Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County Feb. 12-16:


Brigitte H. Phillips to Contour Properties LLC, 1784 Innwood Drive, $156,000

James S. Cross and Connie L. Cross to Tyler Corbin, 433 N. Raccoon Road, $219,900

VCW LLC to Stephen Thomas O’Dea and Marissa Ann O’Dea, 3898 Cumberland Drive, $222,600

Sandra L. Dobransky to Joseph P. Testa Jr. and Rachel M. Testa, 5344 Nashua Drive, $495,000

Estate of Eugene L. Carlson to Leonard Farmland Services LLC, 5155 New Road, $69,300

Paul Slosser to Heriberto Serrano, 4804 New Road, $155,000

The Estate of Sandra L. Mills to Adeline Rose Sebbio, 3629 Northwood Ave., $218,000

Estate of David R. Priest to Lynnae Darby and Mitchell Darby, 4696 New Road, $140,000

Lois M. Slicker to Brianna Bell and Michelle Bell, 163 Parkgate Ave., $136,000

Anette M. Mark to Charles D. Kish and Sally L. Kish, 202 Aldrich Road, $173,000

Estate of Hohn A. Hall Sr. to Sophia R. Talley and Kennedy J. Conti, 3375 Black Oak Lane, $155,000

Estate of David Zimmerman to Linda M. Lawrence, 5651 Colgate Drive, $69,250

Cromer Realty Inc. to Randal Baringer and Jennifer Baringer, 3411 Heritage Court, $268,900


Elm Properties Landings LLC to Kevin Hausch and Emily Hausch, Lot 20, Sageberry Drive, $40,000

Courtyards at Stonegate LLC to John M. Gorosics Jr. and Dawn M. Gorosics, 9264 Sharrott Road, Unit 703, $375,971


James A. Smith and Lonna L. Smith to Tim Delmont and Wendy Delmont, 17995 LeffingwelL Road, $21,000


Robert G. Trout to Regina Noel Smith, 6658 Applewood Blvd.m $207,000

Joseph M. Magielski Jr. and Stanley J. Magielski to Rose Duong and Dzu Doan, 6098 Glenridge Road, $202,500

Mary Ann Griffin to Bobby Lee Varner Jr., 7386 Eisenhower Drive #3, $104,900

Infinite Motion Transport Inc. to Kelly Ann Catania and Filadelfo J. Catania, 5917 Tippecanoe Road, $295,000

Meghan A. Perry and Brian Perry to Megan Lynn Thorman and Christopher Allen Conti, 25 Brookfield Ave., $169,900

Martin J. Dunham to Jose Luis Nunez Barnica and Kara A. Nunez, 349 W. Midlothian Blvd., $131,500

AD RE Holdings LLC to Conner WItherow and Sydney Witherow, 4005 Cascade Drive, $122,500

JoAnne Pasquale to Michael A. Soroka, 379 Argyle Ave., $70,000

Jonathan Thomas Mazei to Kimberly Kirschner, 816 Pearson Circle #2, $127,500

CTW Development Corp. to Mihiar Albdour and Barah Albdour, 643 Saddlebrook Drive, $100,000

Yan Zheng to Anthony Pugh and Laura S. Pugh, 616 Westfield Drive, $326,000

Empire Dawn LLC to Courtney Shivers, 3945 Sylvia Lane, $125,000

Jeraldine P. Brennan by Linda C. Magyat, executor to Gary L. Kabetso Jr., 92 Robin Hood Drive, $185,000

Charlie Mae Groome to Rachelle Roberts and Greg Roberts, 419 Tudor Lane, $71,980

Robert A. Davanzo and Leslie Davanzo to Maria E. Torres, 945 Auburn Hills Drive, Unit 1, $122,000

Tare Creek Properties LLC to Seth R. Holenchick and Melissa J. Muniz, 534 Oakridge Drive, $292,000

Linda L. Romano to David Dunleavy and lora Lynn Dunleavy, 7011 Harrington Ave., $220,000

Marlene L. Bellino and David J. Lipinksy to Goral Singh, 953 Auburn Hills Drive, Unit #4, $110,000

The John B. Barkett and Georgia D. Barkett Family Revocable Trust to Samantha M. Roth and Joshua Hinkle, 173 Wolcott Drive, $239,000

Leslie P. Mirto and Sam J.Mirto Jr. to D&D Company LLC, 7430 Westview Drive, $120,000


Jeffrey S. Sprankle to Premier Real Estate Management LTD, 134 Chambers St. $43,700

Manel R. Kennantudawe to Three Kingz LLC, 75 Tremble Ave., $25,000

Betzabeth Roldan to John Naypaver and Donna D. Naypaver, 396 Devitt Ave., $42,900


James R. Meyers to John Pouliot and Krystina Pouliot, 221 E. Main St., $355,000

Michael Alan O’Kelley to Raquel M. Abel, 431 Chatsworth Lane, $422,000

Canfield Township

Roxanne Y. Morella to Michael V. Farris and Allison Leigh Madgar, 348 S. Broad St., $225,000

Laura Pugh and Anthony Pugh to Megan Handel, 6690 Seville Drive, $175,000

Cot Pizza RE LLC to 1015 Mansfield LLC, 4166 Boardman Canfield Road, $591,618


Edward Himes to Sandra A. Phillips, V/L Ellsworth Rd., $50,000


Brenda Pringle and Daniel S. Barninger to CHS Property Management LLC, 149 E. Second St., $28,000

John Feltner to John M. Cannell, 600 Mosier Road, $46,000

Samuel P. Court and Casey S. Court to Ethan Shiflett, 211 Kline St., $135,000


Deborah Kenski to Jonathon Rankin and Lynette Rankin, 14950 French St., $33,000


Michael J. Bell to Morgan Leight Lopuchovsky,7647 Connelly Road, $175,000

Corrine L. Jacobs and John R. Vrabel Jr. to Kelsey Lynne Kepple, 5804 Watson St., $150,000

Gary H. Turner to SBR West LLC, Shadyside Drive, $62,100

Primital Properties LLC to Aaron Moffett, 5813 Watson St., $240,000


James Edwin Kinman Wygal to Patricia A. Slater, 921 Pinecrest Ave., $175,000


Full House Investment Properties LLC to Gerrod Steven Hrusovsky, 800 W. Wood St., $173,500


Christopher M. Mills and Melissa L. Mills to Clester Dean, 433 Hayes Ave., $110,000

James C. Wevers to Luke Alexander Bucey, 919 Ohio Ave., $122,000

Eugene L. Miligi to Robinson Real Estate Investments LLC, 435 McKinley Boulevard, $60,000


Patricia A. Cavucci to Jeffrey Banas and Jennifer Banas, 14631 Robinson Road, $285,000

Gervase A. Reeve IV to Aaron E. Bucci and Andrea M. Bucci, V/L 11, Mahoning Ave., $33,200


Jonathan S. Carroll to Letisha Murray, 2402 Edgewater Drive, $140,000

Shannon Ewert by PSO to Planet Home Lending LLC, 6040 Quarry Road, $229,609


Matthew J. Schaub to Shunk Estate LLC, 396 W. Indiana Ave., $65,000

Sherwood A. Johnson and Linida R. Johnson to Reece A. Kackley, 365 W. Oregon Ave., $112,900


Jamie J. Harvey to Austin T. Verhoff and Makenzie Verhoff, 10200 Carrousel Woods Drive, $375,000


John Zdelar and Rita M. Zdelar to TAAM Properties LLC, 105 Iroquois St., $26,247

Ruth H. Congemi to Wishing Well Properties, 624 Creed St., $86,500

Mathilda H. Woodward to David N. Weaver and Katie L. Weaver, 85 Walnut St., $115,000


Aureaum Properties LLC to William L. Michaels III, 3328 Powers Way, $49,042

Jubilee Homes V LP to Lorraine Evans, 2014 Warwick, $30,000

Robert A. Pecchio et al. to Michael P. Cefalde III, $34,000

Latese Bailey to Maribel Delgado-Bruno, 95 Eliot Lane, $55,000

Sherry Tate to Antonio Owens Jr., 1852 Oak St., $62,500

Nathan A. Hall to James H. Edmonds, 923 Lanterman Ave., $95,500

Raymond L. Clemons and Shaywaina S. Clemons to Gayatri Kumari Pant and Prem Bahadur Khatri, 424 Crandall Ave., $50,000

Youngstown Jubilee Homes V LP to Jewel A. Hill, 514 Burnett St., $41,000

The Estate of Casimir Figas to Flipped Properties LLC, 1506 Chattanooga Ave., $43,600

Suzanne J. Hayden Lieker and James P. Lieker to Royal Realty Inc., 3516 Mahoning Ave., $30,000

Johnnie Mae Johnstone to Blanca Maura Coronel, 1647 Pointview Ave., $25,000

Aiden B. Chevlen to Khalelah Robinson, 564 Mona Lane, $50,000

Andrew S. White to LibCo Properties LLC 1549 Bancroft Ave., $85,000

Edward R. Brienz to Charles H. Staples and Margaret A. Staples, 327 Redondo Road, $300,000

Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC to Alberto Rigo Lima Castaneda and Dania L. Magana, 167 Lowell Ave., $32,500

Youngstown Jubilee V LP to Bryan Owens, 2008 Warwick, $30,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County Feb. 5-9:


Linda P. Hott to Caylin S. Hayes, 466 Burkey Road, $140,000

Andrew Wilson and Brooke Wilson to Anthony Gagliardi, 4219 Westmont Drive, $135,000

The William Michael Trust Agreement to Richard Joseph Wilson and Christina Rose Wilson, 4204 Kirk Road, $115,000


E&E Susany LTD to John G. Waxter and Raymond J. Barb Jr., Lynn Road, $70,000

Thomas R. McBride and Alma M. McBride to Tracy Ann Currie, 9278 Woodworth Road, Unit #501, $245,000


Robert E. Patton Jr. and Kelly Lynne Patton to C&J Berlin Properties LLC, W. Akron Canfield Road, $152,003


David McIntyre to Branigan Long, 858 Squirrel Hill Drive, $265,500

Lucy Stanton et al. to Richard D. Clinton and Rebecca R. Clinton, 4686 Montrose Ave., $185,000

Kathleen Karis to Kenneth Thomas, 1125 Thalia Ave.,


Jane E. Lonardo and Denise A. Price to Corrine L. Price,

1697 Lealand Ave., $63,000

PNC Bank N.A. to C&J Real Estate and Construction Inc., 4422 Hopkins Road, $62,899

Dennis K. Lucas Sr. to Ronald Adams, 780 Ewing Road, $141,550

Estate of Antonin Finocchi to BH and JDH LLC, 250 Erskine Ave., $30,000

Taam Properties LLC to Zachary Haefke and Chelsea Romine, 339 Stadium Drive,


Chad C. Williams and Shannon L. Williams to Philippe G. Leguichard et al., 276 Brainard Drive, $269,900


Nicholas C. Badila and Linda A. Badila to Katina Pagan, 153 Whipple Ave., $28,000

Katina Pagan to Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC, 153 Whipple Ave., $32,500


Jay Sanders and Melissa Sanders to Carl E. Barrett and Ruth A. Barrett, 245 Bristol Lane, $415,000


Richard Stiles to Jason A. Wesley Sr., 210 Second St., $125,000

Karen Lee Lacerva to VT Larney LTD, 156 Churchill Road, $90,000

WES2HIO LLC to Joseph Spurio, 815 Ward Ave., $012,800

Vincenzo Martuccio Cotrus to James E. Gugliotti and Ashley M. Gugliotti, 35 Churchill Road, $25,000

John R. Milligan and Nick A. Fredericka to Derek S. Riley, Shannon Road, $91,575


Varun Chauhan and Mingma Chauhan to Daniel Stuart VanPelt and Lisa Dawn VanPelt, 5260 Salem Unity Road, $185,000


United Commercial Holdings LLC to Kam Holdings Company LLC, 2925 Schotten Road, $330,000

David M. Kerester to Dustin Boggs, 508 Elizabeth St., $22,000

1610 Hubbard Thomas Road LLC to Hubbard Real Estate LLC, 1610 Hubbard Thomas Road, $539,000

Joe H. Williams to Derek S. Riley, 6506 Trumbull Ave., $86,500

Lisa M. Cocca to James Purtell, 73 Parish Road, $123,500


The Bison Ranch Corp. to Michael W. Sakela, 2419 S. Bailey Road, $272,000


Trinity Care LLC to Nicholas Vanoverbeke and Tiffany Baltes, 3475 Fifth Ave., $295,000

Tuana Bennett Vinson to Belinda Stredrick, 2971 Dade Ave., $202,000


Pennymac Loan Services LLC to OK MIT LLC, 912 Florida Ave., $132,500


RNL Real Estate LLC to KazNomis LLC, 6278 Center Road, $405,000

Panormitis Xipolitas and Bessie Xipolitis to Adam Richard Bernard and Genna Bernard, co-trustees, 3698 Polo Blvd., $75,000

Patsy Circelli and Sarah Circelli to Zachary Harklerode, 481 N. Heights Ave., $215,000

W. Stephen Meloy and Virginia M. Meloy to Kevin M. Kralj, 7182 Bishop Road, $357,500

Ruth Raseta Barnett to Wishing Well Properties LLC, 2332 Clyde St., $115,000


Whitacre Greer Co. to EP Homes LLC, 11290 Oyster Road, $805,456

Timothy and Debra Gabrelcik to Nicole Pastier, 18225 Fifth St., $155,000


Brian K. Sikora to Kevin Lambe and Tina Lambe, 106 Woodbine Ave., $23,070


Jubilee Homes V LP to Elsie Ortiz Robles, 1624 Virginia, $30,000

Hudson Law Group LLC to Make It Rain 2 LLC, 1714 Forest View Drive, $40,000

Dana Dunnavant to Jabre Bonilla and Analisa Arroyo Bonilla, 162 Lowell Ave., $70,000

MAC Rental Group LLC to RSR Property Group LLC, V/L Bears Den Road, $69,000

Willie Ann Ransome et al. to Robert F. Harris II, 1882 Cordova Ave., $37,000

Cabana Properties V LLC to Santos Aracley Gaitan, 424 Alameda Ave., $37,000

OSB Management LLC to 231 Potomac BFR LLC, 488 St. Louis Ave., $35,000

Saira Naz to Gilberto Rodrigo Marquez Paguay, 45 Roslyn Drive, $49,000

Yaricellis Ocasio to Cynthia E. Soto, 548 Cambridge Ave., $82,000

Joseph J. Phillipone Jr. and Margaret A. Greiner to Donald Ortz and Pamela Ortz, 849 Bears Den Road, $135,000

Jubilee Homes V LP to WW3 Holdings, 2002 Warwick, $30,000

Jubilee Homes V LP to WW3 Holdings, 124 Seneca, $30,000

Ann-Marie Nalini Narine to Erick Neptali Cruz, 2513 Stocker Ave., $23,000

Patricia L. Morrell to Giuseppe Musumeci et al., 22 New York Ave., et al., $35,000

Best Homes and DEV. LLC to Mahoning County Corrections Association Inc., 1315 Market St., $40,000

Trisha Harrell to Bonnie R. Clinkscale, 1411 E. Boston Ave., $113,000

Patricia Kubas to David Craig Warden trustee, 3429 Glenmere Drive, $190,000

Estate of Robert K. Ellway to Kevin Ellway and Teresa Ellway, 2250 Coleman Drive, $51,260

Grant D. Lenz to Michael T. Beatty, 3932 Rush Blvd., $134,900

Mary Lee White to Granny’s House LLC, 343 W. LaClede Ave., $56,500

Granny’s House LLC to Jack Moucha, 343 W. LaClede Ave., $114,900

David C. Luscher to David S. Zindi, 3116 Louise Rita Court,


Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County Jan. 22 to 26:


Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC to Mikaela E. Friend, 452 Forest Hill Drive, $129,900

Kathleen Pedroza to Skymount Solutions LLC, 3924 Artmar Drive, $80,000

William L. Hamilton III to Thakur Contractor LLC, 4287 Lake Road, $61,100

Raco Properties LLC to James Atkinson and Gloria Jean Atkinson, 4967 E. Rockwell Road, $225,000

Erica Anderson to Donald DePiore, 6781 Lake Ave., $52,000

Roy C. Clonch Jr. to Luis Armando Paguay Morocho, 43 N. Four Mile Run Road, $25,000

Michelle M. Leonhart, trustee to Kenneth Mocella, 32 S. Edgehill Ave., $125,000

James W. Ferris to Gloria G. Habib, 4486 Burkey Road, $120,000

Betty A. Perschka to Vickie L. Watson, 1620 W. Hampton Drive, $77,000

Kristan P. Santos to Jessica Lynn Beachy and Andrew Ellery Beachy, 108 Hickory Lane, $165,000

John Hake to Robert John Santos and Kristan Santos, 3055 S. Raccoon Road, $390,000

Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB5 to Mark Rosa, 561 Blossom Ave., $77,250

Wendy J. Richards to Donald J. Yeager, 3580 S. Canfield Niles Road, $310,000


Cathy A. Wakefield to Ralph K. Waldron Jr., 10011 Market St., $480,000

Gary A. Crumbacher, trustee to Richard C. Morrow, V/L W. Middletown Road, $825,000


Seth W. Maniscalco and Gina Maniscalco to Nicholas Farrell and Amber Farrell, 402 Tod Lane, $286,000

Dakota Gooding and Peter Fountain to Matthew Friedel, 4629 Yarmouth Lane, $164,000

Pamela L. Calauiiti to Erik A. Little and Khala M. Little, 7007 Marinatha Ave., $130,000

Janice L. Hurtuk to William Hoffman and Dianna L. Hoffman, 278 Melrose Ave., $108,000

Jeremy Vignon and Samantha R. Hughes to Andrew Wilson and Brooke Taylor Wilson, 7620 Jaguar Place, $320,000

Linda Nemes by PSO to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 2012 Holbrooke Road, $77,580

Nancyann M. Georgeoff to Argie Frudakis, 1163 Redtail Hawk Court #3, $219,500

Anthony R. Casacchia and Katelyn Casacchia to Jacob Henry, 4659 Tippecanoe Road, $245,000

Estate of Aaron E. McCutcheon to United Homes and Construction LLC, 4804 Grover Drive, $55,000

Robert Chizmar to Paul M. DeMocko and Jacquelyn A. Democko Trust, 1271 Barbie Drive, $210,000

GCH Property Management LLC to Thomas Kempe and Barbara Anne Kempe, 4521 Devonshire Drive #2, $65,000

Jordan Sweet to JMI Homes 3 LLC, 5021 Simon Road, $105,000

Michelle L. Michael and Ross Barton to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 5029 Sheridan Road, $78,000

David Paul Mink et al. to Brandon M. Sparks and Lindsey Marie Greene, 1700 Lynn Mar Ave., $160,000

Randy Riccitelli and Danielle Riccitelli to Lori M. Wainwright and Brian Wainwright, 120 Spring Garden Drive, $273,500


Sharon Tourtellotte to Jeremiah Fred and Stephanie Fred, 109 16th St., $30,000

Kibble Investments LLC to Michael L. Nash, 101 Rosary Drive, $104,000

Roberta Eastman trustee to Edwin Mercado, 755 Porter Ave., $149,900

Canfield Township

The Neff Land Co. Inc. to Universal Land Investments Inc., 5 Parcels Palmyra Road, $500,000


Jennifer J. Gandee to Sally McCracken, 819 Kimmel Drive, $81,500


Donald H. Buckner and Beverly J. Hamilton to Mitchell Veynovich, 8670 S. Salem Warren Road, $337,000

Jason A. Glista and Meredith A. Glista to Antony M. Cumo and Kelly R. Cumo, 8540 N. Palmyra Road, $27,500

Gregory S. Bogard to Mary E. Walker, 24 W. Hill Drive, $149,000


Scott Janoso and Robin Janoso to Kathleen Jeanne Caldwell, 113 S. Bayshore Drive, Unit 3, $295,000


Beatrice A. Norton to Anthony Arcuri and Marci Arcuri, 114 Townsend Ave., $128,000


Michael J. Pigeon and Brenda L. Pigeon to Tarry J. Pigeon, 8920 W. South Range Road, $760,000

The Huntington National Bank to HMP Management LLC, 5825 Knopp Road, $122,400


Logan A. Elliston and Emily M. Elliston to Heidi M. Phillips, 212 Viola Ave., $175,000

Cordell Meckler to John Jeffrey Majovsky, 44 Jackson Ave., $56,200


Stanley G. Leonard and Margaret L. Leonard to Robert W. Proverbs and Debbie J. Proverbs, 9798 New Road, $175,000


R.G. Goldthwit and B. Elizabeth Goldthwait to Christina N. Pekalla and Jasen Pekalla, 2042 Burning Tree Lane, $195,000

Jennifer L. DeFrance and Gary DeFrance to Victoria R. Lawrence, 4623 Middle Road, $95,500


Estate of David E. Hovanes to Igor Alexander Aschenbrenner and Megan Jean Murray, 14725 Robinson Road, $260,000

New Middletown

David M. Franko to Matthew Slaven, 120 Stacy Drive, $105,000


RNL Real Estate LLC to John S. Rizzo and Christel Grazier, 3690 St. James Way, $549,900

Arslan Qaisar to Christine M. Bland and Kathryn Joan Bland, 120 Afton Ave., $145,000

Charlene Jiminez, trustee to John P. Oleska and Judith L, Oleska, 7007 Clingan Road, Unit 30, $284,000


Shunk Estates LLC to Paula J. Lucking, 336 N. 13th St., $35,955


Jane Langties to Markie Smith, 18381 Fifth St., $72,000


Andrew Marencic and Julie Marie Marencic to Richard A. Rogers and Judy Rogers, 227 S. Messner Road, $280,000

Christine Zubick et al. to Edward Prusak, 3185 E. Calla Road, $132,000

Hampton Ridge Development Company LTD to Greenheart Companies LLC, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 89, $45,000

Greenheart Companies LLC to Antonietta L. Petrock, 1805 E. Western Reserve Road, Unit 89, $471,533


Stephen M. Varga to Ashley Shea Hefferon et al., 449 Creed St., $145,000

Estate of Donald Heasley to Marilyn J. Zishka, 561 Poland Ave., $115,000


Coal Property LLC to Jonathon Williams and Breanna Matteo, 3785 Coal Place, $168,500

Debra J. Clay to Jonathan Creech, Salt Springs Road, $475,000


The Huntington National Bank to Alex Riddle and Carol Riddle, 2425 Russell Ave., $42,000

Contour Properties LLC to Christina M. Corliss, 2875 Decamp Blvd., $179,900

Colleen J. Anzevine to Shaneka H. Williams, 3648 Risher Ave., $142,400

Lynnette L. McElroy to Administrative Properties LLC, 3727 Glenwood Ave., $55,000

Personal Space LLC to Baljeet Beharry and Vanetta Beharry, 198 Clarencedale Ave., $28,300

Nayan H. Shah to Stacey Robert Collins, 380 Hilton Ave., $30,000

David Colley to U.S. Bank Trust N.A., 133 New York Ave., $23,696

Evelyn Cozadd and Robert Cozadd to The Bank of New York Mellon, 3504 Stratmore Ave., $51,333

Judy Meeks and William Meeks to The Bank of New York Mellon, 471 Catalina Ave., $26,000

Jessica Passas to Jacqueline Annn Ryzner, 1864 S. Scheney Ave., $108,000

Richard C. Watkins and Cathleen L. Rocho to Kevin Sikora and Marc Sikora, 1662 Bancroft Ave., $129,900

Nyan H. Shah to 240outlookavoh LLC, 240 Outlook Ave., $60,000

Johanna Parker to Joshua Aaron Hursell, 208 S. Hazelwood Ave., $66,000

Victor Dutan and Gloria Rojas to William Fowler, 71 N. Loveless Ave., $75,000

Ashley Emily Galindo to Melissa Hassett and Steven Breshnahan, 60 Rhoda Ave., $125,000

SFN Marketing Concepts LLC to Jose Luis Malvar Delgado and Yvonne Tasha Schena, 38 Steel St., $75,000

Saidah Muhammad to Michael Saltsman Sr. and Colleen Saltsman, 117 Millet Ave., $78,500

Abdalla Shakhatreh to Mahoning County Community Corrections Association, 29 W. Marion Ave., $45,000


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