Water woes over for assisted-living facility

Lordstown OKs line for Antonine Sisters project

LORDSTOWN — Village council has approved a memorandum of understanding with the Antonine Sisters in neighboring North Jackson to provide water to its assisted-living facility after a waterline extension project proceeds on North Lipkey Road.

Attorney Leo Puhalla, representing the Antonine Sisters, told council members Monday the additional water is needed because the Sisters have expanded the assisted-living units at the location.

“This has been a long road. We have residents ready to move in once we get that waterline in. The waterline is sitting there. We have just been waiting for permission to proceed,” Puhalla said, noting the state has issued the needed permits through the EPA, the Mahoning County Engineer’s Office has issued permits to work in the right-of-way and Mahoning County commissioners have adopted the MOU.

The Lordstown Board of Public Affairs also approved the MOU.

Puhalla said the waterline extension will be installed in Mahoning County and the water will come from Lordstown. He said the Antonine Sisters will have a contractor put in the waterline and will cover all costs.

“We needed to get permission from both Mahoning and Trumbull counties for this since the water will be coming from Trumbull into Mahoning through this new line,” Puhalla said.

Mahoning County officials agreed to Lordstown operating a public water system in Jackson Township to service the Antonine Sisters property.

Mahoning County also agreed to accept the wastewater associated with the water service provided by the North Lipkey Road waterline extension to Lordstown’s existing wastewater collection system and agree to pay Lordstown for such services.

Sister Marie Madeline Iskandar said the religious order was pleased with the cooperation received from Mahoning and Trumbull officials to get the project moving forward.

Puhalla said everything should be completed by October.

Councilman Robert Bond said the project has been delayed because it took time to get all the needed permits.

The Antonine Sisters, who provide adult daycare, are members of the Maronite Catholic Church.

A 2001 addition allowed the day care to offer physical, occupational and speech therapy. It also includes a memory room for clients with Alzheimer’s and an on-site beauty shop. In May 2013, the Antonine Sisters broke ground for the construction of Antonine Village, an assisted-living and memory care facility next to the day are.


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