Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County May 13-17:


Rita L. Chiodo to LuAnn Nocera, 1625 Westhampton Drive, $90,000

William J. Kulnis Jr. to Deanna Savon, 5229 S. Saratoga Ave., $325,000

Accessible Home Services Inc. to Cobra Kai Ventures LLC, 57 Westchester Drive, $434,500

August Seckler and Melissa Seckler to Andrew Mark Jacques, 4818 Norquest Blvd., $170,000

Staci Davidson to Carly Jeanne Berlon, 2359 Oak Trace Drive, $265,000

John Creps Jr. to Nati Investments LLC, 5558 Red Apple Drive, $136,511


VPL LLC to James Nulf, Market Street, $685,000

David A. Maxwell and Presley N. Maxwell to Julius Sims and Joni L. Sims, 12003 Frederickstown Lane, $425,000

Richard H. Brown et al. to Charlie Utsinger, 492 Laird Ave., $84,900


Northeast Ohio Management Group LLC to Rewalt LLC, 230 Prestwick Drive, $260,000

Christine M. Pico to Candace Gaetano, 921 Autumn Hills Drive Unit 4, $112,000

Delores L. Black to Alexander N. Oxner, 7858 Walnut St. Unit A, $240,000

Pamela S. Hickox to Frank Centofanti and Heather Centofanti, 7104 Lockwood Blvd., $220,000

Charlene Tessean et al. to Kristin Provenzale, 40 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 1, $237,900

Bradley P. Smith to Madison Louise Perry, 214 S. Cadillac Drive, $200,000

Jome Jess Inc. to FWW Holdings LLC, 7495 Market St., $350,000

William J. Simons to Craig Damron Jr., 6951 Glendale Ave., $125,000

Richard Dittinger to Steven P. Decost, 286 Wildwood Drive, $150,000

Bristol Park Land Development LLC to Durkin Homes LLC, 610 Berklee Drive, $52,000

Rosemarie Giancola to Tina Marie Yarbrough, 4660 Euclid Blvd., $180,000

Scott E. Olenik to Benjamin Schneider, 120 Afton Ave., $130,000

United Homes and Construction LLC to Christian Lewis Dedi, 4012 Sunset Drive, $202,500

Andrew Quitiquit and Jillian Quitiquit to Lindsie Lynn Shood and Christopher Michael Gerberry, 7804 Huntington Circle, $345,000

Harold Durking to Isaiah Suarez, 1552 Palo Verde Drive, $144,000


Maria Pagan to Miranda E. Rose, 827 Tenney Ave., $177,500

M Housing LLC to Alexander Torres and Cindy Torres, 100 Notre Dame Drive, $58,000


Thomas J. Traikoff to Cynthia J. Roussos, 201 Saybrook Drive, Unit 36, $310,000

Deborah Chizmar to Sonya Carrell, 11 Hunters Woods Blvd., Unit B, $310,000

Stonebridge Land Corp. to Carl Alexander and Deborah A. Alexander, Lake Wobegon Drive, $63,500

Diamond Properties of Canfield LLC to 61 Railroad LLC, 61 Railroad St., $875,000

Richard L. Cretella to Brittany Ann Truax, 101 Sawmill Run Drive, $215,000

Canfield Township

Lisa M. Marzano, trustee to Larry and Diana Berringer, 3900 Mercedes Place, $330,000

Dorian Cerneka and Julie Ann Cerneka to Jason J. Paris, 4815 Shields Road, $209,000

John Vavrinak and Patricia A. Vavrinak to Steven James DeVoe and Jennifer McNamee DeVoe, 4300 Westford Place, Unit 13D, $431,000


Michael H. Leskovec to Luc Herman, 422 North Ave., $58,000

Carol John Realty LLC to ATCRH Girard LLC, 1745 State St., $1,000,000

Matthew Morgan to Vanessa Koren Bishop, 969 Shannon Road, $150,000

A&N Land Co LLC to M&M Home LLC, 72 Mosier Ave., $146,000


Benjamin Rivera and Marie Elena Rivera to Allen Christopher Byers and Alyssa Marie Byers, 7665 Pleasant Valley Court, $407,500

Laura A. Kenworthy to Sonja A. Temelkoff, 8141 Beaver Creek Road, $186,000


Gregory J. Messersmith to Micah C. Weinel and Kyra M. Denoi, 203 Hager St., $110,000

Claudess Tusinac and Jeffrey Douglas to Kara Taddei and Justin Taddei, 320 Jean Drive, $309,000

Irene Fortine to Michael Garofali, State Line Road, $85,800

DONJON Builders LLC to Sandra J. Templeman, 450 Simler St., $180,000

Edward A. Pompili Sr. to Nicole Dreszel and Ronald Dreszel, 125 Furlen Court, $106,000


Marvin J. Moore and Judith C. Moore to Collin Sobek, 11262 Mahoning Ave., $125,000


John J. Buckley III to Michael R. Vanes and Andreia Vanes, 1337 Stonnington Drive, $300,000

Dominic F. Perry to Richard Poppeiriter and Georgiann Fenton, 904 Colonial Drive, $250,000

Keaon C. Manshaem and Brittany N. Manshaem to Jeanine M. Jones and Thomas J. Jones, Logan Way, $265,000

Murrays Sports Pub Inc to Pustira LLC, 4042 Belmont Ave., $150,000

Nicholas F. Bellino and Kathleen Larocca to Susan Zumerick, 577 Murray Hill Drive, $210,000

Patricia A. Berlin to Timothy A. Mazzella Jr. and Erin Mazzella, 1830 Pleasant Valley Road, $300,000

Lisa M. Kaveanagh to Amanda Snowden and John J. Buckley V, 4025 Whippoorwill Way, $260,000


Laura C. Colla to Ryan Crump, 413 Fifth St., $140,000


Estate of Brian Wade Sr. to Corey Carrocce, Elsworth Road, $301,400


Donald J. Niemi III to Anna Rigelsky and Bruce Rigelsky, 2272 Bel Aire Lane, $85,000

Albert W. Surnell to Kathy Miller and John Miller, 20 Second St., $118,000

Empire Property Management LLC to VCW LLC, 4675 Beech Court, $78,000

Michael L. Puhalla and Colleen L. Puhalla to FT Poland LLC, 7253 Bishop Road, $429,725

Robert Ziccardi to Christopher M. Cole and Kris M. Cole, 4689 Dobbins Road, $205,000

Estate of Dennis L. Kostelnik to Ross Adler Gould and Lacey Marie Miller, 6238 Duncan Drive, $239,900

Aureum Properties LLC to James J. Daley and Tara N. Ohle, 8459 Chesterton Drive, $238,000


James P. Carpenter and Jane L. Carpenter to Lori Lea Reagle, 256 E. Vermont Ave., $87,500

Jerry Halstead to Susan Gallina, 208 S. 15th St., $30,000


PNC Bank N.A. to Samuel J. Gore and Ashley B. Gore, 9084 12th St., $62,500


Stephanie Mackall and William Darkadakis to Andrew Graham, 13055 Unity Road, $312,000


Patricia Almasy et al. to John John Cruz and Jan Sinjin Cruz, 189 Creed St., $142,000

Anthony Sevi to Joseph Vanditti and Dani Dyce, 620 W. Harvey St., $239,000

Anthony DeLisio et al. to Karen Testa, 600 Audrey Lane, $135,000

Ross Adler Gould to Sage Sherman and Erica Farrand, 353 Como St., $178,500

Andrew P. Graham to Karen Sullivan and Brady Sullivan, 30 Katherine St., $124,900

Premier Real Estate Management to Frank Dietz and Paula A. Dietz, 106 Creed St., $126,000


Michael Hurtuk and Martha Hurtuk to Donald Porter, 304 N. Maryland Ave., $33,000

Courteney Closson to Sreeharsha Akkisani, 2309 Selma Ave., $135,000

Benja Ponmakha and Tral Ponmakha to Tracy Bowser,

34 Labelle Ave., $22,000

Luis Paguay and Sonia Cajamarca to Pablo Medina and Maria Leonora Salazar Medina, 2505 Walden Court, $123,600

Arielle Rose Theissen, successor trustee to Ngoc Tien Huynh, 937 W. Indianola Ave., $30,000

James Vennetti to Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, 2653, 2655, 2657 Pearce Ave., $50,000

Norma J. Stamm to Rhonda Chicone, 3205 N. Wendover Circle, $97,960

Cheryl Mshar, by PSO to HSBC Bank USA N.A., as trustee, 1928 Donald Ave., $36,700

Youngstown Jubilee VLP to Ilonka Y. Valdez, 146 Jefferson St., $30,000

Ely Ducatel to Brianna Madden, 442 Catalina Ave., $133,947

Terry Capretta and David Capretta to James R. Crooks and Patricia A. Crooks, 3464 Shelby Road, $80,000

Tiara Sullivan to Nick J. Pantelis, 150 S. Hazelwood Ave., $37,500

Tyler and Kelsea Pettenger to Kenneth Walters and Lindsay Chludzinski, 3250 Estate Circle, $165,000

Richard Troiano to Allen L. Underwood, 2629 Alma Court, $93,730

TPC Holdings LLC to PS3 LLC, 276 Fairgreen Ave., $105,000

Donald A. Miller and Laura L. Miller to Randy Cruz, 89 E. Florida Ave., $25,000

Canus Investment Group LLC to Emerald Group Realty LLC, 345 S. Hazelwood Ave., $30,000

Dawsheen T. Haynes et al. to Sonia Cajamarca, 554 Palmer Ave., $45,000

Gayle Catinella to JaQuayla Adams, 253 Gypsy Lane, $165,000

Nec Real Estate Holdings LLC to Seth Logero, 2028 Thalia Ave., $145,000

Wayne Gamble and Wykela Gamble to M&M Home LLC, 1052 Hawthorne St., $67,000

Deborah Ann Ruse, successor trustee to Cynthia Bailey and John Trimble, 4308 Sheridan Road, $173,050

SEBB LLC to 903 E. Philadelphia LTD, Lake Wobegon Drive, $50,000

John H. Wimer Jr. to Huntington National Bank, 1196 E. Boston Ave., $91,530

Jennifer M. Hammond to Taylor Elizabeth Swan, 2520 McCollum Road, $158,000

Emma James to Lemroy Hurd, 2850 Ridley Ave., $25,000

Lissette Garcia to Peter Calderin, 1032 E. Indianola Ave., $32,000

M Housing LLC to Make It Rain 2 LLC and Evergreen Hills LLC, 207 S. Belle Vista, $40,000

Y-town Radio Broadcasting LLC to Bloom Broadcasting LLC, 401 N. Blaine Ave., $73,000

Schwebel Baking Company to Carl N. Becker and Bernice A. Becker, trustees, 920 E. Midlothian, $1,675,000

IP Consulting LLC to Jean E. Winters and Torrie Winters, 541-543 Madera Ave., $147,500

Jewel Peoples and Rodney Peoples to Kim Smith, 1624 Atkinson Ave., $80,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County May 6-10:


Melissa Rubin to Babak Hakimian, 55 S. Main St., $58,000

Antony George Albert to Cody Wilson, 3986 Crum Road, $120,000

Estate of Bonnie A. Weaver to Heather M. Hildack and Ronald L. Harlerode JR., $180,000

Estate of Janice M. Deak to Joseph J. Sopkovich and Betty J. Sopkovich, 1847 Elm Trace, $205,000

Estate of Erica Clarence Smith to Richard Pennell and Sharon Colledge, 2136 S. Turner Road, $225,000

Edward C. Smith and Gina Chuppa, 139 S. Edgehill Ave., $137,694

Amy L. Mamonis to Ellen Grace Kimble, 5948 Callaway Circle, $164,900

Naomi G. Norman to AMA Ohio Home LLC, 44 Kroeck Ave., $97,000

Wilbur W. Zarr Jr. to Jo Ann Masturzo, 4730 Heritage Drive, $205,000

Jo Ann Masturzo to Kymberly Ann May, 3750 Cumberland Circle, $185,000

Cromer Realty Inc. to Nicholas John Hackenson, 3888 Cumberland Drive. $187,000

Truck Building LTD to ATCRH Youngstown LLC, 5751 Cerni Place, $4,490,000

Courtney P. Villone and Angelo Villone to Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC, 3490 Tall Oaks Lane, $130,000

Robert P. King to Jonas GE Epp and Madison T. Epp, 6915 Berry Blossom Drive, $260,000


Robin M. Lucas to Christopher Bryson and Elyse Bryson, 11255 Fox Run Lane, $519,000

David J. Schmidt to EJJY Corp., 11119 South Ave., $82,600


Shamrock Fields Holdings LLC to Marla Belzowski, V/L S. Duck Creek Road, $149,000


Joel Renzenbrink to Rodrigo Corbari, 7492 Huntington Drive, $140,000

Maha Bensabeur Jaafar and Amal Besabeur to Noah A. Myers, 59 Indianola Road, $93,500

Portage Banc LLC to Kayla Doss, 4603 Southern Blvd., $55,000

Hubert G. Miller and Eleanor E. Miller to Brian M. Quiche, 195 Mayflower Drive, $239,500

Benjamin Yglesias to Michael Babbaro, 4174 Arden Blvd., $195,000

John D’Onofrio et al. to Thomas Brothers Properties LLC, 755 Boardman Canfield Road D-1, $95,000

Anna M. Jackson to Dominic Schadl and Natalie Gallo-Schadl, 140 Harrow Lane, $145,500

Ralph A. Santos and Rosa A. Santos to Carlos Morales Jr. and Christine Morales, 6658 Bristlewood Drive, $294,000

Brandon Berg, trustee, to 74 Homestead Dr LLC, 74 Homestead Drive, $106,000

Vincent Paolone and Silke Paolone to Mathew Lee and Alicia Lee, 129 Forest Hill Road, $285,000

Geisler Development LLC to Juan Antonio Lopez Hernandez and Anna Joy Sandmeier, 4236 Chester Drive, $185,000

CTW Development Corp. to Micky Mele and Rhonda Mele, Lot 141 Saddlebrook Drive, $52,500

Raymond T. Villani and Barbara Villani to Robert Dixon, 357 Ewing Road, $180,000

Michael Baldwin to Latosha Walker and Julius Walker, 1613 Rosehedge Drive, $275,000

Karen H. Schedin to Stephanie Dubnicay, 6815 Tanglewood Drive, $425,000

Edgar R. Manning and Shirley A. Manning to Balram Tripathi and Indira Tripathi, 5971 Applecrest Drive, $200,000

Franene C. Feret and James S. Feret to Michael T. Ryan and Pamela S. Rya, 4680 South Ave., $75,000


Kevin Walters and Carolyn R. Walters to Allen D. Poindexter Sr. and Candace M. Berryman, 745 Coitsville Road, $140,000

Genero Zayas and Edgardo Velazquez to Francheska M. Arzola Torres, 565 Sixth St., $90,000

Karen M. Penwell and Celeste Penwell to Raven N. Yeany and Antonio James Lightner, 134 Piccadilly St., $110,000

Richard Shevetz and Daniel Duley, 80 Camvet Drive, $150,000

Papa Jabs LLC to 12th St. Party Shop LLC, 221 12th St., $46,667

George Caban and Heather Barnett to Triple Nickel Investments LLC, 742 Devitt Ave., $68,000


Canfield United Methodist Church to Jason Neal and Krista Kirkpatrick, 122 Morningview Circle, $315,000

William Theodore trustee to Richard Dwight Baker and Patricia J. Baker, 81 Talsman Drive, Unit 3, $309,000

Donald Anhony DeChellis Jr. to Justin Ayers and Lily Ayers, 150 Dartmouth Ave., $292,000

Cynthia J. Roussos to Dominic R. and Brogan B. Sikora, 20 Meadow Court, $380,000

Canfield Township

Naffah Investments LLC to Roseann Pastorie and William A. Beam, Lot 4 Macy Lane, $79,000

Kenneth P. Zuzik and Jeanne Zuzik to Cromer Realty Inc., Lot 6 S. Raccoon Road, $65,000

Kenneth P. Zuzik and Jeanne Zuzik to Cromer Realty Inc., Lot 5 S. Raccoon Road, $65,000

Craig Beach

Chad Thompson and Robert Munger, Glenwood Ave., $46,000


Tamara Sanders to David Richard Hunkus, 1131 Washington St., $65,000

Kelly Koulianos to Sara Morrison, 30 Stambaugh St., $116,000

Melvin B. Bowen to Tammy L. Cole and Douglas L. Mihalega, 332 Forsythe Ave., $99,000

Bruce Schaffner and Carla Schaffner to Stephanie Marie Torres and Denise R. Torres, 245 Ohio Ave., $135,000

Jayme L. Ruby to Huntington National Bank, 229 E. Main St., $60,000


Suzanne Denny and Joanne Miller, successor trustees, to Bricker Land LLC, W. Pine Lake Road, $346,020


Brandon Best to Angelo Pezzaniti Jr., 6343 Youngstown Hubbard Road, $210,000

Joelle M. Lucarell to Lisa Jo Cascarelli. 406 Viola Ave., $325,000

Christopher H. Brown to Dominic Hummell and Delaney Ryan Hummell, 790 Gary Drive, $145,000

Joseph T. Chaney Sr. and Lisa S. Chaney to Jeremy Pitoscia, 5998 Fairlawn Ave., $62,600


D & T Real Estate Management LTD to Linnto Properties LLC, 11112-1114 Mahoning Ave., $400,000


Roger S. Difrangia to Cody Neighbor, 2045 Burning Tree Lane, $240,000

Douglas Cohol to Nathan S. McCon, 1394 Shannon Road, $185,000


Jennifer Henderson to Cody Reese Neral, 145 Fifth St., $105,000


Thomas J. Hannon to Jacob T. Foster and Riqui L. Foster, Connecticut Avenue, $259,000


SI Incorporated of Ohio to Jacques Mortimer, V/L Ellsworth Road, $665,000

Ronald T. Carrocce and Melissa L. Carrocce to Lindlee Corp., 2734 SE River Road, $298,000


Dina Saileem to Kevin M. Kurcon, 8551 Chesterton Drive, $238,000

Robert H. Francis and Adrianne M. Detesco to William Micco and Rhonda Micco, 8593 Raintree Run, $500,000

Kevin M. Krolj to Amanda Rivera, 3091 Highland Ave., $207,000

Lisa Richardson to Todd E. Patterson and Sandra S. Patterson, 5557 Walnut Grove Circle, $610,000

Lisa J. Cascarelli to Lisa Richardson, 2080 Briarwood Court, $457,000

Mary Anne Tyger to Lalah Cain, 6695 Clingan Road, Unit 6, $240,000

Laurie A. Isaacson to Donald G. Repasky, 8577 Chesterton Drive, $83,000

Next G3n LLC to James H. Stephenson Jr. and Lisa M. Stephenson, Lot 55 Woodland Circle, $85,000

Ronald S. Simon to Raymond Michael Perorazio Jr., 4149 Arrel Road, $33,000

Matthew C. Golladay and Michelle C. Golladay, co-trustees to James R. DiSibio and Jaclyn S. Disibio, 3144 Southwind Trail, $560,000

Roberta Massaro to Kevin Myers and Stacey M. Myers, 92 Venloe Ave., $110,000


Anita L. Kelly to Absolute Protection Division LLC, 335 E. Ohio Ave., $44,000

Jeanne M. Bissett to Mikayla Stillion, 111 E. Georgia Ave., $69,000


Clayton A. Myers to Kyleigh Paige Daggy, 12685 Beloit Snodes Road, $106,500


Megan A. Mathews and Andrew M. Mathews to Robin Lucas, 1040 E. Calla Road, $250,000

Hampton Ridge Development Company to Greenheart Companies LLC, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 90, $58,000

Greenheart Companies LLC to Margaret Barr, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 90, $448,096

Andrew W. Suhar, trustee, to Luke T. Runge and Christina M. Runge, 4211 W. Candy Apple Court, $325,000


Premier Real Estate Management LTD to Perry Stivers, 490 Lincoln Ave., $132,000

Victor Luis Ramos to Amanda M. Tuscano, 261 Maplewood Ave., $106,000

Joseph G. Angelilli et al. to Jonathan M. Tracy, 113 Rockyledge Drive, $250,000

Castlo Community Improvement Corp. Inc. to Day 2 Day Properties LLC, 100 S. Bridge St., $270,000

3446 Rebecca Drive LLC to Anfernee Hernandez, 66 Renee Drive, $155,000


Rodney B. Fritz to Majdy Salman, 1534 Salt Springs Road, $33,200

Alden Shaffer and Mescalmae K. Shaffer to Krislyn A. Fercana, 3430 Lakeside Drive, $121,000


Luis Chicaiza to Green View Investments LLC, 2333 Ohio Ave., $105,000

Alexander J. Viglio to Ellis Payne V and Taylor Payne, 2136 Gregory Ave., $185,000

Winner Group Holdings LTD to Roxanne Phillips, 876 E. Midlothian Blvd., $250,000

Elite Property Pros RS International Inc. to Ronald G. Isaac and Carolyn L. Isaac trustees, 668 N. Hazelwood Ave., $52,000

Dakota A. Jones to Lavonne Sanders, 3657 Riser Ave., $114,775

Paul Matuscak et al. to Marybeth Jendre, 1067 Wilshire Drive, $76,289

Joshua Hart Hvizdak successor trustee to Kevin Arthur Downs, 951 S. Hazelwood Ave., $125,000

Lewis M. Kukura by PSO to William Patrick Levonyak, 3525 Shirley Road, $74,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County April 29-

May 3:


Linda G. Hemphill et al. to Vicki Lynn Kirkland, 4318 Maureen Drive, $175,000

Peter A. Deley and David M. Deley to James A. Sutton and Lily A. Fairbanks, 296 Rome Drive, $185,000

Lakisha Bell to Brian McConnell, 4365 Burkey Road, $102,000

Gregory P. Lamica and Ann M. Lamica to William Leroy Lasher and Jeannette Lynn Lasher, 1179 Signature Drive, $267,500

G. Schneider Properties LLC to Christopher Schneider, 4130 Staatz Drive, $125,000

Kenneth J. Popovec to Brittany N. Craig, 6519 Timberidge Drive, $270,000

Natalie E. Hillegas, trustee to Josh Rouse and Victoria Rouse, 3616 High Meadow Drive, $135,000

Lu Ann Nocera to Richard M. Felicetty III, 251 N. Main St., $96,000

Michael R. Vodhanel and Linda L. Vodhanel to John M. Baker, 50 N. Kimberly Ave., $193,000

Thomas K. Learn Sr. to Lakisha Bell, 3846 Huntmere Ave., $136,000

Thomas E. Cross to Summit Housing Development Corporation, 340 Idlewood Road, $130,000

Joan Lynn Kober to Timothy Haniford, 5713 Callaway Circle, $138,000


Angela Melchionne and James M. Dubiel to Douglas Anthony Lingo and Michelle Lee Lingo, 11031 Detwiler Road, $450,000

Phillip Balmenti to Day 2 Day Properties LLC, 375 Forest Ave., $75,000

Ronald J. Miller and Harriet Miller to Sara Hvidtfeldt-Nielsen and Derick Myer, 3191 W. Western Reserve Road, $295,000

Empire Property Management LLC to Sergli Tuka and Darya Buinich, 113 Kreps Road, $210,000

Randall J. Petrella and Nicole M. Petrella to Dale Crum and Heather M. Crum, 985 E. South Range Road, $280,000

David Howard Landis Jr. to David Howard Landis Jr. and Laraine J. McCullough, 12144 South Ave., $255,000


Andrew Paul Bounds to Brian Sumner and Marie Sumner, 16160 W. Akron Canfield Road, $190,000


Christine M. Lucivjansky to Stephen Lucivjansky and Rhonda Lucivjansky, 645 Forestridge Drive, $135,000

Rodney D. Nespeca Sr. and Karen E. Nespeca to Italiano Holdings LLC dba Italiano Properties, 1334 Valley View Drive, $164,800

Edward J. Reese and Diane J. Reese to Heidi C. Williams, 1461 Tori Pines Court, $495,000

NPV Capital LLC to Jason Hanysh, 816 Pearson Circle, Unit 5, $105,000

William Zeyer and Sharon Carson to Gail E. Demartino, 167 Mathews Road, Unit B, $255,000

The Simon Road Church of God to Adam Bodendorfer, 4732 Simon Road, $115,000

Raymond A. Henrion to Haley Lowe, 846 Pearson Circle #3. $124,000

3Z LLC to James Paxos, 5220 Old Oxford Lane, $195,000

Shelly L. Jones to Judy Ann Ramos, 818 Woodfield Court, Unit B, $280,000

Matthew Lawrence Green and Raeann Teresa Green to Jeremiah J. Pryzmenski, 1762 Nova Lane, $179,500

Ronald P. Canacei to CFirst Properties LLC, 900 Pearson Circle, Unit 1, $70,000

Christy Blazek to Linda Nicholson, 7357 Westview Drive, $95,000

Zachary Daniel Harris to Sandra Haswani, 7492 Huntington Drive #9, $177,500

Patrick T. Jarvis and Anita L. Jarvis to Kenneth W. Dose and Themelina Makris, 372 Argyle Ave., $155,000

Adrianne M. Detesco to Mariah Colon, 94 Wilda Ave., $130,000


AAIA RML LLC to Ulises Diaz, 296 Penhale Ave., $34,501

Holly Vavlas to Sapphire Investments LLC, 437 Whipple Ave., $54,000


Brenda Rach to Phillip Puryear II and Gianna Angelilli, 235 Sleepy Hollow Drive, $205,000

Maria A. Stevens to Winson Peng Chen and Kelly Chen, 20 Woodland Run, $440,000

Canfield Township

Gail E. Demartino to Victoria Giegerich and Christopher Banko, 6144 Chidester Drive, $290,000

Michael A. Rich to David Berndt and Faye Berndt, 6832 Twin Oaks Court, $399,000

Naffah Investments LLC to RM Property Management and Maintenance LLC, Lot 24 Macy Lane, $78,000

Naffah Investments LLC to RM Property Management and Maintenance LLC, Lot 26 Macy Lane, $75,000

Naffah Investments LLC to Carla Buchenic and Mark Buchenic, Lot 16 Macy Lane, $80,500

Craig Beach

Cathleen Call et al. to Joshua R. Cline, 17502 Kenmore Road, $266,000


Marie S. Roller to LOA Properties LLC, 2 Trumbull Ave., $50,000

TRAKK LLC To Audra L. Agler, 927 Gary Ave., $165,000

Terri L. Johnston to Paul A. Patterson Jr., 213 Illinois Ave., $94,500

John Joseph Buckley V. to Justin Scott Snowden and Nicole Marie Snowden, 237 Wilson Ave., $85,000


Thomas O’Donnell and Mark Gettman to Thomas O’Donnell, 11144 W. South Range Road, $212,750

April L. Waldman to Camence Yoder, Pine Lake Road, $25,000


Joshua M. Faulkner and Taylor M. Morrison to AMA Ohio Home LLC et al., 12226 Lisbon Road, $108,700

Jonathan M. Tracy to Brett Reynolds, 13338 Beaver Creek Road, $227,200

Nicholas E. Toy and Erika K. Toy to Jared McLellan and Tyler McLelllan, 11290 Green Beaver Road, $145,000


Paula S. Mauerman to William G. Hartman, 5670 Everett East Road, $60,000

Therese L. Jumper to Justin Lee Wallace, 1524 State Line Road, $204,000


Corey J. Graham and Marranda J. Graham to Denise J. Keeler, 281 N. Salem Warren Road, $65,000

Timothy A. Jackson to Jacob D. Shipton and Theresa D. Worona, 12884 Silica Road, $199,900

Abbey McCann to Heidi R. Duhon, 162 S. Salem Warren Road, $106,700


Michael R. Vanes and Andreis Alves Reis to Dennis Hawes and Kathleen Hawes, 1124 Academy Drive, $222,000


Michael Negro to Robert G. Dement, 346 Hayes Ave., $103,000

Trumbull Rentals LLC to BCB Capital LLC, 526 Illinois Ave., $70,000


Marlene C. Mauer to Gary L. Ware and Cindy L. Ware, 6622 Shawbutte St., $265,000

Lorene L. Fairbanks to Michael Roberts and Janet Roberts, 71 N. Main St., $175,000

Timothy A. Strasik to Nicholas Magro, 59 Renwick Drive, $193,500

Sarah Bruce Orr et al. to Clothed in Strength, 301 S. Main St., $90,000

Caryn M. Smith and Devin Smith to Zachary J. Sturmi and Marey Sturmi, 2261 Lyon Blvd., $185,000


David E. Schmid to Amie M. Curtiss, 125 E. Oregon Ave., $38,000

William E. Melzer and Linda M. Melzer, 496 W. Virginia Ave., $176,500


McNatt Rentals LLC to Cody Michael Bowen, 17823 Fifth St., $107,000

Joshua G. Marvin to Logan T. McGee, 22812 Norman Ave., $58,725


Mark L. Cook Sr. to Thakur Contractor LLC, 95 Park Ave., $36,667

Rodney D. White and Cindy S. White to Jeremy Pusey, 3926-3930 Riiley Ave., $71,118

Estate of Steve. T Garchar to Kyle M. Wilkos and Jessica K. Mowery, 262 Woodbine Ave., $80,000


David A. Zimmerman to Allison Burke and Linda M. Lawrence, 2617 Elm Drive, $136,000

Moss Mill LTD to Repairtechn LLC, Hughes St., $21,500


Mary Lou Sullivan to Ray Benedict, 591 Winchester Ave., $94,900

Timothy P. Giglio to Malcolm A. Abrams, 2425 Oregon Ave., $93,000

Lisa L. Tennant to Paul J. Fox, 3511 Wyandot Lane, $25,000

Estate of Mabel C. Brown to Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, 844 W. Indianola Ave., $30,000

M Housing LLC to Jeremy Pusey, 3664-3668 Sheridan Road, $86,000

Ethel S. Cantwell to Lorianne Carter and Rufus Carter Jr., 1763 Eden Lane, $80,000

Douglas B. Doyle to DTWORK LLC, 3433 Risher Ave., $55,124

Cranbrook 2017 LLC to Paul McHenry, 2017 Cranbrood Drive, $70,000

Eugene H. Johnson Jr. to Jerome Harris, 132 N. Brockway Ave., $102,000

Christine M. Garramone to Justin M. Donofrio and Cameron Yemma, 1522 Chattanooga Ave., $118,000

Senator Properties LLC to Kram OH LLC, 3609 Neilson Ave., $110,000

Alejandro Perez to Tisha Hurst, 369 Argo, $99,000

Helene Havel to Patricia M. Hregdovic, 178 Wakefield Ave., $155,000

Marlene D. Stamp to Friendly Town LLC, 2051 Everett Ave., $117,500

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County April 22-26:


Habibi Property Solutions LLC to Sherry L. Romain, 144 N. Edgehill Ave., $118,450

Cynthia Marie Pallo to Nicholas Richard Walters Jr., 215 N. Beverly Ave., $30,000

The Estate of Ralph S. Yakimoff to William McCawley, 3671 Oakwood Ave., $66,000

Kayla Herman et al. to Tyler Carver and Samantha Carver, 5103 W. Elmwood Ave., $187,000

Rosemary McLaughlin to Thomas Rader and Alexandria Fisher, 3926 Cannon Road, $94,000

Joseph Michael M. Damore to Joseph Damore, 4284 Woodleigh Lane, $150,000

Meander Inn Incorporated to OHM Canfield, 880 N. Canfield Niles Road, $3,400,000


Michelle Weinstein to Elizabeth Chlebus and Brian Chlebus, 9910 Callawoods Drive, $400,000

Sudon Bros. Inc. to Joe Koch Construction Inc., Sageberry Drive, $45,000

Esther M. Riehl et al. to Lawrence VanPelt and Lucy VanPelt, 3702 Salem Unity Road, $150,000

Lorilyn Shandor and Jessica Blaze to Alyssa R. Horvat, 329 Forest Ave., $155,000

Angeline Ferraro to Mohammed H. Dehghan, 695 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 201, $289,000


Marty Perez to Eric and Nicholette Sobek, 14501 Mock Road, $120,000


Bradley M. Bucey and Lesley Bucey to Jonathan Sinclair, 161 Terrace Drive, $129,900

James N. Thompson to Frank A. Scrocco Jr., 820 Woodfield Court, Unit B, $200,000

Speranza Rongone to Jeffrey A. Miller and Sandra L. Miller, 5640 Sharon Drive, $292,000

Michael P. Steinbeck to Giovanni P. Duley, 5029 Friendship Ave., $117,000

Roman Davidenko and Heaton Davidenko to Rudolph J. Setinsek and Dorothy Setinsek, 1846 Massachusetts Ave., $267,500

Christopher R. Gillin and Beth I. Gillin to Thair Farah, 7550 Jaguar Drive, $220,000

Carolyn J. Mulichak to James S. Fedor and Amanda L. Zackel, 1908 Brandon Ave., $115,000

Nichole M. Furry and Brandon N. Hacker to Rasmi Musa, 7672 Hungtington Drive, $318,000

Cecilia Rust to Charles T. Sanfilippo III and Ashley M. Sanfilippo, 37 Lock Heath Lane, $434,000

Jane Kestner Revocable Trust to David E. Murdock, 4207 Stratford Road, $345,000

Gregory Nati to Monica Lynn Carnelli, 775 Brookfield Ave., $229,000

Patella Investments LTD to 6620 Market LLC, 6620 Market St., $240,000

John G. Poullas and Anna M. Poullas to Joseph J. Kelty, 7172 Ronjoy Place, $260,000

Gregory S. Johnson and Jessica M. Johnson to Peter J. Boris and Paulette A. Boris, 5020 Firnley Ave., $153,000

GCH Property Management LLC to Wilson Home Improvement LLC, 5240 Jeanne Lynn Ave., $90,000

Richard L. Heydle and Regina M. Haydle trustees to Joseph Weeden, 7404 Eisenhower Drive, Unit 2, $97,500


Elmer J. Stalnacker to Jerilyn Miller-Picheco, 625 Hyatt Ave., $67,500

Kelly A. McFarland to Jeffrey A. Kistler, 43 Bright Ave., $43,000

M2Lief Properties LLC to Rafael Mazariego Lemus and Rilma Gomez de Mazariego, 283 Sixth St., $48,500


Adam Saleh to Mendell Williams and Leslie Simms, 363 Briarcliff Drive, $385,000

Taylor M. Thomas to Cynthia E. Rand, 21 Stratford Green Drive, Unit 3, $180,000

Daran J. Sudric and Elizabeth M. Sudric to Jamil Maali-Gentile, 520 Sawmill Run Drive, $230,000

Robin Reph to Joseph Morgan Zukowski and Lisa Zukowsky, 559 Hickory Hollow Drive, $379,500

Marilyn Jean Sackett successor trustee to Jerre M. Patterson and Patricia M. Patterson, 61 Lake Pointe Circle, $317,000

Canfield Township

Cynthia E. Rand to Marcus L. Amendola and Courtney J. Amendola, 5700 Revere Run, $375,000

TAI Canfield LLC to Jonathan D. Kelly, 7100 Palmyra Road, $589,077

David M. Dietz to Deena Lynn Shaw and John Charles SHaw, 7510 Lydia Lane, $337,000

Craig Beach

Mountain View Development Investment LLC to Ron Evans Goodspead and Earline Janet Goodspeed, 1520 Jersey St., $90,000


Garnet L. Schafer Family Trust to PJG Trust, 501 Windjammer Drive, $305,000


Daniel C. Zerbs et al. to Wesley D. Lehman, Youngstown-Salem Road, $434,610

Daniel C. Zerbs et al. to John E. Zerbs, Youngstown-Salem Road, $55,811


Lizabeth Ann Kuty and Christine Marie Knestrict to Gina Roseling, 1066 Ward Ave., $155,000

Matthew J. Ragozine to Lacey Jayne Thompson and Thomas Howard Thompson Jr., 20 Navajo Drive, $280,000

Kenneth M. Bornemiss and Christine M. Bornemiss to Randall P. Tebay, 931 Krehl Ave., $211,000

Richard J. Racick to Nevaeh Cruz and Nicholas Zarbaugh, North Ave., $119,000

Cheryl J. Emrich to Evan Starcher, 200 Liberty St., $70,000


Stephen E. Kali to James Peyatt Jr. and Kimberly Peyatt, 923 Dogwood Drive, $220,000

Michael Davis to Karley Gee and Daniel W. Gee Jr., 3808 S. Main St., $247,000

JVR Properties LTD to Garry S. Jones and Marsha K. Jones, 2970 Schotten Road, $263,000


TST Youngstown IRF LLC to TST Youngstown BHF LLC, 3170 Belmont Ave., $482,241

LMN Property Management LLC to Thomas Volk and Randi Volk, 1407 Tomilu Drive, $100,000


Timothy J. Rednock and Nicole Rednock to Frederick J. Stange IV and Diane Serpas-Literal, 17865 Ellsworth Road, $315,000

New Middletown

Tiffany L. Ladesic to Justin J. Ladesic, 127 Mapleview Court, $285,000


Next G3n LLC to William J. Yurchyk and Karen Amon Yurchyk, Lot 49 Woodland Circle, $90,000

Next G3n LLC to Jerry Demetra and Nancy Demtra, Lot 45 Woodland Circle, $90,000

Mark A. Patsko and Debra L. Patsko to Noah Traylor, 8536 Four Seasons Trail, $315,000

Next G3n LLC to Terry L. Moyer and Pamela J. Moyer, Lot 43, Woodland Circle, $90,000


Jenna L. Amabeli, trustee to Edward J. Waskivich, 300 Bennington Drive, $325,000


William L. Miller and Lucia L. Miller to Angel Michelle Hill, 11617 Springfield Road, $186,500


Kayla R. Doss to William Diebner, 51 Prospect St., $176,000

Robert L. Allen II to Amy Meeker, 361 Poland Ave., $150,000

Teresa Shaffer to Patty Ours, 486 Fifth St., $81,920

Alison Brown to Justin Smith and Danielle Smith, 222 Misty Woods Court, $400,000


Kimberly A. Renato and Curtis J. McNeal to Matthew Craig, 3495 Oakview Road, $140,000

Christopher D. Andrien to Trinaty S. Taylor, 2201 Harmon Ave., $103,000

IT’s Five O’clock Somewhere LLC to Kayla Puz and Jennifer Herman, 1727 Morris St., $255,000


Michelle L. Wells and Michael S. Wells, trustees to Carolyn Lee Isaacs and Ronald Gilbert Isaacs, trustees, 2508-2510 Taft Ave., $64,350

Michelle L. Wells, trustee to Carolyn Lee Isaacs and Ronald Gilbert Isaacs, trustees, 1703 E. Midlothian Ave., $64,575

Michelle L. Wells, trustee to Carolyn Lee Isaacs and Ronald Gilbert Isaacs, trustees, 1651 Manhattan Ave., $35,325

MLJ Group LLC to Robert Knight, 2251 Goleta Ave., $150,000

Michelle L. Wells, trustee to Carolyn Lee Isaacs and Ronald Gilbert Isaacs, trustees, 25 E. Lucius Ave. and 258 E. Auburndale Ave., $60,750

Samuel T. Hardy to Timothy M. Davis, 236 E. Judson Ave., $34,010

Christopher J. Walker to Virginia C. Bowman et al., 3246 Hermosa Drive, $110,000

Manish Manandhar to Tera L. Moore and Cody B. Moore, 911 S. Schenley Ave., $158,000

Rachelle Tucker and Rodney Tucker to Cheryl L. Kelly, 1802 E. High Ave., $87,500

First Tracy Group Inc. to Tina Louise Clark, 615 E. Dewey Ave., $23,000

Richard B. Lively to Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC, 3569 Wyandot Lane, $41,247

Estate of Steven Pell to James Lapotta, 3361 Estates Circle, $90,300

Johnny T. Robbins to Luis Orlando Giron Cintron, 2237-2249 Jacobs Road, $30,000

Julia A. Arnold to Alyssa Ellashek, 2613 Scheetz Ave., $104,000

Raincity Properties LLC to Hunter A. Stiffler, 922 W. Indianola Ave., $95,000

Janet L. Cornwell to Olga Rosario, 60 Rutledge Drive, $65,000

Andrew Longo Rentals LLC to Earnest Woolen, 2447 Chaney Circle, $125,000

All Ready Properties and Maintenance LLC to Jermika D. Smith, 540 Ferndale Ave., $88,000

Jenny Del Rio and Ronnie Flores to 11266861 Canada Inc., 417 and 419 Falls Ave., $108,780

Evergreen Hills LLC to Make It Rain 2 LLC, 1661 Mayfield Ave., $24,750

Engrave Dynamics LLC to Make It Rain 2 LLC, 1714 Forest View Drive, $21,375

American Dreams LLC to Marcus Jennings, 101 N. Meridian Road, $87,000

Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC to Habibi Property Solutions LLC, 1605 Mayfield Ave., $74,000

Frank J. Deniro III to Anthony Willam Blalock, 4402 Euclid Blvd., $148,000

Lorianne Carter to Rex L. Morrison III, 112 N. Brockway Ave., $142,000

Jennifer A. Shattahi to Rodney Aey, 168 Rhoda Ave., $51,000

Beverly J. Magda by Patricia A. Crofford, POA to Miracle Mateo and Ashley Ann DuBois, 2853 Peacock Drive, $127,500


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