Road, $193,000

John M. Warrens and Patricia A. Warrens to Alan Mason, 221 Cassandra Drive, $205,000

Linda A. Bianco to Jacquelyn Hope Mymo and Aaron David Mymo, 1041 Niles Vienna Road, $225,000


Dangie Lane Enterprises Inc. to Butterfli Holdings 023 LLC, 6439 Clingan Road, $1,100,000


Beth Ann Seavy et al. to Joshua A. Sims, 275 W. Indiana Ave., $90,000

Richard W. Rice Jr. to Dwayne E. Voiers Sr. and Marsha F. Voiers, 1426 S. 12th St., $214,000


The Estate of Donna M. Johnson to Tyler and Taylor Schauer, 9367 Oyster Road, $254,500

Tamre J. Wilson to Linc Rentals LLC, 17394 Harrisburg Westville Road, $69,300


Koby R. Fellows and Josie Fellows to Joseph Crowe, 1103 Terra Aho Drive, $225,000

Donna M. Neal to Deborah A. Volsko, 9151 Springfield Road, Unit 504, $240,700


Greater Properties LLC to Goldstone Rentals LLC, 574 Spring St., $109,000

Ronald P. Vince and Julie M. Vince to Steven Coburn, 79 Creed St., $155,900


Edward A. Lloyd Jr. and Molly S. Lloyd to Tracy J. Cross and Hannah N. Cross, 2666 Mary Jane Drive, $159,000

H. Gilson Blair to Jason A. Killin and Tracy L. Killin, 1701 Stillwagon Road, $329,900

Jessica Dell and Mark Dell to Mark T. Marcus and Toni M. Marcus, 1761 Arbor Drive, $200,000

3DPD 2 LLC to Robert Smith, 2847 Ohltown McDonald Road, $90,000


Lilton Morris and Shawnice R. Morris to John D. Long and Allison Keeney, 162 N. Osborn Ave., $114,000

The Bank of New York Mellon et al. to Georgetta Levy, 471 Catalina Ave., $28,700

Christine Angelo, et al. to Jerome Galbraith and Inga Galbraith, 2824 Fifth Ave., $190,000

Laurie D. Davis to Linda M. Carter, 561 Miller St., $63,000

TPC Holdings LLC to Justin Hood and Sarah Hood, 2728 Burbank Ave., $67,500

Edward F. Goldstein, trustee to AJs Property Management Group LLC, 349-351 Imperial St., $29,638

Southwind Property Solutions LLC to Jacob Tegtman and Shawna Tegtman, 433 Madera Ave., $162,600

Kenneth C. Lockney Sr. to LibCo Properties LLC, 2941 Roy St., $25,000

Ohio Star LLC to Christine McClain, 966 Cornell St., $58,000

Migdalia Adams to Lynda DiPaolo, 1949 Ridgelawn Ave., $127,000

RBJ Solutions LLC to Eber Armando Madrid, 68, 70 Florida Ave., $30,000

Andrews E. Reyes Romero to Lesli Marlen Caballero Flores, 2305 and 2307 Elm St., $86,000

INPA LLC to Rafael Martinez-Cortes, 3632 Irma Ave., $70,000


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