Man arrested with gun, 88 rounds of ammo

CAMPBELL — A man led police on a brief chase Sunday afternoon, right to his apartment, where police then arrested him.

Isaias Mendoza Ortega, 42, was found in possession of a 9 mm handgun and 88 rounds of ammunition, as well as 129 grams of marijuana in a glass jar, a police report states.

Ortega is in the Mahoning County jail and is due to make an initial appearance 9 a.m. today in Campbell Municipal Court.

According to the police report, an officer attempted to pull Ortega over at the intersection of Robinson and Kendall avenues for tinted windows.

Rather than stopping, Ortega turned on Kendall and continued north, eventually stopping in the parking lot behind an apartment building at 331 Kendall Ave.

The report states the officer yelled at him to stop when he exited his vehicle, but Ortega again ignored him and entered the building. The officer chased him up to the second floor and forced open the door to the apartment Ortega entered.

He encountered Ortega’s girlfriend and told her to call Ortega to exit the apartment. He emerged from a hallway closet and was arrested.

The report states the two then began speaking in Spanish, and the girlfriend left the apartment and headed toward Ortega’s car. The report notes the officer warned her multiple times to step away from the car, but she refused and was arrested. She is identified in the report as Marialejandra Dumeng Rodriguez.

When backup arrived, police searched Ortega’s car, where they found a backpack containing the marijuana and gun, with three additional magazines, two of which were extended capacity magazines.

They also found $397 in cash on Ortega when they searched him at the jail.

The report states a criminal history shows that Ortega has past criminal convictions, and several pending charges that make it illegal for him to be in possession of a gun. Those charges include attempted murder, aggravated burglary, and other weapons charges.

Rodriguez was released with a criminal citation.



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