Videos show shoot-out on Youngstown’s West Side

YOUNGSTOWN — Gunfire struck a house at the corner of Wilcox Street and South Hazelwood Avenue on the West Side early Wednesday, and multiple people captured videos of a black car responsible for the crime, a Youngstown police report states.

Officers responded to the area around 12:30 a.m. following multiple 911 calls about gunfire.

A person in the home that was struck told police the bullets hit a window in an upstairs bedroom, where an adult and two children were sleeping, the report states.

The report does not state if people were hurt.

Police obtained at least two videos from the neighborhood, one showing someone shooting out of the window of a black car on Wilcox Street, the report states.

Another video shows two people standing on the sidewalk near the home that was hit wearing light colored hooded sweatshirts and dark pants.

As the vehicle turned from Hazelwood Avenue onto Wilcox Street, the two people reached into their pants and began to fire a weapon at the car as it drove by, the report states. Someone in the car returned fire.

The two people then ran west down Wilcox Street, while the vehicle continued in the opposite direction. Someone in the car then fired a weapon near the homes on the north side of Wilcox Street, the report states.

Police collected the spent shell casings and took photos of the damage to the home on Wilcox Street, the report states.


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