On the record


WHAT: Township trustees meeting Nov. 14

PRESENT: Alan Hemphill and John Jakubec

ABSENT: Tom Frost


• Approved signing a $4,500 cemetery paving order from MS Consultants so they can proceed with it.

• Approved wiring $35,654 to Bank of New York Mellon for payment on the government building’s lease Nov. 6.

• Requested that department heads submit a detailed list of their budget requirements by Nov. 27.

• Heard from fire Chief Michael Mortimer who reported that the station’s repair plans have been approved by the county’s building department and they are underway. He anticipates that a bulk of the repairs will be taken care of by January.

• Approved Mortimer’s request to proceed with Thompson Heating & Cooling’s bid of $19,070 to replace the station meeting room’s furnace and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, as well as combine the two systems. According to Mortimer, he received two of the three quotes he requested, with one company declining to bid.

• Heard from police Chief Peter Rozzi that the township received the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Bulletproof Vest Grant for 2023 totalling $6,375.

• Heard from Rozzi that all of the department’s officers completed Ohio’s 2023 CPT training. The state will reimburse them $6,373.

• Approved Rozzi’s request to authorize the auction of a 1998 Ford F-150 on GovDeals.com. The vehicle has a salvage title and the auction will run for 14 days.

• Approved Rozzi’s recommendation to move officer Desmond Gray from theTier 1 to Tier 2 pay scale, effective immediately. According to Rozzi, Gray has met with the supervisory board and his one-year evaluation has been completed. His new rate of pay is $22.96 per hour.

• Approved Rozzi’s recommendation to move Officer Steven Jones from the Tier 2 to Tier 3 pay scale, effective immediately. Jones also has met with the supervisory board and his evaluation has been completed. His new rate of pay is $23.50 per hour.

• Approved Rozzi’s request to give Officer Lisa Storey a 15 cent per hour pay raise. The raise would put her on the same pay scale as Jones.

• Brandon Cantwell


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