Aggravated murder trial in Youngstown postponed till June

YOUNGSTOWN — Vashuad May, 22, who was indicted in January in the April 26, 2022, aggravated murder of Rawsheem Aponte, 24, was scheduled for trial Monday, but that has changed.

During a hearing Wednesday, May’s attorney, Aaron Meikle, told Judge R. Scott Krichbaum of Mahoning County Common Pleas Court, he believed the prosecution, as well as the defense, were prepared to ask to postpone the trial because of “outstanding matters that may have come up since the last pretrial.”

Meikle asked if the judge would move the trial back and reconsider his earlier request for a transcript of a police interview with a witness to the killing, as well as a transcript of the testimony of the witness during a preliminary hearing in Youngstown Municipal Court be generated for use in the case.

Meikle said the reason for the transcript was there were “some glaring discrepancies between the statement given to police, as well as statements made at the preliminary hearing.” The transcripts would be useful in cross examination, as well as possibly being admitted into evidence in the trial.

The judge said he knows “how invaluable a transcript of a person’s prior testimony can be.” But the motion Meikle filed earlier came “after this case was already going to trial, and each of you indicated to me that you were ready to go” the judge said of Meikle and the prosecutor’s office.

The judge approved having the transcript prepared, saying such a request is “almost a given, but you still have to support what you ask this court with a valid reason for the state spending money for indigent defense.” The judge added the transcript is perhaps equally important to the prosecution.

The trial was moved to June 24.

Also at the hearing, Steve Maszczak, assistant county prosecutor, told Krichbaum that DNA testing was completed in the case, and the results have been distributed to the parties. Maszczak said it appeared to be the last of the evidence needed for the trial.

When the judge asked about the results, Maszczak said the results excluded May as a contributor to the DNA “that was collected that hadn’t been tested yet.”

The judge then clarified “The fact that the DNA excluded him doesn’t exclude him as the perpetrator?” Maszczak agreed that it does not.


In addition to aggravated murder, May was indicted on charges of murder, three counts of attempted murder, three counts of felonious assault and one count of having weapons while not allowed.

Most of the charges also contain firearm specifications. If convicted, May could get life in prison with the possibility of parole, but not the death penalty.

During a preliminary hearing in Youngstown Municipal Court, Aponte’s fiancee testified that people in multiple vehicles chased the vehicle she, Aponte and their two children were in for 30 minutes before Aponte drove down the dead-end Mohawk Avenue and was killed in a hail of gunfire.

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