Student art displayed at Medici

HOWLAND — The art of more than 100 students from 16 school districts was on display recently at the Medici Museum of Art in Howland for the Trumbull County Educational Service Center’s 2024 Trumbull County Art Show.

Students represented Bloomfield, Brookfield, Howland, Hubbard, Joseph Badger, Lordstown, LaBrae, Lakeview, Maplewood, Mathews, McDonald, Newton Falls, Niles, Warren JFK and Weathersfield school district, as well at the Trumbull Career & Technical Center.

Prior to the presentation of the awards, Trumbull County Educational Service Center art show coordinator Laurie Trotter told the students, “You should all be very proud of yourselves if you have artwork here. Each school could only choose 10 pieces and you were chosen. So, you are already winners.”

High school students were judged for the Juror’s Award, Three-Dimensional Art, Digital Art and People’s Choice Award.

Winners of the Juror’s Awards were Mia Smith and Anna Vrabel of Howland High School, Leah Fabry, Alexandria Marra and Meliah Persino of Lakeview High School, Abigail Dority of Maplewood High School and Mia DelGarbino of Mathews High School.

The 3D Art Award winners were Ivy Huang and Nick Lampman of Newton Falls High School, Thomas Constantino of McDonald High School and Rhylin Barker of LaBrae High School.

Digital award winners were Andrew Cornelius and Chloey Irwin of the Trumbull Career & Technical Center, Candace Ackworth of Hubbard High School, and Miley Packman and Katherine Toepfer of Howland High School.

The 2024 People’s Choice Award went to Niles High School student Dawn Hickman.

Hubbard High School senior Aubrey Panigall received the Love Life Foundation Art Scholarship in honor of Jarrett Hutton. It included a $500 prize.

“I am going to West Virginia University. I want to be a physician assistant and also take ceramics. I find making ceramics to be calming,” Panigall said.

One of her pieces used linoleum to create algae and lilies, which she said is her favorite flower. Her second piece featured a representation of a blood orange. She chose that item for the color scheme.

The student artwork at the museum were examples of the use of different media and the students’ imagination.

“I like mythology and horror,” said Whitney Bates of Niles, a Trumbull Career & Technical Center student. She created a mythical beast, which is part owl and part human being. It took her 10 to 12 hours to create her digital media piece, she said.

Lily Briggs, a sophomore at LaBrae High School, displayed her black and white pencil drawing at the show.

“I chose to use black and white in a pencil drawing because I think everyone is the same and they all can relate to it. The young girl in my drawing has social media as her lifeblood going into her arm,” Briggs said.

Lordstown High School student Amber Was had a personal reason for choosing the object of her acrylic painting.

“It’s a Lamborghini. I like sports cars and older cars,” she said.


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