Tourism bureau sells eclipse glasses

Staff report

WARREN — The Trumbull County Tourism Bureau is selling NASA-certified solar eclipse glasses priced at $5 for a pack of six.

These glasses can offer a safe and uninterrupted viewing experience of the upcoming April 8 solar eclipse in Trumbull County and are necessary to see it. As the solar eclipse approaches, Trumbull County is set to be in the path of the celestial event.

According to information obtained from eclipse2024.org, Trumbull County residents and visitors will have the opportunity to witness the direct path of the eclipse and its various phases.

The glasses TCTB is selling provide the necessary protection for viewing the solar eclipse without risking eye damage or discomfort.

Improper eye protection during a solar eclipse can lead to a condition called “eclipse blindness” or retinal burns, also known as solar retinopathy.

In addition to offering solar eclipse glasses, the Trumbull County Tourism Bureau is working closely with community members, businesses and organizations to ensure an unforgettable eclipse experience for residents and visitors alike. A range of eclipse-related events and activities will be taking place throughout the county, providing opportunities for education, entertainment and celestial celebration.

For more information on purchasing these NASA-certified solar eclipse glasses or to stay up to date with the latest eclipse events in Trumbull County, visit www.exploretrumbullcounty.com or contact the Trumbull County Tourism Bureau.



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