Local man accused of attack on woman

BOARDMAN — A local man is due in court today after spending the weekend in jail, accused of assaulting his now ex-girlfriend.

Brent Pollard, 23, of Boardman, is scheduled for arraignment at Mahoning County Boardman Court on charges of assault and unlawful restraint. He was arrested at a Lemans Drive Apartment on Saturday when his girlfriend called police to report that he had attacked her and tried to trap her in a bedroom closet.

According to the police report, Pollard exited the apartment as police arrived, but was detained and ordered to speak with them. Another officer went into the apartment where the woman was sitting at a table visibly distraught. The report states that there was a gun on the table and she told police she had it there because of what Pollard had done to her.

The report states the woman showed the officer video from her phone that allegedly shows Pollard forcing her into a closet, then opening it moments later and assaulting her with his knee while she is crouched on the floor of the closet.

The video allegedly shows another scuffle and then Pollard exiting the closet and trying to keep the woman shut inside.

The report states the woman told police the argument began when Pollard became irate that the woman had been texting with his ex. It escalated and when he refused to leave she attempted to retreat to her bedroom where the gun was kept. She told police he wrapped her in a bear hug and squeezed, causing her “an immense amount of pain” before she was able to get loose and run toward the closet.

At one point, according to the report, one of her children came into the bedroom with a knife, and Pollard cut himself while taking it away from them.

After speaking with both of them, police arrested Pollard, and he spent the weekend in jail. Records show he was released Monday.


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