Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County Dec. 4-8:


Lynda L. Barr et al. to Krista K. Kirkpatrick and Jason Neal, 4249 New Road, $87,000

Phillip D. Skeens to William Barsda, 5681 Tulane Ave., $205,000

Marcia Dash to Ronald Deeter, 4742 New Road, $71,800

Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Phillip D. Skeens and Rebecca J. Skeens, 6110 Herons Circle, $493,406

J. Robert Senn Trust to Sherri Ann Senn and Michelle Marie Senn, $178,645

Patricia L. Buchanan by PSO to Deutsche National Bank Trust Company as trustee, 5512 Callaway Circle, $90,900

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Staci Davidson, 2359 Oak Trace St., $112,500

Olde Terrace LLC to Karen Crowe, 3814 Nottingham Ave., $167,000

Alan Moore et al. to Mark A. Sorrentino, 4986 E. Radio Road, $215,000

Melanie Mascioli to Alison Gady and Joshua S. Gady, 2253 Sprucewood Drive, $210,200


Shadetree Holdings LLC to James Richard Maynard and Brenda Ann Maynard, 601 E. Western Reserve Road #601, $285,000

Evelin M. Mitchell to David Kolarik and Kevin Michael Kolarik, 2417 W. South Range Road, $38,500

RonaldW. Fleming Jr. and Dawn M. Wade-Fleming to Maria Carmela Cocca, 1320 Sageberry Drive, $40,000


The Longnecker Family Trust to David M. Aemmer and Karen B. Aemmer, 4137 Newton Falls Road, $145,750

J&J Home Improvements LLC to Jared Sweitzer and Reyven Sweitzer, 5955 Bedell Road, $272,000


Sami Sawyers to Joshua A. Jenkins and Abigail J. Evans, 7020 Claybourne Ave., $165,000

Lawrence R. Lutz to Gary S. Cramb and Marie B. Cramb, 1260 Boardman Canfield Road #12, $200,000

Adam M. Magrini to Kelly D. Hart, 51 Wilda Ave., $85,000

David Allen Weems and Jacqueline Weems to Thomas Michael McDonough Jr., 4123 Baymar Drive, $200,000

Blake Allen Agency Inc. to Davin J. Lyle, 269 Erskine Ave, $181,000

John H. Hutter to Jeanne A. Hutter, 4627 and 4625 Southern Blvd., $130,000

Jacqueline Wright to Its Five Oclock Somewhere LLC, 220 Erskine Ave., $95,000

Candace J. Fonzo to Alexander James Jerome and Madison Grace Jerome, 1958 Wendy Lane, $200,00

James M. Mook and Heather Mook to McTag LLC, 261 Melbourne Ave., $140,000

Nicole A. Antalocy to Darlene R. Liddle, 8550 Ivy Hill Drive, Unit 11, $290,000

Jamie L. Glista to Taylor Pavlik, 29 Ayesboro Ave., $140,400

Joan Hahn to Benjamin Joseph Tiratto, 6799 Tippecanoe Road, $79,500

Goldhammer Investments LLC to Ronald A. Snedeker, 408 Ewing Road, $325,000

Nicholas A. Tirone and Shannon Tirone to Nicholas F. Bellino and Marlene L. Bellino, 607 Silver Meadow Lane, $319,900

Joseph Edward Nassief and Jolene Marie Nassief to Tiffany Marchand and Eric Varns, 28 Brookfield Ave., $160,000

Roger and Charlotte Travis to Heaton and Roman Davidenko, 4150 Oak Knoll Drive, $420,00


Thomas A. Pontuti to Dina Jordan, 110 Talsman Drive, Unit 14, $170,000

Robert J. Brownlie and Jacqueline M. Ciavarella to Skyler Z. Johnson et al., 319 Glenview Road, $245,000

Darlene R. Liddle to Marc A. Muser, 220 Kings Lane, $560,000

Dorothy A. Betras Burke to John Balale, 375 Carriage Lane, $108,000

Canfield Township

Thomas J. Cox and Kimberly Simons Cox to Erik Johnson and Sarah Johnson, 1315 Fox Den Trail, $685,000

Mark P. Douglass and Leanne Douglass to Ryan Patrick Ward and Jessica Ruth Ward, 3857 Tyler Drive, $349,000

Andrea Cicoreti and Dean L. Cicoretti to 3755 Sugarbush Trust, 3755 Sugarbush Drive, $136,622

Jestine Aliff and Timothy James Aliff to Adam N. Tater, 7348 S. Raccoon Road, $349,000

Craig Beach

Ralph Tiberio to William G. Klucinec and Eleanor S. Klucinec, 17511 Olive Ave., $210,000


Ryan Benchwick to Amy F. Hendricks Revocable Trust, $217,500


Andrew Dellavecchia and Louisa Dellavecchia to Nicholas A. Tirone and Shannon Tirone, 572-2 Windjammer Drive, $530,000


Ace Property Management to Barbara Earnest, 416 Reed Court, $137,000


DSV SPV1 LLC to Olga P. Hickman and Justin M. Hickman, 14890 French St., $172,000

Emerald Estate LLC to Dante M. DiGiacomo, 16064 W. PIne Lake Road, $135,000


Michele R. Chaffee to Emily M. Huggins and Clayton M. Chaffee, 1263 Beaver Creek Road, $125,000


Kimberly L. Lickner to Mary Walker and Tim Walker, 806 Moore St., $145,000

David Boorn to Michael Davis, 3808 S. Main St., $25,000

Olde Towne Way 1 LLC to Vincent L. Reali, 433 S. Main St., $149,900


Timothy W. Perkins Jr. to Mitchell L. Jackson, 265 Trumbull Ave., $159,900

Charles E. Swanson Jr. and Eric C. Swanson to Donald King, 331 Beverly Hills Drive, $142,000

John T. Delgenio to Kevin A. Pangio and Erica R. Pangio, 509 Liberty St., $145,000

Nicholas J. Carano Sr. to Robert Walp, 3476 Hadley Ave., $30,000

Aurora E LLC to Ryan B. Deiwert, 3536 Cardinal Drive, $101,000

Chad C. McConnell to Alexander Construction Inc., Chrysann Ave., $35,000

Youngstown Hotel LLC to OH 4055 Belmont LLC, 4055 Belmont Ave., $3,902,986


Kim R. Garland to Sharon M. Sprankle, 403 Garfield Ave., $76,500


Carole Weston to Jeremy Athey, 3241 Newton Falls Road, $125,000

Cobra Pipeline LTD to Utility Pipeline LTD, 2412 N. Newton Falls Road, $199,740


Stephen Kurta and Linda Kurta to James Fedor and Cathy Fedor, 4087 Dobbins Road, Unit 15, $467,200

Dibo Construction LLC to John Lapinski, 7104 Virginia Place, $585,000

Valerie Bryant to Better Life Foundation Inc., 3189 Chardonnay Lane, $150,000

Christina Figueroa to S&S Grabill Enterprises LLC, 7351 North Lima Road, $80,000

Thomas F. Geidner Sr. and Eleanor Geidner to James Salreno, 3230 Dobbins Road, $166,000

Justin Christoff and Amaya Malloy to Jeffrey Kollar Jr. and Charlotte Voytko, 224 Nesbitt St., $177,500


Darlene A. Simmons to J&D Home Solutions LLC, 255 W. Virginia Ave., $59,000


Theresa A. Long to Haley Rohaley, 18752 Courtney Road, $239,000

Sally J. Dunn to Jodi J. Hooks and Kelly J. Hooks, West Middletown Road, $195,000


Dorothy M. Dolence to Stephen H. Zaborsky and Kylie A. Zaborsky, 10822 W. Calla Road, $533,500


Jairus Baker to Jared Scott Daughtery, 3939 and 3943 Fourth St., $63,750

Daniel B. Montgomery and Christina Montgomery to Nancy A. Powell and Gary Powell, 308 Parkway St., $31,000


Bradley T. Taylor and Lisa M. Taylor to Joseph F. Aubel III and Terri L. Aubel, 2101 Oakwood Drive, $470,000


David Szabo and Stephen Szabo to Youngstown Jubilee Urban Development, 1360 Fifth Ave., $255,000

Denise A. Douglass and Danette M. Rodino, successor co-trustees to Donna J. Gilkerson, 2490 Chaney Circle, $126,000

Daryl Hightree to Gauri Shankar Sah, 923 Compton Lane, $50,000

Angelo M. DePalmo Jr. to Alaa Ilayan, 69 Bouquet Ave., $46,000

Veronica Inez Arroyo to Ruthie Zepeda, 1351 E. Boston Ave., $110,000

Inerness Homes LLC to Manish Manandhar, 450 Moherman Ave., $70,000

Paul B. Nadrich to Shaelyn Pham, 55 S. Maryland Ave., $78,000

Terry L. Latchaw and Craig S. Latchaw to Kathleen Mariola, 1514 Thalia Ave., $41,750

Andrea M. Casto to Crew Properties LLC, 4025 South Blvd., $43,801

Kelly L. Taylor to Lorianne Carter, 112 N. Brockway Ave., $45,000

Mirjana Drazenovic to Guardian Home Buyers LLC, 125 E. Marion Ave., $21,300

Guardian Home Buyers LLC to Hector Flores, 125 E. Marion Ave., $27,000

Shawn T. Fear and Rebecca L. Owens to Tyler K. Mooney, 839 Glacier Heights Road, $70,000

Khia Moses and Karen Scott to WW3 Holdings LLC, 935 Lanterman Ave., $50,000

Frank J. Deniro III to Barbara Lee, 4406 Euclid Blvd., $165,000

Mission Street Homes LLC to Shanelle Howell, 1799 Eden Lane, $117,000

Gerald Roebuck Jr. to Brian Palmer and Lisa Palmer, 451 Winchester Ave., $80,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County and portions of Trumbull County Nov. 21-24:


Joseph A. Miller to Timothy K. O’Brien, 272 Wilcox Road, $215,000


Brian Congson and Shannon Congson to Andrew Profanchik, Abbington Glen, Lot 17, $80,000


Daniel P. Welch and Sarah C. Welch to Jeremy Ratell, 91 Jennette Drive, $170,000

Ann Wells to David Lance and Michele Lance, 102 Carter Circle No. 2, $104,500

William A. Amero and Maddalena Amero to Oanh Hoang Nguyen and Kenny Pham, 693 Saddlebrook Drive, $580,000

James Little to Christopher Thomas, 83 Homestead Drive, $265,000

Phillip A. Balmenti to Jeanne Elser, 161 Afton Ave., $143,000

Estate of Lynda A. Armbrecht to Sarah J. Allison-Brown and David G. Brown, 354 Wildwood Drive, $37,067

Karl J. Armbrecht to Sarah J. Allison-Brown and David G. Brown, 354 Wildwood Drive, $37,067

Estate of David E. Armbrecht to Sarah J. Allison-Brown and David G. Brown, 354 Wildwood Drive, $37,067


Americas Auto Finance LLC to Damien Zvara, 695 Coitsville Road, $21,000

Marisa L. Ricciardi to GMC Endeavors LLC, 338 Blossom Ave., $90,000

Jonathan Daniels and James Daniels to Timothy K. Rauschenbach and Emily M. Rauschenbach, 710 Tenney Ave., $30,000


YASI Holdings LLC to Roberto Ortiz and Sarah Ortiz, 174 N. Broad St., $400,000

Thomas P. Reed Sr. and Judith A. Reed to Joseph M. Fusco et al., 487 Shadydale Drive, $395,000

Canfield Township

Roberto Ortiz and Sarah Ortiz to Edward J. Reese and Diane J. Reese, 5325 Cloisters Drive, $679,900

Karen Tondy and William Herrington, trustees, to Jaclyn Alyssa DiDomenico, 6174 Catawba Drive, $295,000

Joshua R. Greenawalt to Donald Musser and Deborah L. Musser, 7157 N. Palmyra Road, $152,500


John T. Andrews to G3 Ventures LLC, Broadway Ave., $35,000

Toni Flaviano and Nicholas Flaviano to Xin Rong Chen, 35 Hillside Drive, $190,000

It’s Five Oclock Somewhere LLC to JBS Real Estate Investments LLC, 907 Lawrence Ave., $105,438


Quaker Real Estate LLC to Salem Real Properties LLC, 12550 Youngstown Salem Road, $300,000

Anna Tohm to Salem Real Properties LLC, 12550 Youngstown Salem Road, $75,000


Da Home Genie LLC to Thomas M. Kirin and Margaret J. Kirin, 1161 Doris Drive, $189,900

Scheks Agency LTD to Ares Custom Kitchen and Bath LLC, 6229 Youngstown Hubbard Road, $39,900

Victor J. Bernard and Valerie E. Bernard to Jennifer M. Antonucci and Joseph A. Antonucci, 3368 Schotten Road, $357,000

Brenda S. Patterson to Nancy Margala, 584 Wendemere Drive, $186,500

John R. Bizub to Derek T. Hollander, 525 Center St., $137,000


Charles J. Popa Sr. to Linda S. Lopea, 27 Colonial Ave., $87,000

Tracy Elizabeth Bowser to Stefanie Marie Saccomen and Daniel Saccomen, 582 Beverly Hills Drive, $168,000

Steel and Liberty LLC to Steel and Liberty LLC, 1610 Motor Inn Drive, $21,000

Eunice Bradley and Aaron Stewart to EKD Corp, 330 Manssell Drive, $55,000

Richard and Alice Primavera to John Deprofio and Jennifer Deprofio, 2033 Burning Tree Lane, $170,000


Leon Perry Conover Jr. and Jennifer L. Conover to Shawn Mormont and Tess Mormont, 14009 Mahoning Ave., $349,000

New Middletown

Alan G. Graybeal to Julie K. Lewis, 201 Eastwood Drive, $230,100


Paul J. Crawford Jr. to Paul J. Crawfrord Jr. and Gina Marie Rocco, 2465 Edgewater Drive, $41,645

Tom Nicholudis and Tracie Nicholudis to Christine Marie Costello, 5816 Poland Struthers Road, $153,000


Sandra Lee Manning to Robby L. Brown, Columbiana Road, $36,000

Gary R. Ehasalu to Matthew J. Fix and Lacey A. Snyder, 12099 Springfield Road, $263,000


Mary Ann Papas to John Henry M. Marstellar and Emily Anne Marstellar, 1881 Ohltown Girard Road, $205,000

Patricia R. Beale to Michael J. Naples and Anthony J. Naples, 1173 Ridge Lake Drive, $280,000

Lisa J. Trifilette and Richard T. Trifilette to Tina L. Radosevich, 1294 Ashland Ave., $90,000


Common Wealth Inc. to Lydell A. Womack, 2943 Megan Circle, $41,813

Home Buyer Funding LLC to Isabel M. Beil, 41 S. Hartford Ave., $90,000

The Estate of Daniel A. Marra to NEC Real Estate Holdings LLC, 2028 Thalia Ave., $60,000

John C. Day to A&S Singh LTD, 307 W. Indianola Ave., $65,000

Martin J. Fernback and Cynthia J. Fernback, 4339 Webster Ave., $60,000

William C. Davis to Katherine M. Williams, 30 Upland Ave., $39,200

Mills Community Urban Redevelopment Corp. to The Mahoning Valley Historical Society, 250 E. Federal St., $1,900,000

Ohio One Corporation Inc. to The Mahoning Valley Historical Society, Commerce Street, $200,000


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