Valley girls investigate a future in Scouting

HUBBARD — Girl Scouts of North East Ohio hosted a “spy-themed” event Monday at the Hubbard Public Library to recruit young girls for the Girl Scouts program.

At the event, children from both Liberty and Hubbard colored bookmarks and played “I spy” while their parents spoke with Girl Scouts of North East Ohio employees to learn more about the program before signing their children up for it.

Some parents and children settled on a decision to join, while others were unsure. Dawn Gasser said she hadn’t yet made a decision on whether to let her daughter, Isabella Gasser, join.

“I have to talk with my husband and decide because she does a lot of activities already,” she said.

Dawn Gasser said her daughter does hip hop dance and tumbling.

She also said she got “a strong sense of community” from the event and she felt the Girl Scouts employees were trying to find the “best fit” for her daughter.

Rai-von Thomas and her daughter, Aymarie Thomas, also were unsure about joining the organization.

“We’re still thinking about it,” Rai-von Thomas said.

She also said she learned a lot from the event.

“I didn’t know much about it (Girl Scouts),” she said. “Girls can create bonds outside of school, explore outdoors and when they receive badges it makes them a well-rounded person.”

Alisha Anderson said her daughter, Aryana Anderson is “set on” joining Girl Scouts.

“Girl Scouts would be able to teach her a lot of different things,” she said. “It’s fun and educational.”

She said she thought the event was “very informative and organized.”

Jessica Shelko said her daughter, Lilyona Koval, is “absolutely” joining Girl Scouts.

“She already told me ‘this is what I’ll be doing,'” Shelko said. “She loves making new friends.”

Shelko said what she got out of the event was “community.”

“It’s nice to see the girls getting along, and making friends and plans for their future,” she said. “I like to see everyone communicating and connecting afterwards.”


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