Girard targets furniture left on curbs for weeks

GIRARD — City officials are considering contracting with a company to update its 50-year-old zoning book and bring its zoning ordinances into the 21st century.

Council members are hoping that updating the city’s zoning code will help them deal with issues such as mattresses and couches being left curbside for weeks.

Fourth Ward Councilman Thomas Grumley said there is a need to “beef up zoning” since there has been problems with people placing couches, dressers, mattresses and other large items at curbside for trash collection.

However, the items do not get picked up.

“Some of those items are there for weeks. Garbage at some places is all over the place,” he said.

Grumley said “deadbeat landlords,” some from out of state, do not pay their utilities to get the items removed.

First Ward Councilman Keith Schubert said a fine should be implemented for items left at curbside with proceeds to be placed in a zoning account.

Mayor Mark Zuppo said people do not pay their bills.

He said recently there were water shutoffs for people not paying their water bills and 90% of them were soon paid and the water was turned back on.

He said this could be done with zoning violators.

Zuppo said he is working with someone to redo the handwritten zoning books.

“What we have is antiquated, We need to bring zoning into the 21st century,” he said.


In other business, Zuppo said representatives of LOOP Youngstown came to see the Wellman Theater on West Liberty Street.

He said the organization is interested in partnering with the city for a possible arts center at the theater and went on a tour of the downtown area. LOOP is a local cultural arts group.

Councilwoman-at -Large Lily Martuccio said the organization is interested in developing an arts center locally.

“I feel Girard would be a really nice place for that,” she said.

Safety-Service Director Sal Ponzio said he is meeting with three companies on asbestos removal at the theater to see how much work is involved and the cost. Officials want to get the asbestos removed from the theater and also make repairs to the roof.

Councilman-at-Large Sam Zirafi, chairman of the utilities committee, said a recommendation will be made at the June 24 meeting on whether to place a trash collection levy on the November ballot.

He said six small-millage levies that total 5.1 mills generate $458,000 annually for trash collection.

Officials said if an additional 3-mill levy is placed on the ballot, the total trash levy millage would be at 8 mills. With an 8.1-mill total levy, the owner of a $100,000 home would pay approximately $240 per year.

Zirafi said trash collection costs have gone up and the general fund has been used to cover shortfalls.

Auditor Julie Coggins said the general fund has $130,000 earmarked for trash collection.

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